Calgary Breastfeeding Partnership

Breastfeeding help with IBCLC's International Board Certified Lactation Consultants

Calgary Breastfeeding Partnership

Calgary , AB
Contact Phone
P: 403-771-4770 Mimi or 403-688-7955 Christine


CALGARY BREASTFEEDING PARTNERSHIP is the local affiliate for Alberta Independant Registered Lactation Consultants. Private practice International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) Registered Lactation Consultants (RLC) We are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, who are experienced in helping expectant, new, and experienced families meet their breastfeeding goals. We can be hired for prenatal classes for groups or individuals, we offer in-home or in-hospital care, and many of us offer a variety of pre-and post-natal packages. We know that breastfeeding help can't wait, so we offer prompt and accessible service for your family. We are often able to meet with families within 24-48 hours within initial contact. Beyond our services, what sets us apart is the peace of mind we can give your family knowing that you are working with qualified, professional, compassionate caregivers. We work in collaboration when needed for more difficult cases. We are registered and insured practitioners, bound by a code of ethics. We are each members of the Canadian Lactation Consultant Association, as well as the International Lactation Consultant Association. We attend workshops, conferences, and professional development opportunities on an ongoing basis to equip ourselves with the most current information and research to better serve our clients. IBCLCs empower women and save babies' lives! See how skilled IBCLC care differs from other breastfeeding help, at The Massachusetts Breastfeeding Coalition's Landscape of Breastfeeding Support: Please note: CLC is not a recognized credential in Canada. CLC=Certified Lactation Counsellor by Healthy Children USA

We're looking forward to seeing all the beautiful babes this morning at our bi-weekly Breastfeeding meeting. 10am til noon, see you there!

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