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We provide high quality carpet repair services all over the United States. Our philosophy is to save you literally thousands of dollars in carpet costs by repairing your carpet instead of you having to replace it. We're experts at: • Patches • Seam repair • Stretching • Pet damaage • Carpet to tile transitions • Berber repair • and a whole lot more Our guys are highly trained carpet repair specialists with decades of experience doing what they do. So if you have carpet repair problem, call us. We probably have the solution.

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Company Rating Do you like to play golf? Have you ever thought about having your own putting green? Here's a nice eHow article on how that can be done! If you have carpet installed and need any kind of carpet repair, give Creative Carpet Repair a call at 800-656-9862. We'll set up an appointment at your convenience and have your carpet looking great again in no time. Our work is covered with the best guarantee in the business so you know we're careful with our work and do the job right the first time. The sooner you call the sooner we'll be out to fix your carpet!

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The social media manager for Creative Carpet Repair grew up in Chicago, home of Empire Carpets. Most people knew him as “the Empire guy” but his real name is Lynn Hauldren. Hauldren worked for Empire Carpet until his death in 2011. If you already have installed carpet (by Empire or anyone else!) and need carpet repair, give Creative Carpet Repair a call. Our experts have the experience and professionalism to handle any site, large or small, commercial or residential. We're here to help. Just give us a call at 800-656-9862.

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Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room. The bear isn't dead it is just afriad to move. If your name is NOT Chuck Norris and you have just a regular carpet in your house, it will need some repair at some point. Creative Carpet Repair is here for you with an appointment to fit in your schedule and an unbeatable guarantee. Just give us a call. 800-656-9862

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The Oscar nominations were announced last week and the red carpet will soon be rolled out in Hollywood. The first reference to a “red carpet” is Agamemnon (458 B.C.) by Aeschylus. We're sure Agamemnon did not go home with an award for “best director”. If your carpet is having problems, give Creative Carpet Repair a call at 800-656-9862. We'll send an expert out at your convenience and soon your carpets will look great.

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Can you imagine trying to clean a carpeted house without a modern vaccum cleaner? Instead of saying “I'm going to vaccum the carpet”, at one point in history some folks would say “the carpet needs a Bisselling”. Melville Bissell invented the carpet sweeper and patented it in 1876. If this were not interesting enough, when Bissell died from pneumonia in 1889 his wife, Anna, became the first female CEO of an American corporation. If your carpet needs repair, call Creative Carpet Repair at 800-656-9862. We'll come out at your convenience and have your carpet looking fabulous in no time!

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Chewing gum is advertised many ways. It is a candy, it can help clean teeth, and it freshens breath. None of those chewing gum commercials talk about chewing gum accidents, though! Well, if you find carpet in your carpet, press ice cubes against the gum until it becomes brittle and breaks off. Pick out what pieces you can with your fingers and then use a spot remover to get rid of the remnants. Another solution is to call Creative Carpet Repair at 800-656-9862. We'll come out at your convenience and have your carpet looking fabulous in no time!

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In this example, the patch worked out well though it doesn’t always turn out like this.
After using the power stretcher, the wrinkle is gone.
(Don’t you wish we had a power stretcher for crows feet?)
By the way, we back up all of our work with a 100% unlimited, unconditional lifetime labor guarantee, so if that carpet ever ripples again, we’ll fix it for free!
One place that often needs help is the transition area between two rooms.
In the example above, a little dog got herself locked into a room.
Sometimes the edge of the carpet becomes threadbare and worn out.
The power stretcher butts up against the opposite wall and uses leverage that’s far more powerful than simply using a knee kicker.
The handle of the power stretcher is just as long as the handle of the jack that I use to jack up my truck.
That’s how powerful it is.
In this commercial environment, the seam deteriorated due to wear and cleaning.
It would have looked terrible.
Here we are sealing the seam.
Often times when a seam doesn’t last it’s because it wasn’t sealed properly to begin with.
Once the new, complimentary colored carpet is laid down and installed, this customer got nothing but rave reviews.
It’s a LOT better than before.
Homeowners defense, he couldn’t possibly do this job correctly without the right tools no matter how handy he is.
I think it was a great choice.
Normally you find this option in commercial environments.