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When you’re trying to decide if you want to patent something, it’s crucial that you evaluate its usefulness with a critical eye. Inventing something that’s not terribly useful to the consumer will likely not make it through the patent process.

Published on 2015-07-09 00:03:58 GMT

It’s important to remember that a particular invention may not always qualify for both types of patents. For instance, a functionality change you made may not qualify as non-obvious, but the look could still qualify for a design patent.

Published on 2015-07-07 00:03:45 GMT

Patent law is designed to protect inventors and their original ideas and products. Patent law also helps to determine which inventions can legally be made use of and which cannot. Since this area of law is so complex, a patent attorney is usually recommended.

Published on 2015-07-02 00:02:52 GMT

Do not be surprised if the Patent Office requests more details, revisions, or additional information to your patent application. While such requests are normal, a patent attorney can help the process move smoothly.

Published on 2015-06-30 00:02:59 GMT

When your development team has spent untold hours ensuring the look of your product is just as elegant as its functionality, having someone blatantly copy your design could be disastrous. Applying for a design patent could help ensure this doesn’t happen.

Published on 2015-06-25 00:02:52 GMT

Have you ever heard of a "poor man's patent”? This is actually an urban legend that states that a man or woman (or business) can submit a patent letter to the Patent Office and that he or she can thus acquire patent rights in this way. The truth is that there is no such thing. Mailed letters do nothing to protect one's rights.

Published on 2015-06-23 00:03:09 GMT

A well-prepared patent application includes a detailed description of the invention. It also must outline exactly what others are excluded from doing regarding the invention unless they get the permission of the patent holder. Getting these sections correct is what gives the patent holder legal protection.

Published on 2015-06-18 00:02:53 GMT

When working with us on your patent, keep in mind that you are the expert on your product, process, or invention. While we are the experts in patent law, we need detailed input from you so we can include all the required information on the application.

Published on 2015-06-16 00:02:55 GMT

One of the things you will be required to do when submitting your invention for a patent is explaining it in minute detail, including providing information on why it is unique. A patent attorney can help you develop the necessary information.

Published on 2015-06-11 00:02:49 GMT

The phase of the industrial revolution that spanned from the late 19th to the early 20th century is considered the golden age of patents. In fact, in the 1910s, the U.S. Patent Office granted innumerable patents to aspiring inventors all over the U.S.

Published on 2015-06-09 00:02:34 GMT

Patents obtained without the guidance of a patent lawyer can sometimes fall victim to bureaucratic confusion and even mishandling. A patent attorney can be sure that both your patent and your inherent rights as an inventor are protected. He or she can also help you ensure that your patent is properly obtained and legally enforceable.

Published on 2015-06-04 00:02:48 GMT

It is not uncommon for a patent application to be rejected. That does not necessarily mean that your invention has no merit, but rather that more information is needed, or adjustments need to be made to the paperwork. We can help you understand why your application was declined and how to correct and resubmit it.

Published on 2015-06-02 00:02:53 GMT

When filling out your patent application, it is in your best interests to seek the help and guidance of a patent attorney. The process is complicated, and any misstep along the way can damage your chances of having your patent awarded.

Published on 2015-05-28 00:02:40 GMT

Did you know that patent attorneys also have a degree in a technical discipline like engineering, pharmacology, or chemistry? While their law degree means they can understand the legal requirements of the Patent Office, this technical speciality helps the attorney understand even the most complicated patent applications.

Published on 2015-05-26 00:02:55 GMT

The patent process requires a great deal of research to make sure a patent does not already exist for a similar product or for certain elements of what you have created. Part of our work as patent attorneys is to conduct the needed research, so you can submit a valid application.

Published on 2015-05-21 00:02:33 GMT

Unfortunately, the government doesn’t always approve the patent applications that truly deserve approval. While we can’t guarantee that your application will get approved, we can help you ensure that there are no errors in your paperwork that will lead to an automatic denial.

Published on 2015-05-19 00:02:24 GMT

Once your patent has been approved, it is time to start using that to your advantage. An experienced patent attorney can help you with marketing your product, finding investors, and setting up your business to maximize profitability.

Published on 2015-05-14 00:02:24 GMT

The concept of a patent is far from new. In fact, the ancient Greeks as far back as 500 BC granted protection to inventors, and the first patent law was put into place by the Venetian Republic in 1474.

Published on 2015-05-12 00:02:26 GMT

While most people only think of protecting the functionality of their invention, you may find that a design patent is just as useful to you. This type of patent can help you protect against others copying the design elements of your invention.

Published on 2015-04-02 00:02:23 GMT

Did you know that inventors have filed patents for some unusual products over the years? In fact, there have been patents filed for a method of swinging on a swing, a face mask to prevent eating, and a banana case.

Published on 2015-03-31 00:02:15 GMT

Because patent applications are complex, most people need to spend a substantial amount of time figuring out how to prepare and file them correctly. For many, hiring a patent attorney is a good decision when weighed against the loss of productive time.

Published on 2015-03-26 00:02:36 GMT

Looking for ways to streamline the process of working with a patent attorney? If you have the time and the research skills, you can try preparing a rough draft of the application before meeting with the attorney, and he or she can review and correct the application as needed.

Published on 2015-03-24 00:02:18 GMT

If you have a patent issued by the U.S., you will need to seek additional patent protection if you plan to market your product outside the United States. There are time restrictions involved with filing patents in other countries that have a patent system – conditions with which a patent attorney has expertise.

Published on 2015-03-19 00:02:17 GMT

If you have a patent that you want to license to another company, seek the help of a patent attorney – he or she will work for your best interests. The organization wanting your product will have their own team of lawyers working for them, so do not enter this battle without help.

Published on 2015-03-17 00:02:40 GMT

In addition to a thorough description of the invention, a patent application should also include a clear delineation of the scope of the rights you're seeking. This prevents competitors from changing one simple thing and selling the product. A patent attorney is practiced at drafting the scope of work so it covers your invention as much as possible.