Kingston categories of Media/news/publishing

CKWS TV Broadcasting & Media Production Movie & Television Studio
at 170 Queen Street K7K 1B2
Emotional Content Media Unltd. DJ Broadcasting & Media Production Music Production
at 84 Joseph st k7k2h7
Golden Words Media/News/Publishing
at K7L 3N6
Her Campus Queen's University College & University
at 99 University Ave K7L 3N6
Kingston Photo/Digital Media Convention Arts & Marketing
at 100 Portsmouth Ave K7L 5A6
Kingston Whig-Standard Newspaper
at 6 Cataraqui Street K7L4Z7
NGB Music Media/News/Publishing
Politicus Journal Educational Research Publisher Event
at 183 University Avenue
Queen's TV College & University Broadcasting & Media Production
at 218 Barrie Street K7L 3K3
Station 14 Kingston Broadcasting & Media Production Advertising Service
at 945 Princess St. K7L 3N6
The Queen's Business Review Media/News/Publishing
at 143 Union St.
Viva Productions Media/News/Publishing
at 945 Princess St. K7L 3N6