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Cool story about how our movement comes from footwork: Shihan Andrew Young Soke Training Experience Jewel "How's your nose?" (Hatsumi Soke: 28/10/1994 During this training practice my nose received a cut from Hatsumi Sensei. The theme for that year was "yari"- spear. The cut lead one drop of blood. And only one drop of blood. The following from my training notes and further discussions with Hatsumi Sensei goes as following: ME: I wasn't aware I'd been cut. I knew it was close only when the "yari" (spear) swung into my peripheral vision and exited across my eyes and cut me. I could'nt see it of course. SENSEI: yes, the attack must come from a hidden position. ME: If the attack was initiated from the upper part of the body may be be I could have seen it. SENSEI: Yes, this is what I keep telling people. The movement comes from the lower half of the body. You didn't see the the movement of my knees did you? ME: No Sensei, it was out of line of my sight. SENSEI: That's why legs are so so important. They are usually out of line of the opponent's sight. Any movement that is initiated in the upper body, your opponent will see. Notes taken from my personal diary/ training notes: 28/10/1994 Please note that this episode was videoed and recorded by a good friend of mine from Sweden.

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