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100% recycled lead fishing sinkers & jigheads.

Son ofa Fisherman
Darwin , NT
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Big thanks to Dave at atlus auto spares. He's a great bloke that knows what he is talking about when it cones to recycled spare parts. It is a wrecking yard but its user frenidly. The cars are very well placed in the yard making it very easy to find parts. As for the knowage of the staff it is impeccable. Their is even cars for sale at this yard. They are good cars too not just wrecking yard specials. All sorts hatchs, utes & sedans. Rims i have never seen such a good collection of used car rims in such good condition in a wrecking yard for years. The best part is the commercial wreck section off the yard. Which has a Large range of utes & 4wd.

Published on 2015-06-26 13:46:28 GMT

Fishing tip for this week. Buying fishing tackle Fishing rods dont need to be worth big bucks, but cheap as chip gear is not the way to go either. Many big brands are well lets say lacking in ture quality. If a local tackle store i over heard salesman trying to sell a big brand rod to a customer. The customer asked 'what do you use' the salesman replied as he grabbed another rod off the stand ' i use this brand' which was different. The customer then asked 'why try sell me this then' their was no reply. The truth of this is they have to sell their stock weather it is good quality or not. But i am not knocking the tackle shops or people who work for in them. All i am pointing out is ask more questions about all brands in store. When buying fishing rods. Dont just think one brand is supreme. Now apart from asking more questions & looking other brands their are somethings you can check yourself or get salesman to demostrait. 1. Quality of gides. Round edges offer less line friction than square edged gides. 2. Reel seat some brands use rubbish reel seats look for good well known brand names reel seats. 3. Underbound gides dont cut into rod blank as much as non-underbound. This is a dead give away if rod gides are not underbound to of lesser quality. 4. Check make sure gides are on the correct side of rod blank spine. For some rods this is not done due to being muti-spined or other reasons. You can get saleman to show you this or tell of it different construction. 5. The most inportant YOU MUST LIKE IT, dont buy a fishing rod you dont like, chances are 6month later you still wont like it & you will buy another. Revisting point 4. Why do this, well fish will be easier to control if the gides are in the correct side of rod blank. If the gides are off the correct placement the rod will walk side to side & be harder to control fish. Another thing that offen can be difficult is amount of runners. Rods the same lenght offen have different amounts of gides. The less gides the cheaper the rod this is another dead giveaway. You might ask what do i use it simple. 7foot wilson softplastic rod i just love its cork grips on this rod only cost $100.00. Its got quality gides & reelseat. The only draw back gides not underbined but it has the right amount of them on the correct side of spine.

Published on 2015-06-26 00:20:03 GMT

Buy sell trade Darwin my request is now 3 days old. STILL NO REPLY. WAKE UP............

Published on 2015-06-21 00:45:03 GMT

O'yea knife jigs.......coming soon Sizes 200 & 250 grams. These are the good pattern ones too from england Not a cheaper knock off pattern. I spare no expense in my purchase of lead fishing moulds. To bring to you my range of premium but affordable jigheads. I ownly make & sell fishing products that i myself would buy & use. Knife jigs Knife jigs Knife jigs Coming soon

Published on 2015-06-19 00:29:50 GMT

Prices (current 19th June 2015) Snapper Sinkers OR ball sinkers 1oz X10 $2.80 X25 $5.75, X50 $9.00 2oz X10 $5.00, X25 $11.25, X50 $20.00 3oz X10 $7.10, X25 $16.50, X50 $30.50 4oz X10 $9.50, X25 $22.75, X50 $42.50 5.5oz X10 $12.00, X25 $28.75, X50 $55.00 6oz X10 $14.00, X25 $33.75, X50 $65.00 8oz X10 $18.50, X25 $45.00, X50 $87.50 10oz *comming soon* 12oz X10 $25.00, X25 $50.00, X50 $100 100% recycled lead Jigheads 4/0 9-22g ball, fish & shad X5 $4.00 7/0 or 8/0 80g VMC hook X3 $6.00 7/0 or 8/0 110g VMC hook X3 $7.00 BUDGET SNAPPER SINKERS 4oz snapper sinkers X25 $18.00, X50 $30.00 8oz snapper sinkers X25 $35.00, X50 $75.00 Made in Darwin

Published on 2015-06-18 23:55:10 GMT

DARWIN 5TH ANNUAL CLEAN-UP DARWIN HARBOUR JUNE 26TH 2015 Please take part on this annual event. Son ofa Fisherman will be randomly handing out free fishing jigheads to participants of this event found between Ludmilla creek & Rapid creek from 10 to 12pm.

Published on 2015-06-16 23:09:23 GMT

Special thanks to Beaurepairs Winnellie for kind donation of w/w's & Sims Metal Management Australia for stepping up when it was needed & supporting local Darwin business All businesses supporting Son ofa Fisherman receive a 30% discount on sinkers & 15% discount on premium jigheads & 20% discount on bundle packs COS they already at discounted price. Affordable Fishing not cheap imitations

Published on 2015-06-16 16:14:45 GMT

This weeks fishing tip. When you buy your bait DON'T GET THEM TO PUT IT IN A PLASTIC BAG! It already comes in one. It actually better to have a bait esky. Now it doesn't need to be too big or expensive. Then its simplely a matter of opening your bait packaging at the bait shop & then placing it in bin & your bait in the esky. Not the other way round. You will also find it keeps your better & if you have food in a big esky. Well do i need to tell you. It doesn't tast like bait some of you know this taste i bet.

Published on 2015-06-16 00:48:52 GMT

Million Dollar Barra..... I have a new colour pattern Reefhead jighead for you...its yelow hi-glow, red & chrome with big gold eyes & a rattling it will. Now the X-strong hi-carbon Mustad hook well i would like to see you straighten that out!... available in 5/0 or 6/0 Mustad X-strong 30g or 40g shad style jighead. This is a limited edition Reefhead that I will be making. To target Barramuni, the idea of this pattern is to use a glow powder coated lure not at nightime as you normally woud. But to use in the daytime, the sunshine will charge it up & hence it will glow in the water in the daytime. These will cost a flat $1 each. They will be in stock for next weekend. Order now limited numbers will be made. A picture will be posted later tonite. Cheers Son ofa Fisherman

Published on 2015-11-19 06:59:24 GMT

Ok all customers. All orders must be picked up within 48hrs of me notifying you of its completion, UNLESS a pick up day is specifed by you. This is due to the high cost of materials and the fact of having two 'Tinlids' who eat me out of house & home everyday with no rest. I should not have to work my guts out & the have no tea because some one cant do the right thing & pay up. So 3 jobs no pick up yet.....well thanks for that no tea again for Son ofa Fisherman.

Published on 2015-11-03 06:40:04 GMT

Looking at getting my own jighooks custom made for my jigheads. These will be similar to the VMC & Mustadjighooks i currently use but in a round mouth pattern. I am looking at getting two shank sizes short & long. Ranging from 4/0-5/0-7/0-8/0. These will however be made in Japan but these are custom so i will select the steel type & coating. To be completely honest I will not use crap cheap hooks when I fish so I DONT expect you to either. Son ofa Fisherman - affordable fishing tackle NOT cheap as chips imitation. Quality jighooks, Pro-Tec powder coated finishes, 100% recycled lead. Locally Made in Darwin

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