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Explore new thinking, strategies and opportunities to create a world that supports children to learn, grow and realize their unique and unlimited potential. We see every child able to reach for the stars empowered by the love, certainty, confidence and support from those entrusted with their care and growth.

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Canberra based consultancy offering workshops and one-on-one breakthrough sessions for parents and educators. Equipping you with a new approach and communication skills to overcome child behavioural issues, and nurture the growth and individual development you want for your children, with less fuss and more fun and engagement.

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What do your kids see when you first enter a room? Do your eyes light up with excitement to see them? Or disapproving eyes as you observe their state of dress and mess? I know you know what I'm getting at! x

Published on 2014-09-05 08:20:25 GMT

Sometimes all they want is to be heard and understood. Not necessarily for you to agree. Sometimes that alone is enough.

Published on 2014-09-03 08:34:46 GMT

There is nothing that slows a child down faster than the words 'hurry up' - parentnormal But did you know it could be resolved in many cases by as quickly as getting down on their level and really connecting with them - a hug or loving words for example?

Published on 2014-08-20 09:20:32 GMT

The faster way to close the gap between you and your child is laughter. So don't afraid to be silly and playful with your little ones and check out whatever it is your teen is laughing about on u-tube!

Published on 2014-08-14 08:20:58 GMT

'Witching hour'. My kids are not immune to it. We as carers have to keep calm, be compassionate and put words to help them understand why they are feeling that way and how you'll address it together. Yelling and having a meltdown ourselves just exacerbates witching hour. Good luck!

Published on 2014-08-05 08:16:01 GMT

We have one of those annoying noisy trucks where you are supposed to slot the 'recycling' (flat bits of colourful plastic) into a hole like a money box, on the top of it. My 1 year old, having issues lining it all up just opened the back of the truck and placed them inside. I love her thinking outside the box. My first compulsion was to correct her. But the reality was she achieved the objective and so instead of correcting her I congratulated her on finding a way. Remember that your way isn't always the only way!

Published on 2014-07-30 09:20:14 GMT

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Wouldn’t it be a relief to have a Parent’s Manual to follow that would ensure your success as a parent, to help you experience the real joys of parenting in a thriving family environment, to guide you through the challenges and to validate that you are doing a great job raising your children as you watch them grow and develop into confident, happy individuals.
Unfortunately, there is no such instruction manual and right now you might be experiencing anger, frustration, or be ‘at your wits end’.
Perhaps you’re feeling unlike yourself, tired of the constant power struggles, and exhausted because your kids just won’t listen to you.
Are you concerned that you’re perhaps not cut out for being a parent, that whatever you say or do just seems to make things worse and as a result you’re not seeing your child’s development coming along as it should?
The reality is you are doing the best you can with what you have, like the many mothers and fathers before you who have survived the terrible twos, trying teenagers and all the trials and tribulations in between.
We have high expectations of what life should be raising children and no one can ever prepare us for becoming a parent.
Those around us provide well intentioned advice in what to think and how to do it but for all the challenges we face there is no ‘right’ answer or blanket, ‘one size fits all’ solution to raising our children.
You will have to decide what is going to work for your family, after all it is you who knows them best and you who will live with the consequences of your parenting!
At Bringing Out Their Best we will not tell you WHAT to think and do in your parenting, but show you HOW to think … allowing you to consciously choose your language and behaviour to nurture more desired behaviour from your children.
You will have more choice in how you respond and influence the way you and your child or children relate to one another.
Our programs are designed to empower parents using a combination of tools and strategies from Neuro-Linguistic Programming, behavioural profiling, new and emerging scientific study of the adolescent brain and thought leaders in the personal development movement, in simple step by step techniques that every parent can apply.
This approach equips parents with an array of skills they can draw upon to support their child in overcoming their challenges and encouraging positive growing behaviours.
We recognize that every parent child relationship is unique and what works for you and your child today may not work tomorrow.
That is why our focus is to provide you with choices and options to put in your parenting toolkit so you can pull out what you need when you need it.
With Bringing Out Their Best you will learn new language patterns and ways to approach your child that will have them responding with less fuss whilst still feeling empowered.
What you discover with Bringing Out Their Best will be enable to do so much more as a parent than you first imagined.
Your understanding of people, language and behaviour will allow you to positively influence the many people in your life, children and adults alike.
It will not only bring out the best in children … it will bring out the best in you too.
Let us inspire and empower you as you tackle the greatest challenge life affords, creating massive sustainable change and giving your children one of life’s greatest gifts … the confidence to achieve their own unlimited potential, with their own unique character in their own special way.