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What is your story? Zuri Digital Invitations is an organization which consists of some of the most talented graphic artists in the world! Our talented team of graphic artists are dedicated in providing high-end graphic invitation cards that are customized to YOU! The Zuri Project has been a work in progress for the last few years and now we are finally live! What exactly is a digital invitation? A digital invitation is just like a paper-based invitation card except it is in video format. Simply put, we turn your card into a video! Wait, There’s more! Our invitations are not just a video with text - they are creative works of art that will represent you! . Why should someone consider a digital invitation? Besides the fact that it reflects our new generation, digital invites are convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly! Plus no one can use the age-old excuse of “it got lost in the mail”. We now live in a generation which is considered the digital age; so let's stop wasting paper and change the way we invite our loved ones!! What kind of digital invitations can you create? Although we focus primarily on wedding invitations - we also provide services for birthdays, bridal showers, parties, or any kind of special occasion that requires an invitation! We can cater to any event and we accept all requests. We have a versatile catalogue of designs but at the same time can offer personalized invitations as well. We work with you, to create the perfect invite! How much does this cost? It is very difficult to give an exact quote as it varies heavily on what you want in your video. The cost depends on what kind of graphics you will require, the duration of the video, and any other special requests, etc. Pricing should be the least of your concerns as we offer very comfortable and lenient payment options. We will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget. How will my guests or invitee's receive the digital invite? The video can then be sent to your invitee's through many different platforms: WhatsApp, Facebook, BBM, E-mail, or any other way you communicate! The video will be in MP4 format which works with any and everything. How long will it take to receive the final invite? It is very difficult to give an exact timeframe. It all depends on when you would want to start sending out the invitation to your guests. It also depends on the kind of design and graphics you require. Our recommendation is to approach us at least 3 months before you want to start sending out the invites. However, that is just a recommendation, we can work with any timeline, even last minute requests!

Zuri Digital Invitations
Our Services Are Available Worldwide!!!
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