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About Us Many of our patients arrive for their first day of treatment very well-informed about every aspect of the CLEAR protocols - informally termed, "MixFixSet." We also like to provide a brief overview of every step of the treatment, to help provide patients with an example of a typical treatment session, so they know what to expect and can prepare accordingly. When you first arrive, you will be asked to fill out some brief paperwork, and our Certified Doctors will sit down with the patient and family members to obtain a detailed case history. A series of precision x-ray views are then obtained, and while the films are being developed & analyzed, A comprehensive physical examination will be performed. The purpose of this exam is to maintain standards of care, collect data that may be used for research purposes, and ensure that the patient will not have any trouble tolerating any of the therapies and procedures utilized in our clinic. The physical examination includes various orthopedic tests designed to test your neuromusculoskeletal function, balance, & proprioception; Computerized Range of Motion and Muscle Strength analysis; scoliometer measurements; spirometry & measurements of your chest diameter during inhalation & exhalation to measure your lung capacity; grip strength testing using a dynamometer; and, a neurological exam. The Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) Suite allows us to visualize the spine in motion. A Digital Motion X-Ray (DMX) examination is then conducted to evaluate the ligamentous integrity of the cervical spine, and also to assess the flexibility of the curve to provide an accurate prognosis of how your specific case will respond to our care. This cutting-edge technology helps us to be certain that you will receive the best possible results. As the x-rays are being analyzed, warm-up therapy ("prehab") will commence. Every treatment session begins with the patient signing in at the front desk, then proceeding to the Active Rehabilitation Chair (a.k.a., the "Wobble" Chair). This is a seat mounted on a pivot that range of motion, stretching muscles, raising the core temperature, and increasing spinal flexibility to prepare the spine and enhance the effectiveness of all subsequent therapies. The next phase in the warm-up or "Mix"stage is the Vibrating Traction, or V/T. Research conducted by scientists specializing in spinal biomechanics found that certain vibrational frequencies have the effect of relaxing the tendons, ligaments, and intervertebral discs. This vibration is very beneficial in treating scoliosis, due to the "bow string" effect of the ligaments & tendons and the disc wedging that occurs in the concavity of the curve. The patient lies down with the V/T under their neck or low back, and a gentle vibration is transmitted to the spine. Most patients find this therapy very relaxing! After the V/T, the cervical traction unit is used to help traction the spine and restore the natural sagittal (front-to-back) curves of the spine. It is essential to restore the normal biomechanics of the spine in order to reduce the overall severity of the scoliosis. The cervical traction consists of two pieces, a curved piece which is placed behind the neck, and a straight piece that goes under the chin. While standing, the patient bends their knees, and applies a gentle pressure to the head to traction the spine. This is done repetitively 60 to 100 times. Next is the Core Muscle Stimulator. This form of percussive massage therapy (tapotement) has been FDA-approved since 1988, and it is extremely effective in relaxing the core postural muscles that are often tight and guarded due to the scoliosis. We have collected hundreds of pages of research on this method, and it has been proven to be 57% more effective in reaching the deep muscle groups. A 30 second use releases muscle tension by as much as 65%. This method is widely used by physical therapists and rehabilitation experts, and is also employed by many professional sports teams (including the Dallas Cowboys!). Core muscle stimulation is very safe, and, while it can be challenging to the patient (as we are targeting muscles that are often overworked and sore), it produces no more discomfort than a deep tissue massage. Many of our patients report improvement in their sleep habits and decreased muscle pain after this therapy. Once the soft tissues of the spine are relaxed, we begin mobilization of the fixed portions of the spine using an Eckard Motorized Flexion/Distraction table. The lower half of this table moves slowly up and down, which alternatively stretches and relaxes the spine, and improves spinal health & segmental motion, especially in the wedged discs and other areas of the spine which are not moving like they should. The patient first lies down on this table on their side, with the apex of their largest (major) curve pointing down. A padded strap is used to secure this position, and the table is activated, bending the patient out of the curve 20 to 25 times every minute for 15 to 20 minutes. Side-bending exercises are often used as a treatment for scoliosis; using the Eckard Flexion/Distraction table in this manner is the equivalent of the patient performing 300 to 500 side bends! The patient is then placed face-down on a different Eckard table, which has been customized with special scoliosis brackets & straps to induce a "mirror-image" configuration in the spine. While you are on this table, the lateral traction straps pull the spine straighter, and the repetitive lowering & raising of the bottom half of the table create a natural "pumping" action in the inter-vertebral discs, promoting spinal health and increasing spinal motion. In order to achieve the best possible correction, these straps are secured very tightly, which may be mildly uncomfortable, but the soft leather pads are incapable of causing injury. It's important to understand that treating scoliosis effectively requires the spine to be placed in a position which it does not normally assume; the less we are able to stretch the spine towards the opposite direction, the less the soft tissues (muscles, discs, ligaments, & tendons) will re-model and change, and the "rebound" effect of these tight muscles & ligaments will decrease the permanence of the achieved correction. The "Fix" stage begins with specific chiropractic adjustments, performed with the aid of precision adjusting instruments and drop pieces. All of the adjustments are performed based upon the analysis of your specific x-ray configuration, and are specific & unique to each patient. This precision adjusting technique is different than the traditional adjustments performed in the majority of chiropractic clinics; because of the great deal of time required to master & apply this technique, it is used by only the most advanced chiropractic spinal specialists. The "Set" stage of the CLEAR Scoliosis Treatment Protocols consists of exercise therapy designed to strengthen the postural muscles responsible for maintaining the achieved correction. Spinal weighting & whole-body vibration therapy combine to re-train the brain's patterns of walking, standing, and relating to gravity. This active re-training process is a vital component of ensuring long-term results. The Scoliosis Traction Chair combines traction with de-rotation and lateral traction to create a mirror-image position of the scoliotic spinal configuration, and whole-body vibration is used simultaneously to help the body erase its old programs and patterns of behavior, and re-train the brain and body to work together to achieve lasting correction.

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