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Cognitive Language Machine (CLM) is a project for open education- using NLP (Natural Language Processing) it will help to reduce education inequality.

Cognitive Language Machine

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United States


The Cognitive Language Machine is a project geared towards providing a free tool to schools and individuals which helps create better foundations in the understanding of the English language. My name is Jon Klopfer. I am a college graduate and a successful software engineer -- but I have struggled my entire life with a learning disability in written language. Learning to cope with my disability has led me to approach the comprehension of written language in novel and unorthodox ways. One result of my novel approach to comprehension of written language is that I have created and developed tools to assist me in understanding language and how grammar works. The culmination of those efforts is embodied in the Cognitive Language Machine. Once the Cognitive Language Machine is completed, I feel it is my obligation to give these tools away for free, because I believe education should be available to everyone, and everyone deserves a chance to learn. The educational applications of the Cognitive Language Machine tools will provide an alternative way to help people gain a mastery of language. Educational tools within the Cognitive Language Machine may include sentence diagramming, assisted reading, generation of similar sentences to facilitate comprehension, and examination tools, all of which can be useful in classroom settings.

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Pre-experiment #12(11 is still in the works):

Published on 2014-07-24 07:30:29 GMT

Using some of the CLM technology- I've been releasing ebooks for a modest price of 99 cents-- I only get .35 on the dollar per sale-- but it's something right? It's nothing, but just something to give back! We've used algorithms worked on to determine mood and sentiment for text-- and this was an easy thing to launch out... CLM is on track- tools will continue to roll out! Thank you all for your support! Thank you all our supporters!

Published on 2014-07-01 21:22:45 GMT

Hello everyone! I've put online a new tool [the Matter-O-Factameter] today in which you can copy and paste or enter text and it will break down each sentence and determine some analytics about it. Just to update you I made it back safely from Haiti unscathed and without illness :). It was a very wonderful experience, I recommend it- you can't believe what the news says about Haiti. Observing the culture while not speaking the language gave me some very valuable incite into language, comprehension, communication, especially when dealing with unknowns (like a foreign language). The new tool looks at the following: Modality (Factuality) - if the sentence is expressed as matter-o-fact or in other words the degree of certainty of the statement. Sentiment- What is the mood of the sentence Subjectivity- Objective to Subjective Reading level (Flesch-Kincaid readability test) - It's not very accurate sentence to sentence, it works best when looking at the entire document. The tool explains the simple algorithm that it uses to detect this. I'm spending so much time on the individual meters because the more angles I can analyze text, the better I can transmute text. I'm sure people can spend years refining and perfecting individual linguistic analysis tools, but I don't have the time to do that- I am figuring having more approaches that I can run on the fly efficiently (even with a slightly less degree of certainty) will yield superior results compared to either a reduced number of approaches (but with higher certainty) or reduced approaches that are very processor heavy (take a while to run). That being said- there is margin for error that is acceptable in the tools. They are not perfect, and their analysis is incorrect at times. However, I feel that it is perfectly acceptable to keep things loose and modular instead of hard coding exceptions for rare English patterns that account for less then 1% of all written text. Exceptions that are rare but do occur, I am planning on having the machine learning system identify and take care of them (instead of spending months researching rare patterns in English). After bringing everything together down the road I always can endless tweek the tools, improve their individual functions, and throw more computer hardware at the server if I decide to create some algorithms that are very processor heavy. Anyway- Thank you all for you patience and support. As always- I'll be in touch. -Jon Klopfer

Published on 2014-06-13 19:02:44 GMT

"Keep in mind, that we move only forward in time. Never mind the bad, keep in mind the change that is ever understood. To not understand the future is to be human. To be human is ourselves. Change is not good nor bad, it's only the natural process. All we can do is guide a path, with our time, in this time, keep that in mind." ~ Gus Anderson

Published on 2014-04-15 03:52:46 GMT

Running my new advanced grammar analysis on 143 short stories from grade levels 1st-6th grade. Will take about 13 hours to run (or more)- looking forward to doing data analysis on the results tomorrow. :)

Published on 2014-03-31 02:55:30 GMT

I am wondering where I can find several short stories-- maybe 20 sentences or so each, no dialogue. With known grade levels (reading ability) something like 4th grade, 6th grade and high school level.... Does anyone know where I can find a resource of these?

Published on 2014-03-30 01:02:46 GMT

I have a working spell checker programmed! Ready to implemented in the experiments!

Published on 2014-03-28 16:56:53 GMT

Gus Anderson once said: "It's better to learn from mistakes and remember them (as long as you avoid the tar pit of getting stuck and not moving on), then it is to simply forget they ever happened. No matter how much pain the mistake caused, we- as life- strive to move forward- looking to advance and make a better future." --- I've made no mistakes, it's not why I bring this quote up. It strikes a nerve with how in learning, and education, sometimes there is trial and error. I (jon klopfer) know this better then most with my learning disabilities... It's about the tenacity of the internal drive in all of us to learn.

Published on 2014-03-15 02:00:51 GMT

Currently working on getting the surveys out for the kickstarter rewards-- also working on getting redone- to allow user accounts- then We're moving it to a new server!