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Chapman Primary School is a P-Year 6 primary school located in the heart of Weston Creek, Canberra, AUSTRALIA. We are located on Perry Drive, Chapman A.C.T.

Chapman Primary School
Perry Drive Chapman
Canberra , ACT 2611
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P: (02) 6205 7300

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Published on 2015-06-25 07:44:23 GMT

A huge thank you to our community members who supported our very successful Walkathon today. We had 62 volunteers who walked with the students, cooked sausages, provided the warm ups and manned checkpoints. Thank you to all families who ensured their children were suitably dressed for our fun adventures outdoors and the Class Carer's network for sharing important messages about the day. What a great example of two of our FRIENDS values – Everyone Cooperates and Support.

Published on 2015-07-02 07:17:44 GMT

Final Walkathon Message Postponement of the event will only occur in the event of heavy rain, not cold weather! Please do not contact the front office to ask if the Walkathon is on. Messages will be sent out via the class carer network and on the Chapman Primary Facebook page if a postponement is necessary.

Published on 2015-07-01 07:54:21 GMT

Info for Walkathon volunteers Due to the number of volunteers we are expecting please note that sign in for all Walkathon volunteers will be in the blue carpet area outside the Y2 classrooms. A table with sign on sheets and visitor stickers will be set up there. Please remember to sign out after the event also. 4/5/6 parent volunteers please come and sign in by 10.45 and go to your child’s classroom. 2/3 parent volunteers please come and sign in by 11.10am and go to your child’s classroom. K/1 volunteers please sign in by 11.40am and go to your child’s classroom.

Published on 2015-07-01 07:53:06 GMT

One more sleep until the Walkathon! Read on for more info.... *The weather forecast is for colder weather and possible drizzle, please ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the conditions with a jumper, beanie, suitable footwear and long pants. Students do not have to wear uniform tomorrow, they may choose to wear house colours. *Every student needs a drink bottle. Staff will be carrying the medical forms and medication e.g. asthma puffers for their students. * Lunch will be moved forward to 10am on this day. Students will have ten minutes eating time (10am – 10.10am) and then play time from 10.10am – 10.55am. Lunch orders will be available from the canteen on this day but will be collected at 1.20pm

Published on 2015-07-01 07:48:32 GMT

Have you heard about this Friday's Music assembly? It's going to be jam-packed with performances from our talented students! We have all had a wonderful time during music lessons, learning how to read musical notation, using our voices to sing in tune, dancing, playing percussion instruments, as well as playing recorders, ukuleles, drums and our band instruments! Year 5 Band will make their debut performance, and Year 6 Band will just rock! The Hip Hop dancers from Friday sport will also feature. We would love to see you there to support our performers! 12:10pm.

Published on 2015-06-30 07:57:11 GMT

Semester 1 reports and portfolios were sent home today!

Published on 2015-06-29 07:32:17 GMT

A friendly reminder that Walkathon sponsorship cards are due back at school this Tuesday. Please do not send any money until after the walkathon on Thursday.

Published on 2015-06-28 08:41:35 GMT

The photographic company will return to CPS tomorrow to complete taking the extra photos of various groups. Students who belong to any of the groups listed below need to wear neat/clean school uniforms and or other specific T-shirts (eg Year 6 t-shirts). The groups are: Year 5 band Year 6 band SRC – Semester 1 reps Sustainability Team – Energy Agents, Gardening Gurus, Enviro Squad Chapman Champs

Published on 2015-06-28 08:40:00 GMT

We would like to thank all the parents of children from preschool to year two who have already participated in our Occupational Therapy survey. From the current responses, we have noticed trends among certain age groups that will allow us to provide specific recommendations directed towards improving academic development. The survey has now been extended until Friday 26th June for parents who have not yet had the opportunity to complete it. Thank you for your participation! Cara and Casey - University of Canberra Master of Occupational Therapy students working in preschool, Kindergarten, Year 1&2 classrooms until the end of week 2, Term 3.

Published on 2015-06-24 09:25:59 GMT

Are you free Thursday 2nd July? We need about 30 parents to help us at the Walkathon. Jobs include cooking the sausage sizzle, manning the walking route and accompanying students on the walking tracks. Please contact your child's teacher ASAP if you're able to help.

Published on 2015-06-24 07:59:23 GMT

Don't forget the P&C meeting is tonight! 7:30pm in the staff room. Lee Hodges is presenting the Kids Matter program tonight. It is a very important program so it would be great to see a lot of parents!

Published on 2015-06-24 07:55:12 GMT

Don't forget that school photos are being taken tomorrow! #saycheese

Published on 2015-06-21 05:47:55 GMT

Our Year 3 students and teachers are VERY excited about heading to Birrigai tomorrow for camp! Teachers will meet students in the hall tomorrow morning at 8:30am.

Published on 2014-08-13 03:21:26 GMT

The Great Book Swap of 2014 was a success! Thanks to all of the families who donated pre-loved books and made a gold coin donation to the Indigenous Literacy Association. The money collected will be used to purchase quality literature for Indigenous children.

Published on 2014-08-13 03:22:57 GMT

Permission notes for Year 4's excursion to Geoscience are now overdue. Please return ASAP! Thanks.

Published on 2014-09-04 05:35:24 GMT

Tune into 106.3 this morning to listen to Chapman student Liam from 5/6 read the weather!

Published on 2014-09-03 22:31:22 GMT

Learning Journey invitations will be sent out this week! Please RSVP to your child's class teacher to secure the time of your choice.

Published on 2014-09-01 08:11:43 GMT

Concrete Pavers for the School Fete The Year 4 Gardening gurus will be involved in painting some pavers to sell at the school fete. If you have some spare ones of any size or colour and would be able to donate them, please leave them near the water tank. As we are hoping to sell them, we will need the pavers to be in reasonable condition ie.not chipped or cracked. Thank you, Ibu Gee

Published on 2014-09-01 08:10:25 GMT

Father's Day Stall - Friday, 5 September in the Hall. Please leave your unwrapped donations in the boxes at the Front Office. Gifts will be sold for $2, $3 and $4.

Published on 2014-09-01 08:08:05 GMT

Our talented Year 4 students are performing at Limelight tomorrow night 7-10. It is a great showcase of performing arts from a range of schools in the ACT. Tickets available through Ticketek.

Published on 2014-08-28 09:46:33 GMT

This coming Friday is our Awesome August Reading month special assembly. All students are invited to dress up as their favourite book character! The assembly will commence at 9am in the hall, families welcome.

Published on 2014-08-24 08:28:28 GMT

Limelight Performance Some of our talented year 4 students will be performing a dance piece in collaboration with other ACT schools. They have been rehearsing for the past five weeks to be ready for show time- which is next Friday the 29th August. Tickets are available online through Ticketek if you would like to come along and support these talented Chapman dancers. Show starts at 7pm.

Published on 2014-08-22 22:06:31 GMT

A Message From The Canteen Unfortunately Sippah Straws are out of stock from our supplier at the moment so will be unavailable until further notice.

Published on 2014-08-17 03:51:20 GMT

Notice Of Upcoming P&C Meeting Next P&C meeting - Wednesday, 27 August at 7:30pm in the staff room. Everyone is welcome to attend. We have a special guest speaker, Priscilla Reyenga who will be discussing the topic of Promoting Resilience In our Students. Ever wondered how to develop perseverance and a never give up attitude in your child? Chapman junior students have measurably low resilience, according to the Australian Early Developmental Index survey. Chapman Primary staff are addressing these needs through their gross motor programme. Come along and have a play on the climbing frames and walker bikes, perhaps have a spin on the Wizzy Dizzy, as you learn how we are addressing our student’s social and emotional needs.

Published on 2014-08-17 03:41:43 GMT

We have reached 300 likes! Woohoo!

Published on 2014-08-16 23:28:53 GMT

Communicator correction: the Book Week assembly on Friday 29 August will commence at 9:00 am in the Hall. Apologies for any confusion.

Published on 2014-08-16 05:22:19 GMT

Don't forget to come to the Year 1 assembly tomorrow! 12:10pm sharp!

Published on 2014-08-14 10:04:52 GMT

A special thank you to our tireless and always smiling P&C representatives, Jo Forster and Kylie Kynaston. The staff and students truly appreciate all that you do around our school!

Published on 2014-08-13 03:24:34 GMT

Come along to Mr Tucker's sports themed assembly tomorrow! 12:10pm in the Hall.

Published on 2015-11-19 05:54:48 GMT

Please continue to return notes for Ibu Hampson's upcoming Indonesian 'incursion' and Year 4's excursion to the National Zoo and Aquarium.

Published on 2015-11-17 00:23:18 GMT

Swim school for K-2 students commences tomorrow!

Published on 2015-11-15 09:39:05 GMT

Come along to our Multicultural assembly tomorrow! 2pm in the Hall

Published on 2015-11-10 08:31:22 GMT

The new Reading Eggspress is now iPad and tablet compatible! An eggciting addition to the new Reading Eggspress is the English skills area, currently available for spelling with grammar and vocabulary to follow soon.

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