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Our 7th Annual Great Pumpkin Festival was a monstrously good time! HUGE thanks to everyone who attended and made it a success. If you couldn't join us, you can seek solace in the fact that a limited amount of special pumpkin beers from CBC and our guests will be on tap over the next few weeks. Tonight on tap we have Rogue's Chatoe Pumpkin Patch and Heavy Seas Great(er) Pumpkin, plus CBC's Brett Sematary, Valley Ghoul, Proximus Maximus, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Stout At The Devil, and more! Come on by and share the pumpkin love with us. And if you were at Great Pumpkin Festival, share your pics with us! Love, CBC

Published on 2014-10-27 22:18:25 GMT

CBC On Pay-To-Play Kudos to our friend and colleague Dann Paquette of Pretty Things for having the testicular fortitude to bring this whole issue up publicly. For the record his beers are top notch as is the integrity of his character, and his beers are without a doubt competitively and fairly priced. Hopefully what comes of this is the curtailing of this illicit practice and the subsequent leveling of the playing field for not only brewers and distributors but also the many publicans who never ask for favors. Pay To Play is nothing new, and it's against the law. It is something that many, many bar owners are involved in, but also many distributors and more than a few large brewers (and perhaps some small-to-medium ones). We cannot name names because there’s no way to show proof, but there are plenty of bars, distributors, and brewers who are known throughout the industry to engage in this practice. The problem with enforcing the law is that unless you’re wearing a wire you will not be able to show proof when someone asks you for $5,000 in an envelope in order for them to serve your beer, or asks for a new reach-in or walk-in cooler, or new tap line trunk and faucets, etc. in exchange for a “commitment.” But make no mistake, these inducements are illegal in the Commonwealth as well as under Federal law. Massachusetts ABCC 204-2.08: Inducements “No licensee shall give or permit to be given money or any other thing of substantial value in any effort to induce any person to persuade or influence any other person to purchase, or contract for the purchase of any particular brand or kind of alcoholic beverages, or to persuade or influence any person to refrain from purchasing, or contracting for the purchase of any particular brand or kind of alcoholic beverages.” We have indeed personally walked into Cambridge, Somerville, and Boston bars and been instructed on “the way these things work” by unscrupulous owners or bar managers. We have walked out in disgust. We never have and will never do business with these people. This is far outside the very limited amount of low-cost swag (coasters, glassware) that you may be legally allowed to give away. Alcohol is heavily restricted and legislated, and for good reason, but it’s a chicken-or-the-egg situation. Who was the first bar owner to ask for a deal, outside the realm of legally allowed volume discounts? Or was it a distributor making a private offer of 1-on-5 (one free keg for each five kegs purchased) or “help” with a new cooler? Or was it a large brewery with a huge marketing budget, instructing distributors or sending their own Sales Representatives into the field with marching orders to buy lines? We empathize with Dann’s frustration, because CBC is also no longer on tap at the bars Dann named. We were informed by our distributor (Craft Brewers Guild, same as Pretty Things and Mystic and many, many others) that a certain restaurant group was no longer carrying any beer from our distributor. The implication as to why is understood but to be totally honest and fair, we do not know exactly why nor do we know any specific details beyond second-hand allegations. In truth, there could also be many other reasons why a hospitality group would end a long-standing relationship with a distributor. Regardless, we choose to never do business with organizations that make such demands, even though it does affect our business. So what we will do is maintain our integrity and our dignity as a local small business, and we will continually refuse to ever be involved in any pay-to-play scenarios. Your friends, Phil and Will Cambridge Brewing Company

Published on 2014-10-16 17:41:25 GMT

Don't tell anyone, but Will is visiting our friends at Harpoon Brewery today and brewing a pilot batch collaboration Kissmeyer/Harpoon/CBC Nordic Saison! Cool!

Published on 2015-02-19 18:44:31 GMT

We're closed for lunch today, but will be open for dinner. After you dig yourself out, we'll be here for you at 4pm!

Published on 2015-02-09 16:45:24 GMT

We're closed for lunch today but will be open for dinner service at 4pm. See you then!

Published on 2015-02-02 16:01:26 GMT

Yesterday Earth Eagle Brewings in Portsmouth, NH, invited Cambridge Brewing Co up for a collaborative brew. This beer, called Echoes, is a 6%abv blonde beer with oats and buckwheat brewed with rose hips, yarrow, spikenard, and wild lettuce. Today at CBC we returned the favor and hosted Earth Eagle as well as the crew from Mystic Brewery. Our beer is a 5%abv deep Amber beer fermented with our house Belgian yeast. It features wine grape pomace, Hawthorne berries, sweet gale, coriander, and licorice root. It will be called Grandchester Meadows. On Thursday CBC and Earth Eagle will head over to Mystic Brewery for the third and final installment of our three-way Gruit collaboration. I'm confident it will also maintain the Pink Floyd theme when it comes time to pick a name. We are very pleased to announce that all of these beers will be tapped at our respective breweries in Feb 1, International Gruit Day!

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