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Release "being stuck/stagnant" in your life. We identify & clear issues through Energy Cleansing & Intuitive Esoteric Coaching.

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We liberate the root of where your blockages stem from that often show up as body pain, self imposed limitations, financial constraints, or unhealthy expression of emotions & relationship issues. Through community & virtual gatherings,1:1 personal energy cleansing sessions with simultaneous interactive spiritual coaching, we walk along side you on your path where ever you are in the world, as you shift and create the incredible life that you are meant to have.

11:58 PM PST-- Caught myself in pitta overdrive reading technical articles. Applying your life with these attributes in mind will change your world into ease & flow ( that's my interesting point of view. Notice there's not TRUTH written anywhere with that statement ;O))

Published on 2015-01-29 15:11:12 GMT

Amma's Mandala Card message of the day; This particular one keeps coming up repeatedly. "Pure love removes all negative feelings. Destroying all selfishness, it expects nothing but gives everything. Pure love is the constant giving up- Giving up of everything that belongs to you. What really belongs to you? Only the ego. Love consumes in its flames all preconceived ideas, prejudices, and judgments, all those things which stem from the ego."- Amma Action; "I will greet this day with LOVE in my heart"-Og Mandino

Published on 2015-01-25 15:08:49 GMT

There's wording for connecting telepathically with All That Is. It's called Quantum Entanglement. Who knew tv shows would air these topics. H2channel has many different shows that teach esoteric studies that aren't spoke of anywhere else?

Published on 2015-01-23 19:44:20 GMT

Channeled message; remember to do your Unity Breath meditation & invite God/Creator into your heart.Extend your prana tube up up up & down down the tips....if you don't remember the rest or want to learn, message me. Here's a mandala from Amma's mandala deck to integrate with. Jena "God is compassion. He is waiting at the door of every heart. He is an uninvited guest everywhere because whether you call him or not he is there. Whether you are a believer or non believer, He is within you uninvited. Behind every form, behind everything, God is hiding. He beautifies things and makes them what they are. He is the hidden formula of life. But he won't reveal himself to you. You won't feel him unless you call him. Prayer is the invitation. You must invoke him through prayer and meditation."- Amma

Published on 2015-01-22 16:10:05 GMT

Question; what is your point of view of the statement , " it's our Divine right to thrive"?

Published on 2015-01-22 15:39:45 GMT

I learned something HUGE from listening to Gary Douglas Founder of Access Consciousness on " if you really want to change something, start asking "WHAT" questions. WHEN WHY aren't questions, they are actually just judgments with a question mark in the end. It's keeps you locked and boxed into that fixed point of view." WHAT else is possible? WHAT would it take to change this? WHAT have I made so vital...? WHAT energy space and consciousness can I be that allows me to.....? Here's one you can ask over and over for the next three days😊 "Universe, what question can I be that allows me to be who I TRULY BE? (add clearing statement here) Enjoy!

Published on 2015-01-17 16:17:16 GMT

Here's an Access Consciousness tool for every aspect of life. Do share 😊

Published on 2015-01-17 16:06:27 GMT

The physical body is only a small part of our anatomy. Did you know The Merkaba is also part of our anatomy & when activated, can be programmed with a Godzillion commands? Using your Wisdom flame serves when programming. It's nothing to muck'round with.

Published on 2015-01-17 00:48:58 GMT

Greetings all! I sense that many of you have been wondering where I am now and would love to more sessions with me. I am in SF bay area. I can work on location or in Willow Glen at my office space at Meridian and Willow. Abundance Game workshops are being scheduled. If you'd like to host a venue for me,do contact me. I'd love to gift a Access Bars Taster night & run mini 15 sessions on you all. Thoughts? Feedback?

Published on 2015-01-16 15:53:22 GMT

Be good to yourself; "A rishi is the real lover because he has dived into his own Self, the very core of life and love. He experiences life and love everywhere- Above, below, in front, back- in all directions. Even in hell, even in the nether world, he sees nothing but life and love. For him there is nothing but life and love shining forth with splendor in glory from all directions. Mother would say he is "a real scientist." He experiments in the Inner Laboratory of his own being. He never creates division in life. For Life is one whole. He dwells in that undivided state of love and life."-Amma

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