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My name is Aaron Roberts I've been a fitness professional for 3 amazing years. As a personal trainer my goal is to help my clients achieve their fitness goals that they never thought possible. Through assessing the clients needs and developing individualized progressive training programs these dreams become reality. If your tired of not seeing results, struggling with consistency or even need to break through plateaus ADR_Fit is right for you!

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What's your game plan? When it comes to fitness you need to have a plan. Working out is more than just showing up to the gym and doing a really hard workout. Do you know what your doing before you walk into the gym? You cant get results if your not documenting and progressing your workout routines. Hit me up to get started the right way!!

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Flexibility. Id say this is one of the most neglected components of health related fitness. Although this component may not seem important it is actually a very important part for your body and preventing injuries. 3 Reasons you need to stretch! 1. Work related injuries: low back pain, neck pain, and carpal tunnel are all work related injuries from pattern overload. 2. Maintaining normal muscle length so it doesn't lead to imbalances. 3.Improving neuromuscular function( Recruitment of proper prime movers, synergists(assisting muscles) and stabilizers. There are different types of stretching that can be done based on your individual needs. Consult with myself or your own fitness professional to decide what stretching techniques are right for you. Corrective stretching for imbalances, Active stretching for neuromuscular efficiency, or functional stretching for pre competition / high intensity exercise.

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"A strong mind makes a strong body" Tips for mental success in fitness 1.Dedication – Realize that completing your fitness goals takes dedication. If you don’t dedicate yourself to the process, the process will not work, no matter how half-assed you go at it. 2.Excuses – Excuses are like assholes everyone has one. Don’t let your life be the excuse to hinder your progress. 3.Push yourself – If your not stepping outside of your comfort zones and digging deep for those last reps or miles your probably not achieving your goals. 4.Try new things - If we do the same workouts over and over again our bodies will find easier ways to complete the workout using less effort. Trying new things at the gym, or for your workouts will help you progress in your weight loss/ fitness journey. Try boxing, spin class, swimming. Change it up. 5.Know you’ll fail at times – Know that there will be setbacks, but don’t let them beat you. Fix the problem, and move on. Realize that some amount of failure is inevitable, don’t let it consume or beat you. It’s ok to cut yourself a little slack sometimes. Good luck:) -ADR

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5 Reasons that your not getting results: 1.You haven't been on your program long enough. It’s simply too soon. You’ve only been working on a new program for 2 or 3 weeks. Relax and stay the course. Don’t expect to see results until you’ve been consistently and progressively training for at least 4 to 6 weeks 2.You’re on the wrong program. There should always be a scientific reason for any workout and exercise in the gym. Single joint exercises (i.e. bicep curls) performed with light weights won’t significantly contribute to weight loss. Matching the program to your individual fitness goals is key to getting the results you want in a reasonable amount of time. 3. You’re not lifting heavy enough. If you want to build a stronger, leaner body, you must lift heavy. Not ridiculously heavy but heavier than you would think. The only way to stimulate muscle growth (and a leaner physique) is to work with loads that are heavier than your body is used to. 4. You’re not eating the right food. Food is fuel, and as such, not all fuels are created equal. You’ve all heard the phrase ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’. It’s true. Your body needs lean protein, healthy fats, lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber and a bit of starchy carbohydrate to function well while you’re training as well as to translate that training into physical change. 5. You’re paying attention to the wrong measurements. The scale is not the be-all and end-all when it comes to measuring progress in the gym. Body weight can fluctuate by up to 5 pounds within a day, depending on when and what you’ve eaten, as well as how hydrated you are also play into the factors of weight fluctuation.

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When setting any kind of goals fitness, nutrition, or everyday life it is important to ask yourself is this a SMART goal?

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One of the biggest tools that will help you with your success is available at any store for about 89cents. I'm talking about a notebook. If your not documenting your workout routines how can you know what is progressing and what is not. How long have you been doing the same workout? How long have you been lifting the same weight? How long have you been doing the same treadmill distance/intensity. The whole reason your at the gym is to reach your goals. So Fitness is the goal and the notebook is how you get your footing for that next step. Good luck :)