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COAPE - The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology. We offer a range of independently accredited, state-of-the-art education courses taught by internationally recognised academic and practical tutors in the field of pet behaviour and behaviour therapy.


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COAPE - The Centre of Applied Pet Ethology - offers a range of independently accredited, state-of-the-art education courses taught by internationally recognised academic and practical tutors in the field of companion animal behaviour and behaviour therapy.

Hearty Congratulations to our very own veterinary partner Robert Falconer-Taylor BVetMed MRCVS, who following yesterday's RCVS announcement, is now officially 'Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor'. Quite right too!! http://www.coape.org/tutors.php

Published on 2015-03-06 17:00:20 GMT

A quick few points about why the COAPE Diploma programme is at the cutting edge of education and career development. The COAPE Year 3 Diploma is at Level 6, the same level as degrees on the national curriculum and regulated by Ofqual in exactly the same way. The amount of work demanded determines the number of credits at that level, and obviously the COAPE Year 3 Diploma is not a full degree as you would get at a uni if you went there full time. But, the number of credits on the COAPE Diploma Year 3 at Level 6 meets the minimum academic requirement to be able to apply to study for a post graduate qualification, usually a Masters, at any university. Many of our Diplomates apply to study for their Masters at Lincoln University with Prof Danny Mills department for example, and all have been accepted to date. All applicants for a Masters, including those with a BSc from full time study gained at a university, are still subject to interview and acceptance by any university for a Masters study. The great thing about COAPE and our nationally recognised Diploma programme is that you can reach that application level without having to study full time at a uni, suffer student accommodation and other deprivations, pay huge annual tuition fees or give up your day job....not to mention the lovely tutors and supportive friends you make as you go in the 200 + strong COAPE community of the CAPBT (see capbt.org) and the behaviour and training professions that will help you develop your practical and academic career... no university or other education provider can offer all that for you at this level, and unregulated 'diplomas' are simply not recognised on the national curriculum.

Published on 2015-02-05 07:54:20 GMT

Great group of students, lots of fun, learning, great food and chocolate, and proudly introducing our new COAPE Diploma Tutor, Dr Sarah Ellis, yes indeed. . . she of the recent super Horizon TV programmes on the behaviour of cats!! Welcome to the team Sarah!

Published on 2014-12-06 16:34:31 GMT

Attention all cat owners: a plea for help for a tv prog at the BBC! I am writing from a Bristol based wildlife television production company. We are currently making a programme for the BBC on pet behaviours. We are specifically trying to find cats who destroy furniture but also cats that have skills like being able to can climb up vertical objects, use our household toilet or enjoys swimming. ------------------------------------ WE ARE LOOKING FOR THE FOLLOWING PETS TO STAR IN A BBC DOCUMENTARY SERIES THAT EXPLORES YOUR PET’S BEHAVIOUR USING GROUND BREAKING CAMERA TECHNOLOGY. CLIMBING CATS SHOWING OFF THEIR ‘PARKOUR’ SKILLS (climbing up vertical objects/scaling walls) CATS THAT HAVE LEARNT TO USE YOUR TOILET CATS ENJOY SWIMMING CATS THAT DESTROY FURNITURE PLEASE EMAIL: EMMAB@JDP.CO.UK PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR LOCATION IN ENGLAND AND A DETAILED EXPLANATION ABOUT YOUR PET’S BEHAVIOUR. Thank you Emm Ballinger

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