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Through “Action 4 Water” we invite you to accept the challenge of raising funds for a specific project related to the World Water Crisis.

Action 4 Water
PO Box 120824
Saint Paul , MN 55112
United States
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The World Water Crisis suffers from its own crisis--an identity crisis. Through “Action 4 Water” we invite you to accept the challenge of raising funds for a specific project related to the World Water Crisis. Be a part of the solution. Yes, you, your organization, club, school, church, family, company and a whole host of others are the solution to many small water crises that make up the big picture. Go to our project page and select a project. Find a project that you can identify with and take action. We will continue to post new projects as they come in. We work with reputable non-governmental organizations and your donation, less only the cost of credit card processing fees goes in its entirety to the respective NGO to fund your project. That is a bold statement to make and one that we are quite proud of at Action 4 Water.

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So often the need for safe water, sanitation and hygiene education is defined with an acronym—WASH. We further identify the water crisis with unimaginable, staggering numbers. They are seemingly insurmountable. They are gigantic in their appearance yet hidden in our disbelief. How is it possible that so many are affected? • Nearly ONE BILLION people lack access to safe, clean drinking water. • 2.5 BILLION PEOPLE live without access to basic sanitation. That is 2.5 BILLION people without a toilet, a latrine, a handwashing station, soap or even the education to know basic sanitation habits. • 3.5 MILLION PEOPLE die each year because of water-related diseases. In most cases that it just a polite way of saying that they died from dehydration due to diarrhea. They don’t die from cancer or violence or heart attacks or accidents. They die from a very curable and manageable “inconvenience” for most of us. They die from diarrhea. • Of the 3.5 Million People who die each and every single year—it is estimated that 84% of them are children, most of who are under the age of five. Every year 2,940,000 families bury a child because they died from easily curable, preventable diseases such as diarrhea. • At any given time, half of the hospital beds in the world are filled with people who are sick from diseases contracted through exposure to unsafe, dirty water. Half of ALL hospital beds in the world? • Women and girls bear the burden for water—literally. On average, women and girls must walk nearly four miles to fetch water. They carry an average of 5 gallons of water weighing 40 pounds. They do this every single day and many times twice a day. Every day, 365 days a year. There is no other option. How does the average person process these numbers? What can the average person do to influence these figures and solve this crisis? What does a billion really look like? 1,000,000,000? What does 2.5 Billion look like? 2,500,000,000? One does not look that much different from the other. How can anyone even imagine the magnitude of the World Water Crisis let alone be a part of the solution. Do you see the identity crisis? You can be a bystander, or you can take action! Join our cause today.

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We expect water rates to continue to grow above inflation for some time. We don’t see an end in sight.” –Andrew Ward, director of U.S. public finance Fitch Ratings

Published on 2015-04-29 19:33:38 GMT

“It’s estimated that globally [women and girls] spend 200 million hours every single day simply collecting water for themselves and their families – time that could be spent in education, working and earning, with their family, or contributing to the community.” — Water for Women report, released today by the United Nations. (Forbes)

Published on 2015-03-25 16:38:34 GMT

Water for the World Act passes! This is the most significant step that America has made that will provide billions around the world with safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. This is a great day to be an American!

Published on 2014-12-16 03:28:18 GMT

Today is the final day for congress to pass the Water for the World act during this session. Please take action and tweet the following to Senator Tom Coburn. Don't hesitate to create your own important message to him. He controls the decision to put it in front of congress for a vote. Millions of lives count on it passing! We urge @tomcoburn to support the #Water4World act allowing millions to access safe #water."