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Coventry University - Faculty of Engineering and Computing

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Coventry University - Faculty of Engineering and Computing
Engineering and Computing Building
Coventry CV1 2JH
United Kingdom


The Faculty of Engineering and Computing at Coventry University brings together the following departments: •The Department of Aviation, Aerospace, Electrical and Electronic Engineering offers contemporary courses designed for today’s computing and environmental industries. We work closely with the Institute of Engineering Technology and the Royal Aeronautical Society to produce relevant, up-to-date and professionally accredited courses. We have excellent facilities: these include dedicated laboratories for each of the main disciplines. Students work in laboratories and carry out project work to ensure that graduates have the opportunity to develop skills that will help make them employable. Open access studios feature, as well as standard facilities for word-processing, printing, communications, internet and email browsing, multimedia, graphics and audio suites, programming and software development environments, and drawing and web development tools. •The Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Building offers the opportunity to study a wide range of accredited courses in the areas of Civil Engineering and Building. We pride ourselves on the practical and vocational nature of our courses and their relevance to the demands of the industry. We have strong links with employers who offer vacation work, year-out placements, sponsorship and graduate jobs to our students. Become a much sought-after specialist in the very bouyant industry of building design and construction with our Built Environment department. • The Department of Computing offers innovative courses in the fast-moving and exciting areas of Computing, Games Technology, Multimedia and Information Technology and the majority of our courses are accredited by the British Computer Society. Our curriculum is informed by research and is linked to practice in industry via activity led learning, individual and group projects, as well as opportunities for real work experience through internships and placements. We actively collaborate with industry and organise events for students to interact with potential employers. Committed to providing our students with the highest standards in teaching, we create a motivating, supportive, safe and inclusive learning environment, which provides our students with the opportunity to become highly qualified professionals who think creatively and independently and who are ready to meet the future challenges of changing technologies. • The Department of Mathematics and Physics - You will find that the study of Mathematics and Physics can open many new and often unexpected prospects. The independent rational and analytical skills our graduates develop can enable them to adapt far easier to other areas than graduates from less numerate disciplines. This can give our graduates a distinct advantage when it comes to career flexibility and choice. • The Department of Mechanical, Automotive Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering - Coventry University is internationally known for its excellent teaching in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering. We are proud of our long heritage in the field and provide a wide range of opportunities for our students. • The Department of Metrology - Coventry University is a recognised leader for independent measurement expertise and services, underpinned by academic expertise from the Faculty of Engineering and Computing. We are a National Physical Laboratory (NPL) approved training deliverer and the first and only education provider in the UK to offer the Foundation Degree in Metrology and our expertise is regularly sought by both academics in the field and multi-national companies in the manufacturing industry. Coventry University has an established reputation in Large Object Measurement, which is of particular significance to the Aerospace sector, Three-dimensional Laser Scanning and Tracking and the challenging area of Measurement Uncertainty. The Faculty of Engineering and Computing also has a distinguished record of applied research with teams working across a broad range of subject areas in research centres and groups. We engage fully with the regional, national and international agenda for research and development. At the most local level we support a range of Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, where we can help Small and Medium Sized Enterprises develop their business through technology and management development. At the other end of the scale we lead multi-million pound European research projects that will have international impact on technology. The faculty is home to four Applied Research Centres and 12 Applied Research groups. Applied Research Centres •Applied Mathematics Research Centre Applied Mathematics has traditionally been one of the strongest research areas at Coventry University. Currently, research in the Applied Mathematics Research Centre is focused on two broad areas - magnetohydrodynamics and mathematical physics, the latter embracing stochastic systems. Besides innovative analytic approaches, large scale serial and parallel computing facilities are used in our research. We have many international collaborations and the Applied Mathematics Research Centre at Coventry University has an international reputation for research excellence. •Cogent Computing Applied Research Centre We aim to become the UK's leading centre for research in the field of pervasive sensing and the unique research approach of our multi-disciplinary team of experts blends forward-looking theory with practical experimentation. From this springs a vision of the future of distributed sensing and computing systems, which informs our provision of solutions to real-world problems today. We apply our extensive knowledge throughout the field and our proven pedagogic excellence to tangible products. Find out more about our research and consultancy work. •The Control Theory and Applications Centre The Control Theory and Applications Centre is an interdisciplinary research centre which has earned a reputation for solving real problems across a wide range of industrial sectors. It comprises three complementary applied research themes dealing with various aspects of control theory and applications: Complex Industrial Systems (Co-InSys), Transportation Systems (TranSys) and Medical Technologies (MedTech). Our work is underpinned by the following theoretical topics: Adaptive Control, Fault Detection and Condition Monitoring; Artificial Intelligence and Heuristic Methods; Robust Control System Theory and Design; Systems Modelling, Identification and Optimal Filtering. •The Future Manufacturing Applied Research Centre As the interface between industry and manufacturing applied research and education at Coventry University, we recognise the changing nature of UK participation in manufacturing industry and aspire to lead understanding of new, potential and actual manufacturing business models as high volume and low technology manufacturing is progressively exported to low-wage economies. We contribute to UK economic success by assisting industry to adapt to participate in, and co-ordinate, supply chains based on overseas manufacture, to lead product and manufacturing system innovation from the UK, and to specialise in low-volume, customised and high technology manufacturing. Find out more about our research and consultancy work . Applied Research Groups •Automotive Engineering The Automotive Engineering Applied Research Group was established in 1993 to act as a focus for automotive related research in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing. Research activities cover engine/emissions research, motorsport engineering, vehicle studies, passenger safety, vehicle handling assessment, aerodynamics, cooling systems, intelligent transportation systems and vibro-acoustics. •Activity-Led Learning Applied Research Group Activity-led learning is a pedagogy in which the motivation for learning is provided by stimulating activity that engages and enthuses students and creates challenge, relevance, integration, professional awareness and variety. The Activity-Led Learning Applied Research Group acts as a forum and a focus for activity-led learning pedagogic research within the Faculty of Engineering and Computing and more widely, nationally and internationally. Its areas of interest include activity-led learning pedagogy and curricula, physical and virtual learning spaces and evaluation of the effectiveness of activity-led learning. •The Applied Research Group in Biomedical Computing and EngineeringTechnologies (BIOCORE) We undertake research relating to the development and application of computational methods, biomedical engineering and healthcare systems for the analysis, interpretation, prediction, as well as for the design of environmental, biological, clinical and health-related processes. In that respect, it acts as a strategic frontier between the Life Sciences and the Computing/Engineering Sciences. BIOCORE has been established as a recognised University Applied Research Group within the Faculty of Engineering and Computing in order to actively partake in national and international, innovative and highly interdisciplinary research in the clinical, medical and healthcare arenas. •Construction Materials Applied Research Group The majority of our funded research including our mine backfill, landfill barriers, plasterboard recycling and recycled gypsum projects, is intended to find ways of reducing the amount of cement used in concrete. Find out more about our research and consultancy work. •The Design and Ergonomics Applied Research Group The aim of the Design and Ergonomics Applied Research Group (DEarg) is to further the understanding, teaching and relevance of design and design-related ergonomics in the 21st century. Research activity is focussed in six pillars (or research areas): Transport, Design for Health and Wellbeing, Design Pedagogy and Educational Ergonomics, Integration of Ergonomics and Design, Health Information and Boat Design. •Digital Security and Forensics Applied Research Group The Applied Research Group in Digital Security and Forensics at Coventry University was established in 2006 and aims to advance technical knowledge in the broad area of digital security and computer forensics, disseminate and exploit this knowledge. Our research and development includes development of a mobile forensics toolkit, malware analysis, data recovery for damaged storage media and a customised Linux forensic DVD/CD for educational purposes. •Distributed Systems and Modelling Applied Research Group We focus on the design and development of advanced structures for distributed computing infrastructure and applications. The main research interests of the group are in the following areas: Agent Technology, Grid Computing, Mobile Computing, Cryptography/Information Security, Concurrent Programming and E-Learning. Find out more about our research and consultancy work. •Energy and Environmental Technology Applied Research Group The group is an applied engineering group centering on sustainable energy and the development of environmental technologies. The main focus area of the group is concerned with thermofluids, in particular numerical simulation of thermofluid applications, and energy technology such as CO2 capture and biofuels. We have a strong background in marine based applications including ballast water treatment, gas freeing and ventilation, and energy applications such as atmospheric pollution control and pyrolysis/gasification. Find out more about our research and consultancy work. •Interactive Worlds Applied Research Group The Interactive Worlds Applied Research Group (iWARG) is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to innovative applications for interactive worlds. The work of the group includes a number of specific topic areas and objectives: Ubiquitous Computing and Applications; Computer Graphics and Visualisation; Mixed Reality Interfaces; Mobile Computing; Artificial Intelligence; Human Computer Interaction; Image Analysis; and Creative Computing Education. Find out more about our research and consultancy work.. •Serious Games and Virtual Worlds Research Group Serious games are digital computer games with an educational purpose. Their current main areas of application are in the business and military sectors but there is also much interest in their use in the education sector, especially primary and secondary education. The SGARG works along side Coventry University's Serious Games Institute and aims to promote serious games research, development, deployment and evaluation within the University. It was established in June 2007. •Structural Engineering Applied Research Group This research group undertakes work in five key areas: Timber engineering, Concrete structures, Steelwork structures, Space structures and Vibrations and Dynamic engineering. Find out more about our research and consultancy work. •Vibrations, Bonding and Numerical Techniques Applied Research Group The Applied Research Group in Vibrations Bonding and Numerical Techniques combines expertise from Civil, Structural, Mechanical Engineering and Design. It is aiming to promote the University and establish its Group members, at national and international level. It has received external support from Government bodies (DTi, EPSRC) and major construction companies (Aggregate Industries, BISON) and seeks to develop further links with industry, other educational establishments and agencies for high standard research and consultancy work. Our areas of interest include: Vibrations of Structures, Fluid/Structure Interaction including Flow-Induced Vibrations, Stress Analysis/Design, Finite Element Analysis, Non-Destructive Testing, Adhesive Joints, Pavement Engineering (Rigid + Flexible), Materials and Concrete Technology, and Sustainability. Click 'Like' to stay updated with all our latest news and events!

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I hope everyone is enjoying COV FRESHERS !! #CovUniEC #FreshersWeek

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I hope you all are enjoying COVENTRY UNI FRESHERS!! #CovUniEC #FreshersWeek

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