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I provide insightful online Angel card readings for those looking for guidance, support and direction. Personalised readings on various life topics.

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Since having an angel encounter at the age of 6yrs old I have been completely fascinated by them. I believe the Angels offer insight, love, support, guidance and direction if we are only open to receiving their messages. I can pass on angelic messages through the cards on specific areas of a persons life e.g. love and relationships/ family/ money and finance/ career/ or a general spread on 'What the Angels want you to know'. Payment Information- An invoice will be sent upon booking with the option to pay by paypal and link for debit/credit card. Paypal Me link-

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Angel card readings are non-denominational and you do not have to belong to a certain Church or religion to have one. I do ask God and the Angels to help me with my readings and only connect with higher light and love. It may be that you have a specific question or area of your life you would like the reading to focus on-please make this known at the start. It is preferable to have a recent photo to help connect but this is not necessary as the angels messages come through the cards. I always use Doreen Virtue Angel cards in my readings. I am currently taking on new clients. There are two options of reading I currently offer: Option 1: A full Angel card reading including photo reading to cover all areas a "What the Angels want you to know" spread or a specific topic such as love/relationships, work/career/finances, health and family. Usually 5/6 card spread. Readings will be emailed or messaged to the client- £6/ $8.80 Option 2: A fully comprehensive, live interactive online reading at a mutually agreed time. Multi-deck cards will be read and the client will have the opportunity to ask questions, receive more information and pull additional cards. Usually lasts between 45mins-1 hr £10 / $14.60 Option 3- A one card reading for a quick piece of angel guidance and clarity. Useful for those specific quick question and an answer - £3/ $3.87 Please send a message or email to book a reading. DISCLAIMER- All readings and messages are provided for general guidance and entertainment purposes only. They are given to persons aged 18 or over. The guidance during readings does not replace medical/legal/financial or other professional advise and all persons are responsible for their own actions. It is recommended that persons looking to make significant changes seeks the appropriate advice from a qualified professional.

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👼Very true!👼

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Published Emma Varey on 2016-06-27 17:34:51 GMT

👼Today for this weeks message some beautiful Unicorn Oracle cards. choose from 1,2,3 and I will reveal the Angels messages/guidance for you👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-06-27 14:59:47 GMT

👼Angels by your side. I hope you enjoy this video👼

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👼THIS FRIDAY JULY 1st 8PM UK TIME GMT. 3PM NY TIME. My first ever live video event join me here on my fb page for a live Q&A ♦My story for the first time of when I met an Angel at age 6. ♦ Why I work with the Angels ♦How to connect with the Angels ♦What are Angels, guardian angels and Archangels? ♦Physical signs ♦Chance for a Q&A So excited for this and for all the support since starting my page I hope you can join me or watch on replay.👼

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👼The Angels do their best to communicate with us.Repetitive number sequences are another way in which the Angels can communicate with us. You may see these repeated on grocery receipts, on tv/radio, licence plates, an urge to look at the time for example and you may keep seeing repetitions throughout the day of the same number sequences. There are so many so here are a few of the most common ones. Don't forget to feedback and let me know what signs you see from your Angels. More about Angelic signs at my live event 1st July 8pm GMT.👼

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👼New reading options. Hopefully allowing for a full range of different options to suit all👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-07-12 20:40:02 GMT

Nice to find your page! I discovered it via one of your posts being shared into a group that I'm a part of called Earth Angels. I just watched your recent live video, and I love how gentle and genuine you are. So, just wanted to say, Hi, and nice to meet you, and look forward to visiting your page more! :) <3

Published Leigh Taylor on 2016-07-10 19:41:30 GMT

👼Introducing one card readings for only £3. After a quick bit of angel guidance? need that extra clarity on a decision to make or advice on a specific question? I am now offering one card readings as part of my reading options. Please msg for more details. To celebrate, I am offering FREE one card readings for 5 people. Please comment below and I will choose 5 people at random.👼

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👼Ask today👼

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👼Today would you like a message from Archangel Michael card 1, What the angels want you to know card 2 or a Unicorn angel message card 3. Comment below and I will reveal the angels messages tomorrow👼

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👼Thank you so much for the overwhelming support at my first live video event. It was wonderful to have people from all across the globe watch and I hope you found it interesting and informative. I have had a lot of messages for readings if you are interested in having a reading please send me a message as there are currently two reading options. Thank you again and I hope you continue to enjoy the page. Look out for free pick a cards, competitions and free one card readings.👼

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Thank you for he wonderful Angel card reading! It was very precise, and really helped me to feel in contact with my Angels* Love and light<3

Published Terrina Rowan on 2016-07-04 15:17:47 GMT

I have just learned about you! Your live video was on my news feed, somebody has shared it... Anyway, I am a spiritual person, but, I've just become open to it, I'm trying to learn how to do things, I so spiritual numbers, where you know if I see so many numbers somewhere of the same kind, I look up what that numbers means, and take it as what my angels are telling me... Anyway I got a question, I am just wondering how I can ask my angels for help? I'm lost with that, I am really going through a lot at this point in my life, and I really need help! So glad I ran across your video, I really like you!!!

Published Tiffany Byrd on 2016-07-03 00:20:20 GMT

👼🎉Tomorrow is the day!! Angelic connections first ever live video event Q&A talking all about the Angels anf my story. Join me here 8pm GMT, 3pm NY. Don't forget to enter the competition to win a free reading I will announce the winner tomorrow night live👼🎉

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👼Offering angelic messages and loving guidance from your Angels. Accuracy and clarity on a variety of life topics along with spiritual counselling and photo readings. Regular affirmations and Angelic guidance👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-06-16 11:59:26 GMT

👼I always say to my clients trust your inner gut feelings. How does thinking about a situation make you feel happy, anxious, excited, doubtful? Trust your inner instincts and gut feelings as these are often ways our Angels communicate with us. More on this in the live video event👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-06-16 08:35:13 GMT

👼Don't forget there is currently a competition up to win a free reading. Still need more entrants so a good chance of winning! Don't forget not long until the live video event Friday 1st July 8pm GMT Q&A on connecting with the Angels and of course my story of when I met an Angel👼

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👼Which Archangel are you drawn to?? Select the image 1,2,3,4 you are most drawn to and I will reveal the Archangel's message for you? On the pinned post is a competition to win a free Angel card reading. Also my first live video Q&A event next Friday 1st July 8pm GMT. Join me here. Comment below👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-06-21 10:34:51 GMT

👼Today is all about cutting cords as I pulled this card from the Doreen Virtue Archangel Michael deck. It says 'Detach from the situation' Archangel Michael is asking you to take a step back from this situation, to detach from surrounding emotions and to take a time out from the people involved. We can become clogged with the negative and toxic emotions and energies of others so ask Archangel Michael to use his flaming sword (as shown in the photo) to cut any attachment to fear or drama so that you can remain in peace and love. This card can indicate a need to leave an unhealthy situation you dont need to know the solution right now but trust and have faith that the Angels are taking care of the details. Cutting cords can help you to move on from a person energetically but heavy negative attachments can cause negative memories to arise, cause upset and crying, arguments and tension, an obsession or inability to move on, feelings of unforgiveness, depression and sadness. To break and cut these cords you can expect these negativr attachments to disappear, you will feel calmer, old emotions associated with this person will dissolve. It doesn't mean you dont care but you will be freer, more at peace 🌟Exercise to cut cords- Take some deep breaths in and out and relax. You need to ask Archangel Michael and your Angels using a simple prayer ask him to use his blue flaming sword to surround you visualise this, imagine the sword cutting away those cords ask for a cleansing of your aura, any negative emotions and energy in love and light. A good time to do this is before you go to sleep. You may notice a shift in your energy and feel safe. Ask for the Angels protection and any other requests you may have and remember to thank your Angels. You can use this as often as you like and on as many people that you wish. This is a loving gift from the Angels.🌟 Try this and let me know how you get on. I will attach a prayer you can use in the comments👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-06-16 11:14:56 GMT

👼As part of expanding 'Angelic connections' list of readings. I am currently looking for some volunteers for me to practice mediumship as connecting to spirit has been appearing more frequently in my readings. You will need to understand this is for practice purposes only, have a photo of a passed over loved one (over age of 18) be open and able to give feedback, if I am not able to connect be respectful and understand that it is spirit that decide when to connect and that sometimes messages and other people may come through as part of the reading. Understand this is not a full reading the information may be limited. If you are interested in volunteering for this and agree to the above please send me a private message. This takes a lot of energy so please understand not everyone will be chosen and there may be a wait. I will leave this open and when I have enough will close the post. Many thanks for the continued support👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-07-12 15:11:50 GMT

👼Thank you for joining me for 'Angelic connections' first live video event!👼

Published Angelic connections with Camilla on 2016-07-01 18:57:09 GMT

Angelic connections is GOING LIVE this evening 8pm GMT, 3pm NY time. Just click on my page for the go live post to appear. Click on my page to view my live event broadcast talking a bit about my story and why I work with the Angels as well as some tips on how to connect with the Angels. Hope you can join me. Subscribe to stay up to date.