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Bradley Shaw Marketing has worked with all variations of business industries and entities from International and National Major Corporations with success!

Bradley Shaw Marketing
1 Smythe st
Ballarat , VIC 3350
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“Inspiring and insightful; A company of ideas and solution focus without all the gibberish and Ra-Ra of marketing so predominant today.” Adam, restaurant owner “Worth every cent – the workshops are worth every cent and the one-on-one coaching sessions really harnessed the results of the program.” David, retail Franchisee owner “I built a platform for a business and designed a complete and profitable business within 3 workshops and four sessions with Brad. They are a gold mine of knowledge and definite affordability..!” Daniel, Director, IT Company. “I discovered more about great sales in one evening with Brad than I did in 6 years of business…” – Jo, Director - Kaizen Coaching “Thanks so much for worthwhile training - I used some of the techniques you talked about with a potential client and had great results. I felt that you were able to make the information really practical and oriented to my business. The information was relevant and you presented it in an informative/entertaining/variable way so that my attention was focused the whole way. I liked your opening question - Which helped centre and ground us as a group. You truly know your stuff! Thank you for your help…” - Kath, Life coach & Psychologist “Brad has been an awesome influence to my career. His inspiration, motivation and knowledge are highly infectious but more importantly provided instant results…” - Grant, Sales Manager, Marketing Agency “…He is the most amazing coach. He gave me more than I could imagine and was always there with the solution and the encouragement I needed to get my business set up and heading into the future I hadn’t before imagined…” – Geoff, Personal trainer – Fitness instructor “…Brad explained everything in great detail and helped me to better understand what I really wanted out of life. He has amazing confidence and knowledge. His advice and creativity towards business really generated opportunities I hadn’t considered”- Clayton, Sales Manager, Manufacturing industry “The course I attended was fantastic. It was tailored specifically to the groups' personal and business needs. Brad is an excellent presenter- very good at conveying his wealth of knowledge in this area…” Elena, Life Coach “Brad’s training and coaching made me not only a greater sales person in Media but a greater balanced person. I quickly achieved top sales person for the first half of the year and never having sold anything before in this competitive market or medium, I know most of the credit goes to Brad’s undying passion and inspirational advice and guidance…” Kim, Sales Manager “He made sense from the simple truths to practical approach and results just naturally followed. He has a great understanding of our industry and the pressures involved to make things happen, and he really spent a lot of time to make sure things worked for us…” Gareth, Restaurant Owner “I offered him a full time job training my Recruitment team in Brisbane as they were no where as gifted as he was in sales. He would be on the phone for an hour and have 12 appointments and 6 jobs booked in the system. He had to move back to Sydney at the time though. He is still a great associate and helps with advice anytime I need it. He is gifted and infused with vibrancy…” Jan, Owner Recruitment Agency “The program was excellent. I learned more in one day from Brad, than I have learned from the many other development courses that I have attended over the years, all put together. The training was personalized to suit me, and the unique issues concerning the industry I work in. Brad's approach is practical, and works in the real world - not just the usual textbook theory. As a presenter, Brad is vibrant and energetic, and always had a simple solution or technique for every sales problem or objection I could throw at him! Definitely worthwhile, and I will be looking to have Brad put together a sales program for the rest of my team. The follow-up help Brad provides with the program is invaluable…” Sandi, Marketing Manager, International Airline “…Brad is a very passionate professional and very knowledgeable in his campaigning of life, love and sales. He was an asset to the sales team through his sales ability, and additionally his dedication to the development of our sales training course and manuals. He wrote and implemented a comprehensive training program that has continued to be valuable for all new sales personnel and has been incorporated into our overseas distributor education program. Brad’s extensive sales knowledge and outstanding customer relations would be an asset to any business and his programs are extremely worthwhile and conclusive in achieving your expectations.” Helen, IT company Director “If you are considering utilizing Brad’s coaching and business consulting and especially his sales training expertise, I cannot recommend him highly enough. In the past three months I have undergone coaching and training with Brad and it has given me more confidence and focus on developing my business concept, Future Youth, to the point where I am now bringing together many different professionals to assist me with launching it. I am certain, knowing that I have access to Brad ongoing, that I can deliver my passion with the levels of expertise and professionalism that Brad has helped reinforce within me. Especially with the sales structure he has given my team and me.” Craig, Educational Director

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