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Promoting the representation of male issues at Bath Spa. Our motto: Masculinity is NOT Misogyny. Masculinity is not a dirty word.

Bath Spa Menkind Society
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Alec Sleigh - President Lucy Gates - Vice President Sean Sloan - Secretary James Newman - Treasurer

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Good news! Lucy Gates is now our vice president.

Published on 2014-02-07 00:26:24 GMT

Remember people, sexism is a two-way street! Example: "God damn it, it really sucks that we get payed more, own 96.1% of the worlds business and can walk down the street without largely having to fear any kind of sexual assault. Or is this page literally just addressing the issue of “it hurts when we get kicked in the nuts”" It's very concerning that anyone would assume that men don't deserve equal representation of their issues - that's sexism, pure and simple. While it is true that women suffer more discrimination in society, there are TWO massive problems with using that to try and discredit this society: 1) The right to have your views and issues spoke up about is not some "competition" whereby those who suffer in lesser quantity somehow forfeit the right to an equal voice. 2) This is a UNIVERSITY society. And even though women suffer discrimination in greater numbers in wider society, Bath Spa University does not have some twisted "eye for an eye" policy which justifies petty retaliatory discrimination on a smaller scale. And attempting to speak against a society which promotes equality and wants to speak up for the views of ANY group IS discrimination - as it is attempting to stop equal rights for all. Also, you seem to think that men "can walk down the street without largely having to fear any kind of sexual assault". Total nonsense. One such study of men in the UK found that 3% of men reported non-consensual sexual experiences as adults, while 5% reported non-consensual sexual experiences in childhood. Here is the study: And that's just from those brave enough to report it. Due to the common stigma perpetuated by those with ignorance such as yours, men are often too afraid to report that they have been victims of rape (or any other sexual crime for that matter) out of fear they will be accused of "lying". "Men can't get raped" is a phrase unfortunately banded around way too much. Are women victims of such crime in greater numbers? Of course - astronomically so. But like I said, the right to a voice is not a competition determined by who is the bigger victim. The issue of sex crimes against women does not nullify that against men, and the issue of sex crimes against men does not nullify that against women. They both deserve to have every effort made to speak up about them. Also, you cite the gender pay gap as some reason to claim men are privileged. While what you say is true, the gap has consistently been narrowing over recent decades – and will hopefully continue to narrow until total equality IS reached. That is just one of many issues this society speaks up about. We don’t just concern ourselves with problems faced by men - we speak up for TOTAL gender equality. We want equal pay for men and women in the workplace (and for any other gender identity for that matter). So attempting to use the gender pay gap to somehow claim this society as redundant would be speaking up against the idea of one more voice supporting gender equality and tackling issues clearly close to your heart. And when I say TOTAL gender equality, I mean it in all walks of life. Everyone here is a feminist as a feminist is someone who supports total gender equality. Anyone who isn’t a feminist has no place in this society. There are those who claim to be “feminists” yet speak out against men having an equal voice – this is not feminism and false use of that word gives the noble movement a bad name.

Published on 2014-02-06 00:25:17 GMT

Don't Forget the Big Debate is on tonight at the SU. The Republic believes that the Monarchy is undemocratic and should be abolished. Conservitave Parlementry candidate James Heappey will be present along with a member from the Republic Movement. The Debate starts at 6:30 pm

Published on 2014-03-21 15:37:51 GMT

Since we have no wish to re-ignite the fierce hostility that had ensued in the past week. Anyone being aggressive, hostile or extremely sensitive to the views of others will be removed. You are free to engage in healthy debate. Please remember that although we believe in equality for all and support feminist issues, we are still a society that primarily deals with male issues. This means there will often be different opinions. How boring would it be if we were all the same.

Published on 2014-02-13 16:44:29 GMT

So it seems the Feminist Society has made their position pretty clear. Right from the get-go we have made consistent effort to reach out to them and reassure them that we want nothing more than to be on their side, as we share the same ideals. What have we received in return? Constant mocking and ridicule based on their own stubborn pre-judgement, despite us providing evidence to the contrary and always doing our best to reassure them about their concerns. How much effort have they made to reach out to us? Zero. One of them had the nerve to accuse US of such negative behaviour, despite nothing even close to that ever occurring on our part. It's clear that despite our same goals, we are the far better behaved society as a whole. They seem to insist that they do enough for men's rights that we are obsolete and causing divisions. What do they do for men's rights? Allow male members. That's it. We are not at all satisfied that they are doing anything decent for men's rights as they claim, hence our existence. In fact, they and their male members (who represent an underwhelming minority at Bath Spa) have actually made an effort against men's rights in speaking out against our society despite the fact we have only tried to be courteous to them and help them. As for the claim that we cause divisions - we serve to fight gender equality with a focus on men, simply to focus our efforts (similar to groups who fight for gender equality with a focus on the church or the workplace). All are welcome here regardless of gender. The only people causing divisions here are certain members of the feminist society in their misguided belief that we exist solely to harm them, and in their constant unnecessary attempts to break us. Frankly, we have better things to do with our time (see the post about men's issues below). Any members of the feminist society are still very much welcome here provided that they want a rational discussion, and are actually willing to read what I write as I read theirs in turn (unlike the last troll who tricked me into thinking he had some decency). We welcome all constructive criticisms and concerns. Feminism is a wonderful movement which has done a lot for men's and women's rights over the years, and we here all support it fully. The shocking behaviour of members of the Bath Spa Feminist Society is an affront to that, and we are ashamed that these members have the nerve to call themselves feminists.

Published on 2014-02-07 09:43:40 GMT

So it has come to our attention that many members of the Bath Spa Feminist Society feel that we were formed out of opposition to them and their views. This is simply not true. We want nothing more than to work with them (and anyone else interested) for the greater benefit of all at our University. Some have expressed an opinion that is so harshly against our existence however that it is apparent that they seemingly wish to have such an antagonistic relationship with us. Anyone who does feel this way, or have any lingering questions - we encourage you to read the previous posts addressing many questions thus far. If you feel as though you need more answers, ask away and we will respond to all. You can do so as a post, or anonymously as a private message. We will paste all questions and responses as a status (without naming anybody) unless you explicitly state you do not wish us to do so.

Published on 2014-02-06 00:42:59 GMT

"What 'male issues' do you plan on representing with this society?" Excellent question, although the somewhat sarcastic quotation marks are a little concerning, as mocking the issues faced by any gender is sexist - simple as. Men face many issues. For example, paternity rights - as in the UK men only win on average 7-10% of custody battles making seeing their own children very difficult for little reason other than an unfounded bias in the legal system. Source: There are many other issues, including: Being a male victim of rape or sexual assault, and the stigma surrounding that: The "macho" stereotype, and how men are often openly mocked for exhibiting a certain level of emotion. Men's mental health issues, and their reluctance to seek help because of said emotional stigma . Workplace discrimination, as too many men are mocked for taking up careers such as being nannies or nurses (similar to how women have faced discrimination for being doctors or pilots). Men's body image issues - and before you dare say anything YES we suffer from those too, as men are too often portrayed in the media as well-built and perfectly chiselled. This could be linked to the rise of males suffering from anorexia and bulimia (still further stigma to be found there). The fact that men are still expected in relationships to be the partner making the most effort. We're the ones expected to make the first move, maintain the relationship, treat the other and do most of the acts of kindness which gets exhausting for men. I for one would love to see a world where more women are not afraid to make the first move, treat their male partner to dinner and even be the one who proposes marriage. The issue of "deadbeat dads" being given more exposure than that of "deadbeat mothers". The issue should be openly portrayed as "deadbeat parents" as either parent can be the one failing the child. Poor parenting as a whole should be addressed. The stigma around men who enjoy caring for children. All too often is a man who wishes to offer childcare services subtly accused of somehow being a paedophile. Parents favour female carers because of this, when they should be able to choose the most capable carer regardless of gender. Being a male victim of domestic violence. Men can be too afraid to speak up as they face ridicule for being attacked by a woman. If they do speak up, it can often be replied with "you probably deserved it". Should they attempt to physically defend themselves (as is their legal right), they risk a legal bias against them and further contempt in society for hitting a woman. That brings me on to my next issue - self-defence. It's never okay to hit a woman? In self-defence it is. Yet men who exercise this right when attacked by any woman face hatred in society. I have personally witnessed males allow themselves to be attacked for fear of the repercussions of fighting back. Assault of any kind is not okay, and everyone has the right to defend themselves - male or female. Male health issues such as testicular cancer. Being a male in a predominately female university. Many find being the only male in their seminar to be somewhat intimidating. The fact that too many people believe men can walk down the street at night “without any fear”. Not true. Men face the same fear, but because of this ignorant belief they are reluctant to show it. And if they are the victims of violent crime, too many people assume they should have somehow been able to defend themselves. Not all men are capable of this. And perhaps the most relevant issue to the university's current situation - The ignorant belief that speaking up for men's rights is "unnecessary" as men "don't face enough issues", as well as the ridicule and accusations of sexism when all we want is equality. Case in point, the attitude against this society itself shows the need for this society. These issues are but to name a few. Can you come up with a longer list of issues faced by other groups? Probably. But the right to have a voice and have your issues spoken up about is not some competition whereby those who suffer less forfeit all rights to speak. All issues faced by all groups deserve a voice. Too often I have heard people say our university doesn’t need this as men have other outlets of support. ALL groups have other outlets of support – by that logic all liberation reps are redundant. Also, another issue I have heard thrown around is that having this society somehow “trivialises” the issues of other groups. This to me implies men’s views are seen as “ridiculous” – something I find both concerning and somewhat disgusting (and highlights the need for this society). Like I said, this is not a competition – and speaking up for the rights of one group can only have an effect on the rights of another if a conscious effort is made to do so. And that is not what we want. We favour TOTAL equality for all. We’re all feminists here, and we all support the rights and efforts of every group. Anyone who doesn’t has no place here. Don’t somehow assume that we will “lessen” the voice of the struggles of others, as we gladly devote effort to support their rights in equal measure to supporting our own. If you think I’m talking nonsense, I point you to the precedence for this in our own university; our female rep has spoken out equally for the rights of men and women (and many other groups for that matter). We can all do this, and we should do this. This one more voice for men is one more voice for women, ethnic minorities, the disabled, the LGBTQ community and just about any other group you care to name. We would be hypocrites if we didn’t do this. So if anyone wishes to claim we exist for anything other than equality, then I frankly question whether they are in any position to speak about equality.

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