Blissborn Birth Hypnosis: You're built for a better birth.

at PO Box 3914, Albuquerque, 87190 United States

Find your beautiful birth at! Blissborn childbirth classes are the most comprehensive available. Learn how to minimize pain and fear during labor and birth with hypnosis. Get a shorter labor, sense of control, and a calmer baby.

Blissborn Birth Hypnosis: You're built for a better birth.
PO Box 3914
Albuquerque , NM 87190
United States
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P: (877) 452-5477


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Get clear on your birth goals Discover what may be standing between you and your perfect birth Release your fears in five easy steps Control or eliminate pain naturally with hypnosis Create a blueprint in your mind and body for the birth you dream of Plan the first moments, hours and months with your new baby Learn what to do (and what not to do) if the unexpected happens in labor

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Tuesday Testimonial: "The hypnosis really helped me through labor. I was surprised how relaxed I was during the early and active phase . . . I think I even fell asleep once during the early phase while listening to one of the tapes . . . It was like taking a break for 20 minutes and I could hear people say that I didn't notice several large contractions." - Kate and Jeff, Blissborn users

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Tuesday Testimonial: "[The class] helped me to find a place of deep relaxation during labor. I was able to focus on being calm and relaxed using the techniques I learned in class and birthed my first baby in six hours! The affirmation 'birthing is easier than I thought' not only kept me going during labor - it summarizes my amazing experience!" -Shakti and Kevin

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Tuesday Testimonial: "One of the best things Blissborn did for us was help us get into labor. A week overdue, I started using the hypnosis techniques to go into labor and that evening it worked! Going into labor naturally and without induction can make all the difference and I'm so glad I was able to use this technique."-Ashley & August Delarue

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Now you know! Q: Is it harder for a smart person to be hypnotized? A: Just the opposite! Intelligent and creative people are usually easier to hypnotize because they already have experience controlling their own minds. However, if a person chooses to resist, they will not go into hypnosis. This is usually a sign of fear, rather than strength. And fear can be resolved with education about what hypnosis is all about.

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Throwback Thursday: What was your biggest surprise about giving birth? (One of ours - how quickly you forget the details of this momentous occasion!)

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Did you know Blissborn gives mama's partner a very clear role? "I would highly encourage any couple that is expecting to take this class. It gave my husband a role in the birthing process, a way to be helpful and keep the process moving smoothly. I would also recommend practicing every day no matter how busy you are because you will feel so much better afterwards as well." -A. and B. M.