ATX Public House

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ATX Public House is a craft beer bar, that doesn't yet exist. As we build a bar for social media & craft beer lovers in the ATX, we're getting connected.

ATX Public House
Austin , TX
United States
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ATX Public House is a bar we've been dreaming up for the beer we love, and the city we love. Craft beer isn't just for snobs, who want fancy beer. It's artisan, but it's not high brow. It's creativity in the middle class that's leading to a booming industry that's getting harder to ignore. That's what we're excited about. Public houses are the formal name for a pub, but there won't be anything formal about us. We want to infuse the fast paced, high tech ingenuity of Austin, with the tradition of beer drinking and socializing that public houses have been known for throughout history. As a late 20's, no children, couple, we want to create something far away from the stumbling drunks of 6th street, but with a relaxed and exciting atmosphere. While we build said beer oasis, we want to learn about our market. See if what we like rings true across the board and find out what we don't know about our future customers. Got something to say about craft beer? We want to hear it.


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