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A radically new line of full synthetic lubricant additives that dramatically reduce friction, heat and mechanical wear to an extent never before seen. A New Era of Lubrication The Chairman and Founder of BestLine International Research Inc., Mr. Ronald J. Sloan, worked, researched and consulted for many years on both non-synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricant formulations. He worked with an associate and friend, the late Mr. Warren V. Prince, P.E., a professor of engineering at UCLA. After Mr. Prince's passing, Mr. Sloan, then, semi-retired to international lubrication consulting, maintained a creative interest in the development of a fully synthetic energy conserving lubricant additive. During this time, an associate from one of the major oil companies contacted Mr. Sloan about a new "High VI" base oil that is made using a process called "hydrolsomerization." This process produces pharmaceutical grade oil that is 99.9% pure. After a number of years of formulating and testing with this new oil, in January of 2005, BestLine International Research, Inc., was founded and patent applications were filed. Since its incorporation, BestLine has developed a new line of full synthetic lubricants and lubricant additives that dramatically reduce friction, heat and mechanical wear to an extent never before seen or tested. BestLine refers to its proprietary technology as "Micro Lubrication Technology, (TM)" or "MLT." In support of its products, the company is proud to state that: Credentials: BestLine has been granted a license from the American Petroleum Institute (API) to produce and sell its own energy conserving motor oils. This license was granted because of the rigorous third party testing that has been performed on BestLine's products. Both BestLine's Diesel Fuel Treatment and BestLine's Gasoline Conditioner have been registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This registration proves that the EPA has reviewed all the components of these fuel additives and found, from an environmental point of view, that the components are compliant to the most recent EPA standards. (Note - there is no similar registration process for BestLine's other products.) BestLine supports the monitoring and review of its test data by the American Chemistry Council of Arlington, VA. On the 29th of August 2005 BestLine successfully passed an industry accepted "Sequence VIB" test at South West Research Institute in San Antonio Texas. The tests of BestLine's products were monitored and registered with The American Chemistry Council and the American Petroleum Institute (API). On the 4th of October 2005, BestLine successfully passed a Sequence VIBSJ at Southwest Research Institute. On the 24 March 2006 BestLine successfully passed the industry accepted "Sequence VIII" test at Intertek Automotive Research (formally EG&G - Perkin Elmer) also in San Antonio Texas. On the 8th of September, 2006, BestLine completed the HFRR (High Frequency Reciprocating Rig) Test, performed at Intertek Caleb Brett, at their California laboratory which demonstrated that BestLine's Diesel Fuel Treatment, when added to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel, was able to reduce wear by over 25% from what is deemed acceptable to use ULSD in 2006 or older diesel engines. BestLine has completed a number of third party non-bias Beta tests, involving racecars, passenger cars, Class 8 trucks, locomotives, etc., all with outstanding results. BestLine will continue to formulate, blend and package its products at an Ohio production facility. BestLine is dedicated to producing a full line of energy conserving products for the consumer and industry alike.

BestLine Superior Lubricants
8301 Belvedere Ave, Ste 100
Sacramento , CA 95826
United States
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Industrial applications BestLine's MLT Lubricants encompass formulas for multi-grade engine oils, oil fortifiers and additives, transmission/gear lubricants, fuel conditioners for gasoline and diesel engines, gun oil, in addition to all-purpose lubricants. Designed for industrial, heavy marine, military, agricultural, railroad and automotive uses; however, there are many formulations that can be used in ANY application where metal meets metal. Active components BestLine is a synthetic lubricant formulated with the benefit of the blending of Group III (Hydro-treated base oil which 99.9% pure) and Group IV (PAOs) which takes normal lubrication a step further, in that it not only has a superior film strength but also appears to impregnate the steel itself at its friction surfaces, metallurgically. Sustainability Environmentally Friendly and Low Toxicity Components Not subject to unfavorable regulation Free of polluting particles Physics behind Bestline's MLT lubricant has the unique property of using ionically charged molecules that are smaller than the metallic asperities. These molecules stick so closely to the metallic surface that when deformative friction happens the surface it self gets its asperities flattened without causing any wear. For more information please read the abstract from: - SINTEF LABORATORIES, VOL. I and II, "Testing of BestLine Products and Lubricants", Report No. STF 18F87006 Credentials BestLine surpassed industry requirements during the most rigorous tests performed by well renowned labs like Intertek and Southwest Research Institute. The tests were monitored by and registered with the American Chemistry Council and the American Petroleum Institute.

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