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Only by sharing our thoughts, inspirations and ideas can we all grow as a community worldwide.

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Disclaimer: Because this forum is primarily for adult users, some of the material discussed may be of a mature nature. Parental discretion and supervision is advised if parents allow their children to view AWA's content, any third party content posted on this site, or any content linked to from this site. AWA and its volunteers should not be seen or regarded as doctors or lawyers. By using our pages, groups, and website, you acknowledge that you are not asking for medical or legal advice, and none is being given to you. Any statements made by AWA are opinion only, and we are not responsible for opinions given by our membership. Your use of our pages, groups, and website indicates your acceptance of the terms, conditions, and rules listed here and elsewhere on our pages, groups, and website, and these terms, conditions, and rules may be changed without notice. Short Description: Only by sharing our thoughts, inspirations and ideas can we all grow as a community worldwide. Join us! Join in and help make a real difference! AWA educates and supports women on the autism spectrum worldwide: Our Philosophy: Dr. Tony Attwood guided AWA in our philosophy and encouraged those who work and follow AWA by saying that.... “The greatest source of support and guidance for women who have Asperger’s syndrome or an autism spectrum disorder is not from clinicians or the research literature, but from each other.” - Dr. Tony Atwood"Word References used often - NT means Neurotypical (people who are not AS) ; ND means Neurodiverse (Aspie/auties) Our Volunteers: Founding Director: Yvonne Mikulencak, M.A. M.F.A Studio Art and Art History Elyse Bruce: Assistant Director Thomas D. Taylor: Manager Tamar Najarian: Education and Research Darien Brooks: Official Greeter Our Advisory Board Members: Dr. Tony Atwood, Australia Dr. Ron Swatzyna, Houston, USA Yogesh Rage, Psycho Therapist (Phd Candidate) Dubai Therana Rage, Psychologist, Dubai. Public Page and Private Group Administrators (assignments change and vary): Yvonne Mikulencak Elyse Bruce Thomas D. Taylor Charlotte Eades-Willis Carol Holst Judy Maskell Therana Rage (Psychologist) and Yogesh Rage, (Translator) General Information: Our volunteers and administrators will make every attempt to ensure that your experience with AWA is enjoyable. Participants should understand, however, that there will inevitably be times when volunteers and administrators will have to intervene in disputes and discussions. Trolling and sassing the volunteers and administrators will not be tolerated. Rules for all: 1) Anti-vaccine posts are NOT allowed. 2) Pro-THC/Cannabis/Marijuana/illegal drugs are NOT allowed. (Posts in favor of using THC/Cannabis/Marijuana/illegal drugs on children will result in an instant ban.) 3) Promotion of the sex industry is NOT allowed. 4) Religious conversion posts, or posts which can be construed as such, are NOT allowed. 5) Posts about scientifically unsubstantiated or "quack" medicine will be deleted at the admin's discretion. Rules for men: We would remind our male friends that AWA is primarily for females. We welcome men but we expect that you will recognize and respect that our mission is to educate and support women. 1) Do not verbally disrupt, dominate, or dismiss women and their conversations. 2) Do not stalk, harass or approach women for friendships or relationships publicly or privately. If a complaint is made by the female, you will be banned. 3) Do not proposition our membership for sex or try to induct them into the sex industry. If a complaint is made by the female, you will be banned.

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Posting Policy: We want you to have a pleasant experience on our pages and groups. So please try to remember: 1) Don’t post something that you wouldn’t say to someone in person. 2) Remember that our members vary in age, culture, experience, and degree of affectation with autism spectrum disorder, so please do not take offense if the meaning of your post isn't understood by others. 3) Not all members have English as their first language, so always try to write clearly to facilitate understanding. 4) If you disagree with something someone has posted, address the content of the post, not the person posting it – and be polite when you respond.

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What cultures of non english speaking countries would like an AWA separate private group for their language? Let us know how you feel about having one just for your language?

Published on 2014-08-31 20:36:13 GMT

From Anonymous: How can I help my 11 year old daughter not to play to rough or touchy with her peers. Or don't say rude things to get their attention? It looks to me she is trying hard to have friends but she doesn't know how to approach. At the same time I see her classmate girls or team players get annoyed with her. So I see her face turned worried and I pretend I don't see that so my daughter doesn't feel pitty. I'm really having trouble now that she's growing up because it's like she's starting to notice she's different and she's trying to fit in. By the way I have her in a lot of activities of her interest like drawing basketball musical theatre guitar lesson baseball but still get isolated in between breaks she doesn't interact with pears She has Aspergers was diagnose at 8years old We're from CA