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Hebrews 3:7-9 7 Therefore, just as the Holy Spirit says,“Today if you hear His voice,8 Do not harden your hearts as [a]when they provoked Me, As in the day of trial in the wilderness,9 Where your fathers tried Me by testing Me,And saw My works for forty years. God repeatedly calls to His children, but the condition of each heart determines the result. Those with soft and tender hearts hear His voice and yield to Him in obedience, but those with hard hearts resist His warnings and instructions. Surprisingly, upon hearing the same voice, believers will have different reactions. Since hardening is a slow process that is often accompanied by excuses and rationalizations, the danger signs may not be readily recognized. How do you respond when the Lord speaks to you through His Word, your conscience, or messages based on Scripture? Carefully consider the following characteristics of a hardening heart: • Insensitivity or resistance to what the Lord says • Refusal to put yourself under His authority • Disobedience to what you know God is instructing you to do • Justification of sinful conduct • Resistance to the reproof of others • Preoccupation with the things of this world (career, relationships, possessions) • Little interest in spiritual matters • Absence of private devotion (Bible reading and prayer) • Avoidance of corporate worship (gathering with other believers) A hard heart does not have to remain brittle. If you've discovered any of the above traits in your life, begin today to return to the Lord. Ask Him to give you a new heart and the desire to know Him (Jer. 24:7). Remember, He specializes in making all things new (2 Cor. 5:17).

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"Everything that Jesus says is full of grace and truth! You can't separate grace and truth!"

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One of the most destructive attitudes—if not the most destructive—for a Christian to display is hate. Think about it. How well can the saving light of Jesus Christ shine in a life that is totally shrouded in loathing, rage, and malice? And what picture of Christ does this type of person show to the unbelieving world? Hate is a total breakdown in the Christlike attitude we are called to exhibit. Yet even in churches, it’s not hard to find individuals just brimming over with hostility. Where does it come from? One of the key reasons believers are so prone to hatred is an inability to forgive those who caused them hurt—especially when such treatment is undeserved. Let’s take a “hate test.” Think about someone who hurt you in the past, and consider these “heart checks”: 1. IF YOU HATE SOMEONE, YOU CANNOT SHAKE THE MEMORY. Does the scene play out in your mind over and over? 2. IF YOU HATE SOMEONE, YOU CANNOT WISH HIM OR HER WELL. Do you genuinely wish the best for a person who has hurt you? 3. IF YOU HATE SOMEONE, YOU WANT THAT PERSON TO HURT JUST AS YOU HURT. Do you secretly desire this individual to experience the same pain that was thrust upon you? If these questions have revealed any hidden animosity in your heart, don’t leave your chair until you prayerfully meditate on Ephesians 4:31-32. First, read the passage aloud. Then, personalize it into a prayer, and let God’s Holy Spirit cleanse your heart of hatred by empowering you to forgive an old hurt.

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