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Hi Everyone Just a quick one to let you know that Pathfinders are having an end of year breakup tommorow SUNDAY afternoon at the esplanade near the pool at 4pm. Families are most welcome to attend. Please bring either a plate of food or something you might like to cook on a bbq. We'll see you then. Once again congratulations to all Pathfinders on your investiture today. Blessings Brendan

Published on 2014-11-29 10:05:53 GMT

Camporee is around the corner! Make sure you have ticked off your checklists. Meet at the airport at 1:15pm on Monday the 5th Jan to finish organising luggage and arrange flight seats, remember each family was asked to allocate baggage in order to carry a tent with them. The tents will be at the airport at 1:15 unless families wish to pick up their tent at Church on 3rd Jan (Sabbath morning) from Brendan. To bring: Tent Hat Drink bottle Plastic plate and bowl Cutlery Sleeping bag and pillow Toiletries Plastic bag for dirty clothes Full dress uniform Field uniform And black shorts 2x wet clothes 4x dry clothes (4x black shorts) Warm pyjamas Insect repellant (Club will provide sun screen) Pathfinder director will meet you at the Brisbane Airport to drive you to the host church!

Published on 2014-12-30 07:36:26 GMT

Pathfinders SUNDAY 23rd 9am-3pm Supervisor: Martha Sou Finish last pursuit Finish Word processing honour Memory gem Exam (6 or 8 memory verses) Finalise journals for investiture This is our last Pathfinder meeting. We have investiture on the 29th November!

Published on 2014-11-21 23:16:51 GMT

Everyone should have the calendar by now but just a reminder... What: Pathfinder meeting Where: Church When: Sunday - 9am-3pm Wear: Field uniform Who: Every Pathfinder who wants to invest on the 29th November Investiture is coming up so I need to see everyone at church on Sunday for our book work catchup meeting. Noone has finished their books yet and we have to complete one more pursuit for the community. Those who do not finish their books and learn their memory verses for our test next week will not be invested. For those who want to invest in advanced. The waterfall honour will be held straight after Kurranda church service at the Barron Gorge. Hannah Tini, Godiva Uelese, Daniel Wilson and Lauren Bond.

Published on 2014-11-14 09:23:42 GMT

Camporee update! Keep in mind. It is very cold at night. Strong winds and a high chance of heavy rain. During the day it is very hot in the scorching sun. There mud and water activities throughout the week and enclosed shoes must be worn. Please pack accordingly.

Published on 2015-01-03 23:37:22 GMT

Hey Pathfinders, I hope everyone enjoyed the sleep over camp. Next meeting: Sunday 7th Sept Where: Church Oval When: 9am-3pm Wear: Field Uniform The Club has been fully reinstated so Camporee is a go ahead. The Camporee deadline is coming up so make sure that your forms (In Church Foyer) and money ($220) is handed in on time otherwise you will miss out!

Published on 2014-09-02 04:36:28 GMT

New TO BRING LIST: $8 to cover cost of food. (Dinner, Lunch, Brekki) 2-3 pairs of clothes Torch Water bottle Sleeping bag Pillow Toiletries Jumper An exercise book Pen Sunscreen Insect repellent

Published on 2014-08-26 01:45:07 GMT

Hey Pathfinders, This Saturday night we will be having a Church sleep over night. Cost: $8 per person to cover food. We will start pitching tents at 6:30pm after a closing Sabbath prayer and parents can pick up Sunday 3pm. This sleep over will add 21hours to your time requirement. So if you do not attend then you can not afford to miss many other meetings for the rest of the year to be invested.

Published on 2014-08-26 01:28:54 GMT

Hey Pathfinder parents, There will be a parents meeting at 3pm on Sunday after our meeting to discuss the October camp. We are mainly interested in where the parents are interested in camping. There will also be a camp food and menu meeting with the Pathfinder mothers straight after the parents meeting. Have a great day xx blessings

Published on 2014-08-22 05:38:52 GMT

Cairns Pathfinders Pursuit Roster – Parents and leaders A big thank you to all the parents who nominated themselves to organise a pursuit.This is only a draft copy. Please contact me if you have any concerns, 0450772421 16TH AUGUST - Saturday Night Gratitude Ceremony Tyneal - Thankyou Community 17TH AUGUST - Sunday Emmanual - Doctor Doctor! #1 Tyneal - Doctor Doctor! #2 Georgina - Doctor Doctor! #3 24TH AUGUST - Sunday Tyneal - Doctor Doctor! #4 Anne - Doctor Doctor! #5 Chris - Doctor Doctor! #6 30TH AUGUST - Saturday Night at the Church sleep over Tyneal - Camping Logbook 31ST AUGUST - Sunday after the Church sleep over TBA - Challenge Hike 7th SEPTEMBER TBA - Being Filled Brendan - March 8 9 10! Community Brendan - March 2 3 4! Community 4TH OCTOBER - Sabbath day at the Camp TBA Marion - Crossword Dion - Bible Baseball 12TH OCTOBER - Sunday at the Park in Earlville opposite KFC Leoni - Caught in the Crossfire Chris - The Machine 25TH OCTOBER - Saturday Night at Church sleep over Tsekiso - Bad Hair Night 26TH OCTOBER - Sunday after the Church sleep over Brendan - Angel War! Leoni - Operation: Freddo TBA - Operation: Secret Mission

Published on 2014-08-19 14:26:19 GMT

Hey Pathfinders, don't forget that we have a Pathfinder meeting this week. Spread the word. When: Sunday 24th August Time: 9am-3pm Where: Church Oval Wear: Field Uniform (Don't forget your hat) Bring: Lunch Also keep in mind that we are sleeping at the Church in tents on the Oval on Saturday the 30th. For more info, grab a calendar in the foyer/at the meeting.

Published on 2014-08-19 06:53:57 GMT

Don't forget Pathfinders today (Sunday) 9am-3pm on the oval at the church. We will be competing a few of the Doctor pursuits. Be there or be square. Remember your field uniforms. Bring your black honours booklets too. Blessings!

Published on 2014-08-16 22:22:51 GMT

Hi Pathfinders, Don't forget that we have our Gratitude Ceremony this Saturday Night at 6:30pm. We also ask that all parents look at the teaching program that will be in the foyer and write down their names under a specific day/pursuit as discussed at our Parent meeting during last meeting. Pathfinders wear your full dress uniform and don't forget to remind your special guest to come along!

Published on 2014-08-11 16:08:58 GMT

Welcome back Pathfinders! Pathfinders is back in action and for those who do not know, the Cairns Pathfinder Club was awarded an A+ at the Pathfinder Fair in June and came in 3rd place out of the entire Conference. So Congratulations to all those Pathfinders who were involved. There will be a Pathfinder meeting this Sabbath (Tonight) 6:30pm-8:30pm. Pathfinders will be preparing for the Induction/Gratitude Ceremony (16th of August) as well as completing certain requirements for investiture. This months calendar has been approved so make sure you grab a copy in the Church foyer along with Camporee forms, notices and announcements. Parents are also asked to stick round for a quick meeting at 6:30pm to discuss important information concerning the future planning.

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