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Our mission is to enable people from all walks of life to achieve a productive and spiritually balanced life through teaching the Word of God.

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Ministries Adonai's ministers to individuals who are experiencing difficulties in providing for their families at special times of the year. The target audience is the neglected, rejected or destitute which includes those uncertain of their walk with Christ, single moms who are suffering from low self-esteem, at-risk inner-city youth, and children of incarcerated parents. Outreach includes: Master's Reading Program This program distributes books to students of Hillsborough County. These books are purchased with the students in mind, from newborn babies through 6th grade. They are distributed through churches, community-sponsored affairs, inner-city schools, After-School Care Programs, Title One (I) Daycares, VPK, and Kindergarten. Adonai's has distributed over 1,000 books in the past two years. Back to School Event This program is held on the second (2nd) Saturday in August and provides free book bags, school supplies, haircuts for boys, and face painting to inner-city students of Hllsborough, Polk and Pinellas Counties. Recipients are referred via Correctional Institutions, nonprofit organizations, churches, schools, and staff members. The program was created to ensure that students living in the community receive adequate supplies in preparation for the upcoming school year. Most of the school supplies listed on the school supply list are donated by Adonai's Ministry. Because Adonai feels education and reading are very important, at the time of distribution, a separate room is set-up as a library and recipients can choose a reading book according to age and grade level. Last year Adonai's ministry was given the opportunity to ship school supplies to 136 students in Bunkers Hill Jamaica to be distributed in September 2013 and over 400 students participated in the event in the Tampa Bay area. Angels on Assignment This program is an outreach commitment held on the third (3rd) Saturday in December where churches, nonprofit organizations, substance abuse facilities, and state institutions refer recipients who are in need during the Christmas season. Those clients are contacted by a staff member to inform them that they have been referred and pertinent information collected to accommodate 125 families which served over 250 youth. Everyone in the family is blessed during this event. Department of Corrections Donations Adonai's Ministry donates personal items upon Chaplain request to be distributed to women inmates during the year and for the Christmas season. These items include shampoo, conditioner, stationary, envelopes, and pens to accommodate at least 150 inmates. Young Women's Mentorship Adonai's Ministry provides mentoring and words of encouragement to women between the ages of 18-45 in the areas of salvation, self-esteem and self-reliance through motivational speaking and counseling sessions. Lighthouse Gospel Mission & Faith Home Adonai's reaches out to women who are encountering difficult times in their lives at the Faith Home with a monthly worship service. Many women's lives have been enriched by the sound biblical teaching performed by Dr. Daniels and the ministry team. Seminars & Workshops Dr. Daniels is a conference speaker for Church services, seminars and workshops during the year, which are sponsored by nonprofit organizations and churches. Her realistic and straight forward presentations have captivated audiences with her thought-provoking approach. Dr. Daniels has helped hundreds to move in the right direction to a new life spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

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Adonai's Ministry, Inc. is a faith-based and community-supported, nonprofit 501 (c)(3)organization, funded through the charitable support of the community, including individuals, congregations, and other organizations. Gifts are tax-deductible.

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Words Of Encouragement: Loving Your Way into a Miracle When the Scripture tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves; sometimes it is taken so lightly, we do not realize that God is giving us the key to real happiness, as well as, feeling complete and fulfilled. He is also telling us that this is the way to receive miracles from Him. I attended a funeral for a young man’s life who was ended suddenly because of an unfortunate car accident. The funeral was very uplifting even though he had only lived 32 years. Everyone who spoke - expressed how he possessed an exceptional gift of love. It began with how he was loved and from that love he gave love unconditionally regardless of their age, religion, attitude, or mannerism. He fulfilled his mission through love leaving his life complete and fulfilled. Imagine if we were called home today, what could others say about us? Would they say, we were known because of our love, or would they say, we were selfish and fulfilled the first law of self preservation by only thinking of ourselves? We were instructed in God’s Word "to LOVE". This commandment is not dependent on any conditions. It is a clear statement - LOVE. The kind of love that the Bible is referring to is Godly Love, an unconditional love. This kind of love only comes from God. We cannot do it on our own. We need Him (GOD) to help us. Why? Because some people make it very difficult to love them. We soon realize for some people only God or their mom could love them. But it has to go further than what we think or imagine. We must love if we want to make a difference or be an example for the world to see. Not only are we told to love, we are told who to love, OUR NEIGHBOR; as in the story of the Good Samaritan. The question could be posed who is our neighbor? Just in case you are wondering, it is the person who cross your path, the one you cannot stand, the one who is like a nat “the one you want to fan away, because they are irritating you". Second, we are instructed how to love. Most people love themselves. Of course there are a small growing group of people who don’t love themselves or anyone else. But for the most part most people do love themselves. They just have a problem loving others as much as they love themselves. I stopped by to tell you that there are some benefits if you love others as yourself. Love hides a multitude of faults; Love climbs the highest mountain, goes in the lowest valley, gives when flesh says no, and act kind when there is a valid reason to be ugly. But if you need a miracle, love must be the ground breaker. Miracles just don’t happen, there is a starting place. Usually miracles begin when all human efforts fail. They occur when the situation looks hopeless. Let me say this, just because the situation looks hopeless that does not make God helpless. When things look hopeless, the devil usually begin planting negative thoughts in our minds. He tries to fill our mind with invalid excuses why God is not helping us. He makes it looks impossible. He makes us think God is not going to work it out for us. Even though we are singing God is Working It Out for You. Let me remind you that God specializes in Miracles. No situation is ever beyond his reach. We as believers are in the market to receive miracles because of God’s endless grace. There are times that miracles don’t always happen instantly. Most times there is a process we must go through regardless of your belief. You may have claimed the miracle, but no matter how hard you have cried, prayed, or laid before the Lord; nothing happened. Sometimes days, weeks, months, or years pass by and there seems to be no outward sign of a miracle. The devil continues his conversation regarding God. He makes you think God is late, or procrastinate, or maybe he is not just going to answer, or maybe he forgot you; so stop fasting besides nothinthing is working, you might as well give up and forget it. Discouragement begins to set in. Remember some miracles takes time. If you don’t purpose in your heart to stay with God, you will miss your miracle. Remember timing is everything in God. His timing is not like our timing. We want it YESTERDAY, TODAY OR RIGHT NOW; not tomorrow, next week, or next month, or don’t even think about next year. We need to learn to challenge Satan with the Word. Begin by telling him, God is not slothful when it comes to time, He is the best time keeper and the organizer of time. So He knows when and He knows where. And he is never, ever late!! We are to love our way into a miracle, and not be like the world and be self-centered or per-occupied with external pleasures. If we want to live in the realm of miracles - we must love, therefore we cannot hold grudges. The scripture tells us - vengeance is His. The dictionary defines vengeance as “a punishment inflicted in retaliation for an injury or an offense”. It is like taking out a grudge on someone with the specific intent to hurt or to injure that person. We must lock down our tongue. God has a courtroom and He is the only judge. He hands out judgment not us. He reaches a decision, He prosecutes - not us. Sometimes it takes years for the judgment to be handed down. I know some people who lived a long life and did not received judgment until they were on their death bed. Some think they have gotten away with their mis-conduct; while others think the people deserve what they got. BUT GOD, little do they know He has everything written down. It is not written in pencil but permanent ink, better than a Sharpie. But again everything happens according to God’s own timing. Not ours. Therefore, we are not to take things in our own hands. As in the case of Dinah – Jacob’s daughter who was raped, and her brothers killed all the men after they were circumcised (Gen 34:1-2). When you give God your vengeance you are sentenced to a life full of miracles. If we give our grudges to God, we have no time to sow vengeance; but we do sow and reap blessings, miracles, and life. No matter how impossible the situation seems. We have love our way into the supernatural power of God. (this kind of love action is like praising your way for a blessing (act this out – begin slow and progress to feverent and mountain moving faith making praise. ie: Lord I forgive them, help me to love them with your kind of love, Lord, I will not let the injury they cause me be a stumbling block. I release them!! They belong to you, you created them and you said that was good!!! Let me be an example of your love. Help me to love freely, fervently, and unconditionally). So if you want, need, or looking for a miracle? Try the avenue called LOVE. LOVE breaks through all barriers, set the captives free, and brings health, happiness, fulfillment, and MIRACLES. I must admit it will not be easy, But God stands by His word. He tells us to love one another as He has loved us. If we love that is a way of giving, it is a blessing to be able to give. Then, I believe that God will open up the windows of heaven and pour out blessings and miracles on you!! This is a new way to begin your new day. I am sure all of us have work to do instead of giving someone a piece of your mind, give them a sample of LOVE. Instead of fighting with your fist use your arms to give them a hug. Don’t let the Devil cheat you out of your miracle. Take back what the devil have stolen from you. Remember, help is on the way. HOLD ON – DON’T GIVE UP. THE MIRACLE YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

Published on 2014-04-29 18:46:25 GMT

Adonai's Ministry, Inc. has a mandate to minister to those experiencing lack in their lives as a result of not having a relationship with God, educational needs of at risk children, and other various areas of brokenness or lack, that each might come to know Him as Lord and experience completeness in Him.

Published on 2014-04-29 17:30:50 GMT

The Mission of the Ministry is to enable people from all walks of life to achieve a productive and spiritually balanced life through teaching the Word of God, leading them to Christ, and assisting those in need.

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