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ABC Change, LLC is dedicated to helping individuals create lasting positive changes through VAASTU and PSYCH-K.

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Unlock your highest potential in life! using a one of a kind process combining cutting-edge psycho-kinesthetic methods and one of the most ancient spiritual sciences available. Purify yourself and simplify your life, inside and out! We put the tools in your hands to redesign what isn't working, and to draw in more fulfilling life experiences. Message us today for a brief introduction to our methods (Psych-K and Vaastu) and more information about the services we provide.

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Change. What do you know about it? How do you feel about it? Change is constant, particularly, it seems, this year, the year of the horse in Chinese tradition. Adaptation is a must. My latest change is bringing a new life into the world with my partner. Accompanied by stress and fear of the unknown, this change has brought untold joys already in just a few days. What matters most in facing change is our system of beliefs and our attitude. Staying positive and remembering manifesting principles can help but, if unconscious beliefs are blocking us, no amount of self-talk will help and overwhelm is guaranteed. Challenges, in the form of change, stress, or fear of the unknown will always be present and threaten to shake us from what we know: that the universe conspires to bless us and provide for us, like the children that we are. Breathe deep, step back and assess the situation. If you need help, talk to a supportive friend or family member. If all else fails, there may be something buried deep preventing you from taking the next steps. Ask yourself: Do I have what I need to take care of this? If not, focus on what will help in this moment and rest assured that change is right around the next turn. ABC Change can also be a support to you. If you realize that you are stuck and feel powerless, contact us, and we will support you to ask the important questions DIRECTLY to your subconscious using cutting edge body-mind techniques. Change is happening. Bless and Praise. - Justin Anderson, ABC Change founder

Published on 2014-11-15 00:01:09 GMT

Some VERY powerful pictures from the last decade:

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Be the Change. To me, this means walking your talk, sticking to your word. It means practicing. It means believing in your ability to change the world by being and doing what you want to be. The principles of Vaastu are principles of balance. Inwardly, we must engage with ourselves daily to remain resolved to our goals. This happens most readily when we are at peace.

Published on 2014-07-28 21:59:09 GMT

When you recognize the importance of having a relationship to your space, your life clicks into place.

Published on 2014-07-19 09:26:05 GMT

When the world is choking, I'm not joking, on its own filth and spew, I give my life up to bring the light up because it is all I can do. When the children over there are stuck still starving and bare, I send light up through my words to show I still care. I pray for the places with both high and low war for wages, Seeing through to the truth that this system is enslavement. I pray for those in the middle with enough sense to scrape by, Knowing full well they won't do better even if they try. When the world is choking those who care do not profit While those who profit keep gaining and build from your pocket. This is a cry out, before we all die out, coming from deepest desire, So please if you feel me lets love so completely we set the world on fire. J. Elliot Anderson, C 2014

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...And here is the original poem: Here is the lesson, A tale of life awry, Keep the shoes and fleece, the world is left behind. The doors have disintegrated, full of nightmares and lies, they fold away... This is the new reason for leading thoughtful lives, to save ourselves from destruction; we've lost our countless times. This mess left us denuded of our rights, our hopes, our joy. It makes us sick with complacence, I beg for fear destroyed. This lesson may takes hours, it might take months or days, Because the search is endless, the search for depth of face. It began and it will end as all things that come must, but this is not near ending, the truth is wrought with dust. Here is your good fortune: the face of who's in charge, the mind of kingly kindness, the soul of what and how. Now make the world to listen, to act, to laugh, to bear, because they are the chosen who know what needs repair.

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Here is the Arabic script, which I find lovely: هنا هو الدرس، قصة حياة منحرف، الحفاظ على الأحذية والصوف، وترك العالم وراء. لقد تفككت الأبواب، كاملة من الكوابيس والأكاذيب، هم أضعاف بعيدا ... هذا هو السبب جديدة ليعيشوا حياة مدروس، لإنقاذ أنفسنا من الدمار؛ فقدنا لدينا مرات لا تحصى. تركت هذه الفوضى لنا المعري من حقوقنا، آمالنا، والفرح لدينا. يجعلنا المرضى مع بالرضا، أتوسل خوفا تدميرها. هذا الدرس قد تستغرق ساعات، قد يستغرق شهرا أو يوما، لأن البحث لا نهاية لها، البحث عن عمق الوجه. بدأت وستنتهي كما كل الأشياء التي تأتي بد منه، ولكن هذا ليس قرب النهاية، هو مصنوع الحقيقة مع الغبار. هنا هو ثروتك جيدة: وجه من هو المسؤول، العقل من اللطف ملكي، روح ماذا وكيف. الآن جعل العالم للاستماع، للعمل، أن يضحك، لتتحمل، لأنهم المختار الذين يعرفون ما يحتاج إلى إصلاح.

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My sis was playing around with Google translate to see how things translate back into English, so I decided to try it. I translate a poem I wrote into Arabic to see how it would turn out, and I was very surprised! Here is the version translated from Arabic: Here is the lesson The life story of oblique , Keep the shoes , wool , And leave the world behind . I've broken doors , Full of nightmares and lies , They fold away ... This is why new To live a life of thoughtful , To save ourselves from destruction ; We have lost countless times . I left this mess for us Marri Of our rights , our hopes , and our joy . Patients with us complacent , I beg for fear destroyed. This lesson could take hours , It may take months or days , Because the search is endless , Find the depth of the face. Began and will end As all the things that must come , But this is not near the end , The truth is made with dust. Here is your good fortune : The face of who is responsible , The mind of the royal kindness , The spirit of why and how . Now make the world to listen , To work , to laugh, to bear, Because they are the chosen Who know what needs to be repaired .

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Self-transcendence means seeing yourself and letting your inner narcissist dance with your inner selfless hero(ine).

Published on 2014-03-30 11:18:44 GMT

Stan Grof mentioned a few others, naturally! "Albert Hoffman... I consider him my spiritual teacher." As well as some OG visionary artists: www.robertvenosa. com www.martinahoffman. com

Published on 2014-03-08 22:14:30 GMT

Stan Grof is speaking on the Future of Psychology right now. I'll keep you posted!