Brushworks Slick Sixes

at Unit 2/50 Northlink Place Virginia, Brisbane, 4014 Australia

A workshop dedicated to the humble Holden V6.

Brushworks Slick Sixes
Unit 2/50 Northlink Place Virginia
Brisbane , QLD 4014
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P: 07 3266 9333


Brushworks Slick Sixes is a small work shop dedicated to the humble Holden V6. Brushworks is your one stop shop for engine conversions, engine builds, supercharger and turbo setups as well as suspension and brake upgrades. Full Kalmaker tuning services are available as well as after market ECU fitting and tuning. We also do fuel system conversions for E85 upgrades.

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Tip of the day. When re-gapping plugs to a smaller gap, have a look for the same plug with a smaller gap to begin with. If you are chasing a .8mm gap do not start with a 1.5mm gaped plug, this will just lay the electrode over and can cause the plug to misfire and wear out prematurely. For the boosted V6's a lot of us run .8mm, so instead of buying BPR6EFS15, just get the BPR6EFS which is .7mm out of the box and open the gap by .1mm

Published on 2014-12-10 04:09:13 GMT

For anyone that runs a flash style ECU and wants to supercharge or turbo charge without the hassle of using the flash PCM. We now offer a nice and simple conversion that allows us to use the L67 VT to VY ECU. This allows us to use N/A software for those who may want to build a nice grumpy N/A engine or we can offer 2 or 3 bar MAP solutions as well for those lovely forced induction setups. Using the L67 PCM/ECU allows you to retain all the dash functionality as well as keeping the sequential injection. If you have any questions hit me up!!!

Published on 2014-11-19 01:31:51 GMT

Well we had Ant Bon Vp SC14 fed Buick on the rollers today. Was all starting to look good until the clutch had a whinge to its union and the union said enough is enough and the prick just up and quit on us. Before the clutch went we were up around the 250rwhp mark.......... Stay tuned......................

Published on 2014-11-11 10:22:47 GMT

Well has been a great short break. Monday will be back at the grind stone for a few more weeks!

Published on 2015-01-04 04:24:36 GMT

Another tip of the day for the L67 owners. If you are running the stock fuel rails and using extenders on them, once fitted up, check for vacuum leaks around the base of the injector. Have had a few cars running this setup lately and everyone of them have had vacuum leaks around at least one injector. It is easy to check. Just spray a small amount of water at the base and if you see it disappear, then you have a leak that needs to be fixed!

Published on 2014-12-20 00:52:59 GMT

Sorry I have been super slack and not getting many updates up but I will hopefully get some free time and upload some pictures of a few builds that are underway and some more dyno sheets and hopefully some videos as well. Stay tuned!

Published on 2015-04-02 08:35:34 GMT

Brushworks will be closed from the 25th of January until the 16th of February. I will be checking messages every now and then, but that's about it!!!!!!

Published on 2015-01-23 05:31:10 GMT

This weeks topic, Wide band O2 sensors. These to me are such a cheap item to have, and potentially can save you an engine. Yet so many that have spent a lot of $$$$ on go fast bits and tunes fail to fit and utilize a wide band setup. Not only can you monitor the fuel trims yourself under loaded acceleration and light throttle, Your tuner can also use these to get the fuel trims nice and accurate for light throttle and for cruise modes whilst road tuning, which in turn will return you a better economy rate. Most good kits now are around $200.00 and do not take a degree in rocketry to fit them. If you are looking for a good kit make sure that they use a heated O2 sensor and have a digital read out, also make sure that they are compatible for the type of fuel that you are going to use.

Published on 2015-01-08 02:31:20 GMT

Well you have to give credit where credit is due. After have the Christmas period off work, the trusty old VR work hack just sat around in the rain for 12 days. It has developed a leak somewhere on the passenger side that now fills the passenger side sill with water. I got in the ute the other morning hit the key, got to the end of my street, braked for the corner, heard this loud sloshing noise followed by the car dying. Looked down to the passenger floor and there has water everywhere. A lot of water, about a inch and a half!!!. Seeing I had been lazy last time I had the utes ECU out for some playing I had left it sitting on the passenger side floor. Well short story, the ECU was now getting its first bath!!. Unplugged the ECU and blew it out and left it sit in the sun for 10 minutes while I investigated where the water came from. Could not find the source of the water, so pulled the drain plug in the floor and let the water out. Plugged the ECU back in, hit the key and presto she fired straight up!! Put the ECU back on the floor and off I went. Got to the end of the next street had to stop, heard the same sloshing noise and the motor died again!!! Got to see the water pouring in from the area where normally the ECU would be sitting. So found the bung in the sill and pulled it out. It seemed to take forever for all the water to drain and made its way a fair way down the street. Let the ECU dry out in the sun again for about 10 minutes. Plugged it back in and again, she fired up straight away!! You have to hand it to DELCO for making a ECU that can be drowned twice whilst operating and still work perfectly after drying out!!!

Published on 2015-01-06 02:59:42 GMT

Bit of a busy week ahead. Got a VS L67 A2A Stato in for XPZ cam install, MLS gaskets and a bit of tiding up as well as a E85 tune!! Should be a fun one to drive seeing it has a T5 behind it!! Stay tuned for some final figures!!!

Published on 2014-08-26 00:56:07 GMT

Well, have a nice little VS L67 in for some tune prep work this week. Owner wanted to go for E85 to be able to extract some more ponies from his setup. Nice A2A, 85mm TB had some head work and a XP hot cam. Owner decided to put A E85 intank pump in. All went well for a couple of hours, then the pump started making some weird noises and the pressure dropped to 20PSI, so no more tuning. Pump was a Cobra Tech E85 400Lph pump. Up until today, I didn't even know there was a pump called a Cobra Tech!!! So be warned you only get what you pay for. He paid $80.00 new and he got 2 hours runtime.............. Moral of the story, DON'T SKIMP on parts!!

Published on 2014-08-08 00:44:32 GMT

Hey all. This is an open group for everything V6 orientated. Abuse and idiots will not be tolerated at all. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!! Brushworks Slick Sixes is a small work shop dedicated to the humble Holden V6. Brushworks is your one stop shop for engine conversions, engine builds, supercharger and turbo setups as well as suspension and brake upgrades. Full Kalmaker tuning services are available as well as after market ECU fitting and tuning. We also do fuel system conversions for E85 upgrades.

Published on 2014-07-08 00:24:38 GMT

Well I am doing a second run of cam shafts next week for anyone that is interested. I only order 5 at a time to keep the price at a reasonable level. If you are looking for a cam for a L67, then I think I have a bump stick that should put a smile on your face!!! $550.00 These are a true billet cam....

Published on 2015-07-30 21:24:20 GMT

Sorry to any one that has been trying to message me on here lately, been under the pump something fierce lately. The best way to get hold of me at the moment is to give me a call, the number is listed on the left hand side of the page. Will be doing some updates in the next week or so on the blowers and the new cam shaft that I now have.

Published on 2015-07-30 21:22:06 GMT

More excitement!!! Got sent some pictures of the progress of the new blower mods. Starting to take shape!! Should have one here for final porting before it goes back to be, well reassembled.....

Published on 2015-05-06 23:08:13 GMT

Well getting a little excited!!!! Tighe Cams have come up with a new grind for the L67. Should hopefully have one or two in my hands in the next week or two!!!

Published on 2015-05-06 23:06:25 GMT

Well a few new bits are getting closer to being finished. If all goes well our new prototype ver 1 M90 should be up and running in the next few weeks. It has gone from the drawing board to having the tooling ordered and the new fabrication under way. hopefully I will have some test results in the not to distant future. I will also have a new cam available soon for the L67, if all goes to plan I am hoping that it will out perform what is currently available. Will keep you all posted as things get closer !!!!!