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Did you know: All but ten percent of the world’s silk is produced by the Bombyx mori silkworm. That silkworm makes it possible for us to provide beautiful silk curtains for our customers. If you’d like to see the silk and other curtains that we have available, visit us at

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Did you know: The world’s most expensive fabric is vicuña wool. Including the gold woven into it, the price tag rings in at $1,800/yard. Fortunately, the fabric we use to make curtains and drapes is considerably more affordable. You can see our selection by visiting

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Interesting fact: While most people associate measurements of yards with football, the expression “the whole nine yards” refers to the amount of fabric once needed to make fancy men’s coats. We put fabric to different use: creating beautiful curtains and drapes. Take a look at what we carry at

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Did you know: For most people, blackout drapes are not appropriate for bedrooms because there are health benefits to being awakened by the sun. Whether you want blackout drapes or other kinds, we can help you find exactly what you need. Learn more at

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Did you know: The highest quality of cotton grown anywhere in the world is grown in two countries, Egypt and Australia. If you are interested in having some of this cotton adorning the windows of your home, visit to see some of your options.

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Interesting fact: One of the reasons that cotton is such a popular fabric is that it is so readily available. In fact, there are roughly 70 countries that grow cotton. To see some of the cotton drapes that we have available to our customers, visit

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Did you know: The word “cotton” comes from the Arabic “kutun”, a word used to describe fine textiles. Cotton drapes are among our most popular both because they look and feel great and because they are washable. If you would like to see some of the cotton drapes that you could have in your home, visit

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Did you know: People have been using cotton for about five thousand years. Today, it is a popular fabric in making curtains and drapes. If you would like to see some of the curtains and drapes that we have available, visit

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Did you know: Your drapes can have a major impact on your electric bills, especially during winter. Make sure that you have drapes that contribute to your home’s insulation, or that you are prepared to spend considerably more to heat your home. If you are looking for drapes that can help keep you and your family warm for the rest of this blustery winter, look no further than

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Interesting fact: Blackout drapes can keep out all unwanted light to ensure that your bedroom is dark for sleeping. While this is ideal when you’re sleeping in, it can make it more difficult to wake up in the morning since you will not have the help of slowly brightening natural light. If you want more guidance in selecting the best drapes for your home, turn to

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Did you know: Drapes made from different color fabrics look better during different times of the year. White, off-white, and cream colored fabrics are great for winter while bright colors look better in the spring. If you would like beautiful drapes for every season, visit

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Did you know: Thermal curtains can be a critical part of your home’s insulation during cold winter months. If you’d like to look at some curtains that could help you keep your heating bills down, turn to

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Did you know: The first household textiles had little to do with privacy or aesthetics. Instead, they were designed primarily for warmth. Today, though, form should come with function. If you want curtains and drapes that not only insulate your home and maintain your privacy but also look great, turn to

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