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The MV Cannon is a 75ft Westcoaster charter vessel specialty built to work throughout the Northern Territory. The set up allows for guests to have everything needed for a week long venture and if fishing is slow in one location, simply move onto the next.

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TRIP REPORT: As we come towards the end of our run off season trips, the fishing has remained phenomenal on the barra front. After last weeks 121cm beast, guide Eric put his clients onto two massive fish, a 117cm beauty and a monstrous 123cm fish in two separate river systems. Not to mention a number of fish over 80cm and two in the high nineties. Good weather allowed us to have a few productive reef sessions where the clients caught big Golden Snapper, Coral Trout and Mackies. Off today for a short trip, so stay tuned for some more big fish to come!

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-06-13 05:25:23 GMT

Trip Report: Well what a trip we have just had, an excellent group of blokes who truly appreciated simply being in this magnificent part of the world. From bluewater to the rivers, some great fish came aboard, but none more meritorious than Johnny Varghese's 121cm Barra caught casting at the mouth of one of our regular river systems. Jewies, Coral trout and Big Goldies dominated the offshore catches, while it was Mangrove Jacks, Threadfin salmon and numerous barra that kept the clients busy in the rivers. On the floodplains the barra were biting hard with one of our tenders guided by Eric that caught over 105 barra in a torrid three hour session. And it seems as though the entire length of the rivers are starting to fish better now, as there were fish holding on dead timber and at the mouths of creek drains and back eddies.

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-06-03 01:08:54 GMT

MONSTER BARRA MADNESS! Head guide Benny introduced our client Johnny Varghese into the metre plus club in style with this 121cm brute caught casting to the snags in one of our regular river systems this past week. (Stay tuned for more pics and full trip report to come).

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Guides lures of the week: 1) Manns Strerch 10+. This little lure has been around for donkeys years and with good reason. It's a great lure that catches lots of fish. This particular lure was a standout in the floodplain this past week catching many Barra up to 87cm! 2) Berkeley Powerbait 4" Shrimp. This lifelike prawn soft plastic tempted some lockjawed Barra when all other offerings were refused. 3) Classic lures 15+. Another mainstay in all our guides lure trays. Cast or trolled they are a consistent big Barra producer. This lure accounted for a couple of 80+cm Barra over the week just gone. 4) Rapala X-rap 8cm. A high quality an often under-utilised lure in the rivers. This smaller version caught Threadfin, mangrove jacks, Barra and blue salmon in the snags and over the flats.

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-05-25 02:34:47 GMT

Trip Report: Well this last week of fishing was probably one of the toughest weeks we have had in several years on the Cannon. A large low pressure system sitting over Australia had us facing some pretty miserable rain for the first three days, and this, coupled with strong sou-easters pretty much ruled out any offshore action until the last two days of the trip. It was one of our old regular systems that saved the week with some very impressive fishing and fish alike. All in all, some incredibly well conditioned barra graced the decks, and some looked more like Yellowbelly than barra with their huge shoulders and fat round bodies. When the winds calmed towards the tail end of the week, the inshore provided plenty of action on the pelagics and the reefs held Golden Snapper and old mate Bazza even caught his pb Jew on a Gulp and a strip of scotch fillet he snaffled away after lunch (he didn't subscribe to the guides theory that you don't need bait to fish the reef).

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-05-16 03:27:01 GMT

Guides Lures of the week: 1) Rapala X-walk floating. Casts like a bullet and can be worked as a walk the dog style stickbait or skipped frantically back to the boat. This lure was dynamite on the local trevally and queen fish this past trip and even got 3 metre long queenies back to the boat without hooks attached, they simply didn't want to let go! 2) Kokoda 180mm Flash Shad. These pre rigged plastics are great for big barramundi! Trolled or cast they have an enticing roll that replicates an easy target. This lure took some big fish both up on the floodplains and river mouths. 3) Maria MJ-1 D110F. A new lure before this past trip started and has quickly earned itself a place at the top of The lure pile. This one lure accounted for over 30 Barra from 40+ strikes in one session. Slowly twitched deep down with the current they simply couldn't resist. 4) Classic lures Just Under. A Threadfin standout this trip. This little lure caught some great Threadfin when they turned their noses up at all other offerings.

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-05-15 06:45:53 GMT

TRIP REPORT: Another super successful weeks fishing aboard Cannon Charters. This weeks clients were no strangers to the Cannon, having been back many times over the years, and the boys are specialists with light threadline tackle on barra! A combination of lighter than usual braid and leader set-ups and lightly weighted Berkely Gulps in a variation of styles saw many barra, threadfin, queenfish, mangrove jacks, Golden Snapper and a myriad of other species hooked over the week. The downside of using lighter tackle means you have to accept the loss of some bigger fish, which did happen, but with the skills these fellas had, they managed to pull some exceptional barra out from tight timber with 13 fish over 80cm landed, and 5 over 90cm among that lot. Back out today for another week of fishing and exploration! Stay tuned!

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-05-07 05:17:20 GMT

TRIP REPORT: This weeks trip was again a mixed group of clients, but they all had the same aim, to catch big barra, and fish new waters. Both boxes were ticked by the end of the week, with all on board having a great time. The Barramundi, while not overly numerous in certain areas, certainly compensated for that with the quality and size among those landed. On many of the days, the average fish was in the 70cm size range, and well conditioned, with big shoulders and fat tail wrists. The arrival of jelly prawns in a couple of the waterways that we fished meant that the Threadfin too were on the boil. We had some epic sessions on threadfin over the flats as the tide drained out, and this meant both a great feed of fish onboard The Cannon, and some delicious fillets for our Southern clients to take home with them. Bluewater capers included the usual Golden Snapper and Black Jewfish on artificials, as well as some great sessions sight casting to Cobia, Queenfish and Brassy Trevally off the back of Manta Rays. Back out tomorrow for another Adventure!

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-04-27 09:16:25 GMT

GUIDES LURES OF THE WEEK. Another weeks charter successfully wrapped up and here are the top performers among the guides. 1) Nilsmaster Spearhead (Original). One lure that others have tried to copy many times, but the original Nilsy is a fish brainer. A tight waggle when rolled back over shallow flats is often irresistible to Threadfin Salmon when nothing else is working. As was the case this past week. This lure nailed dozens of threadies and a handful of Barra in a couple of hot sessions. 2) Yo-Zuri Crystal Minnow. A high quality lure that can withstand the beatings in the top end. Twitched in among the snags or rock bars it is dynamite on the Barra and Jacks that love a jerky retrieve, but is equally at home along the coast when chasing Pelagics like queenies, trevally and Macks. 3) Z-man Diezel Minnow 4" White. Again in the top four lures this week, these near indestructible plastics are a god send when fishing tight in the snags. Allowing miss-fired casts to be brought back through the strike zone without snagging up when rigged on TT Chinlockz hooks. Eric put his clients onto numerous Barra, tarpon, Threadfin, jacks and Goldies with this bad boy. 4) Bomber 17A (Gold and Chartreuse). Another lure that will be known well by most avid top end fishos. The Standard bombers' larger brother is a big fish taker! Trolled or cast this lure is a perfect size snack for big Barra. An epic trolling session this last week at the mouth of a newly discovered creek had double, triple and quad hookups on big fish up to 95cm landed on this lure.

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For Benny......

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TRIP REPORT: Another successful weeks fishing aboard Cannon Charters. A mixed group of both regulars and newbies ensured there was plenty of excitement and past tales as we left port for the West Coast of NT. The barra were found at all of our anchorages and we did a bit of exploring new grounds, which proved to produce some great fishing. The size of some of the fish up on the floodplains was very impressive, with many fish in the 70+cm size range, and the biggest landed was 85cm. There may not be the huge numbers that the floodplains are famous for, but with such quality no one is complaining. In the lower reaches we found good numbers of solid chromies and the offshore grounds held plenty of willing Golden Snapper, Trevally and the occasional Jewie. A good day on the mudcrabs also provided a feast that many will remember for quite some time!

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GUIDES LURES OF THE WEEK. Here are the stand out lures that worked for our clients this week on Te Barra. 1) 4" Z-man Diesel Minnow rigged on a 4/0 chinlockz tt hook. A must have on any Barra trip, near indestructible and Barra can't resist their waggle. Colour isn't a big issue as most seem to work. Slowly rolled through the snags or drains, wait for the subtle bump and strike! 2) Classic Lures 65 was a standout lure on mike's boat this past week. Accounting for numerous Barra up to 85cm on the floodplain and some great salties up to 93cm flicking snake drains near river mouths. 3) Chartreuse 14A Bomber. Another must have that needs no introduction. All Barra fishers know the bomber and for good reason. Lots of taps and pauses often tempt the fussiest of fish. Eric's clients caught numerous Barra on this colour over the past week. Note: factory trebles should be replaced when targeting large fish. 4) Gulp! 3" Prawn. A subtle hop down deep in the snags and you will soon find out if any fish are home. Benny's clients caught Barra, jacks, goldies, threadies and tarpon on this lure.

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-04-18 06:35:17 GMT

Out again today for another week of chartering. All will be well fed thanks to chef Eggy and the boys at Meat Direct in Rapid Creek.

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-04-10 02:55:22 GMT

Nice one benny

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-04-09 00:07:02 GMT

Trip Report: This past weeks trip has truly highlighted the spectacular variety of fishing that is on offer on our West Coast run-off season trips. Some incedible fishing action was had by all the clients on board and was complemented perfectly with ideal weather conditions, allowing both River and Bluewater fishing options. Numerous barra were caught and released over the week from various rivers, and it was great to see the condition of these magnificent fish. there was 15 fish over 80cm caught, with the largest measuring 89cm. Golden snapper, Big Queenfish, Trevally, and Spanish Mackeral made up the bulk of the offshore action. However, it was on the last afternoon of the last day that possibly the most meritorious fish was hooked. Fishing for mackies in 8m of water, skipper Ben spotted what he called for a small Sailfish, having nothing ideally suited to target sailies onboard, they conitnued trolling whilst improvising a plan if another sail was to show up. Sure enough, a fish showed up on the popper trolled out the back and was tossed a plastic to try and switch bait it. It ate the plastic, before spitting it out and racing over to nail the popper once again. A short frantic battle later and Paul landed a fantastic NT sailfish to top off the week onboard.

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-04-09 07:26:08 GMT

And we're off. Great bunch of blokes and glamour weather! I can almost smell the Barra!

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-04-01 06:10:20 GMT

Well the first charter for the 2016 run off season has wrapped up on Cannon Charters and there proved to be a mixed bag of great fish caught throughout the group. Of course the barra were the main drawcard for the trip and they didn't disappoint, with hundreds caught amongst the group with some standout fish over 90cm including the biggest landed at 107cm. Clients Chop and Jeff had a blinder session on Black Jew hooking 23 in a torrid session and landing 7 (keeping 4), the Goldy's were also in on the act and always provide a great fresh feed of fish on board when chef Eggy works his magic. Stay tuned for the next instalment.

Published Cannon Charters on 2016-03-31 08:59:30 GMT

2016 Run Off Season is about to commence on CANNON Charters! Stay tuned for weekly trip reports, funny stories and season updates as they unfold. Now lets get stuck in to those BARRA!!!

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Whats your thoughts?

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Cant wait to see what Chef Eggy has on the menu this season!!!! Rumour has it there is some special things coming!!!

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DONE MISS OUT!!!! Give us a call today on 1300 661 261 or Dave on 0418 941 523 to book. NT WEST COAST 2 spots available 19th-26th April. 2 spots available 3rd-10th June. $7,169pp WA KIMBERLEY Fly in and fly out Charter plane cost included from Darwin 8 spots available 22nd-29th July 4 spots available 5th-12th August $8,900pp

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A great video from last year!

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