A beer tasting group situated in Calgary, AB. Creating beer enthusiasts, one meeting at a time.


Calgary , AB


We are a growing group of beer enthusiasts and new comers, learning about the variety of craft beer at our finger tips. We meet monthly, with each member bringing 1-2 bottles of something new and different to share. We sample, rate and rank what people bring, photo documenting it all on our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Find us on Instagram and Twitter as @Brewbrohookup Also don't forget to tag any Twitter/Instagram posts with #brewbrohookup

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Thanks everyone for coming out to our first Beer Style Meeting! I hope you all had a good time and learned a little about Pale Ales. Cheers! -N

Published on 2015-08-10 14:53:57 GMT

It's National IPA Day tomorrow, August 6th! What will you all be drinking?? Send me a picture with the hashtag #bbhipaday

Published on 2015-08-05 17:52:41 GMT

Had a great tour and tasting at Village Brewery! Thanks everyone for coming out for the tour. We won't be having a BBH meeting this month as I don't want to take up another weekend for everyone, but we will have one in August. The August meeting will be a single style overview, so no need to bring anything to share unless you want to :) Stay tuned for details! - Nick

Published on 2015-07-19 14:53:17 GMT

**Brewbrohookup News** Hey everyone! First off a big thank you to Blake and Rachel for hosting us for the last meeting, cheers guys! So for those who couldn't make it to the last meeting I thought I would address the changes I've made to our group. Originally I had the setup of bbh as a rate and rank system. The personal rating was so everyone would critically analyze each beer, and determine what they liked and why they did. Traditional beer rating is more in depth and complicated then what we have been doing. The ranking was just for fun to see what the group enjoyed the most. The downside to ranking our beers is that sometimes people would bring a beer in the hopes it would "win". This wasn't what I was aiming for when creating this group. As I feel most of you have developed enough of a palate to know what you like, and to pull the group toward more of a sharing system we will henceforth be doing strictly bottle sharing! Ideally everyone will continue finding fun, exciting and different styles of beers to share, as usual, but we just won't bother with rating or ranking them. I'd like to see everyone "show & tell" their beers, but that's perfectly fine if you'd rather me do it too! This summer and into the fall I'll be setting up a brewery tour each month for us to attend. Until we tap out our local breweries, then maybe expand outside of calgary? Also every other month starting with the July meeting I'll setup a specific beer style bbh meeting. Where I will pickup beers that are both good and bad examples of a certain style for everyone to try. At least until our bbh money runs out haha. So that's about it! Any questions or comments please don't hesitate to ask me. Also is anyone interested in doing some boring data entry for our beer list? I have quite a few months of backlog to get inputed. =p Cheers! Nick R.

Published on 2015-06-25 01:31:27 GMT

Big shout out to everyone in the group who helped share our Beerfest discount code! I received the cheque in the mail today and we made an amazing $300.00! Now excuse me as I goto my local beerstore. All joking aside, thanks again for helping to raise money for your beer group. To those who did not help in sharing the code, shameshame. haha. Just think how much money we could potentially have made if everyone was actively sharing our code across all media formats and in person! We can try during Oktoberfest as well, though I imagine the numbers would be much lower. Beerfest next year I think we should try to beat these numbers and see how much we can make. So on to the uses for this money! I'll let the group decide but here are some ideas: Tastings! I use some of it to have specific style tastings for the group, I'll pick up some good representations of a style and we spend the night learning and trying! Website! To cover the minimal hosting cost and to build a .com/.ca where the group and others can congregate and get all their BBH info in one spot. Brewery Tours! We pick a couple local breweries and this covers the cost of our tours! OR We can spend the whole thing in one drunken night of CraftBeer Debauchery. What say you BrewBros and BrewBabes? -Nick

Published on 2015-05-12 22:38:57 GMT

Hey everyone! So I've been rather busy the last few weeks and haven't lined up this months meeting yet. Anyone like to host this month?

Published on 2015-05-12 22:20:43 GMT

Upcoming Beer Events in Calgary Friday March 13 - Sour & Funk Beer Festival at Beer Revolution - Seven Breweries have sour and funky beer for you to try. Go try some brettanomyces. Wednesday March 18 - Brewmaster's Dinner at CRAFT - Brewmaster's Dinner featuring Goose Island Co. beers Thursday March 19 - CPO Craft Beer Night at Willowpark Wine & Spirits - Your chance to experience artisan beer and gourmet cuisine! Saturday March 21 - Dieu du Ciel Beer Pairing Dinner at National - Jean-Francois Gravel & Stephane Ostiguy of Dieu du Ciel brewery will be there. Tickets through Co-op Wine Spirits Beer. Thursday March 24 - Beer Academy at Willowpark Wine & Spirits - Has Nick taught you nothing!? A three-week program designed to increase your knowledge, palate and passion for one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated beverages. Thursday April 16 - Parallel 49 Brewing Company's Brews Brothers at Beer Revolution - Twelve Breweries created 12 collaboration brews with Parallel 49 and they will have them all on tap!