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I know it's late since I usually open up at 9 on saturdays but I'm just now getting myself ready to go in so I can work that Honda that needs new bearings and try to get that blazer running, I got it narrowed down to no fuel coming out the injector and I'm suspecting a poor electrical contact at the injector after removing the plenum but I need to run a few more tests to be sure. Hopefully that'a all it is or it couls get rather expensive to fix if it's the injector it's self not working properly.

Published on 2014-09-13 16:47:20 GMT

Kinda slow today but at least I made some money while it was being slow... Got a van in this morning complaining about his brakes not feeling right so I insoect the brakes and they all look to be in excellent condition but I noticed it had a bad shock so I recommended new shocks and the customer was telling me it was getting realy bouncy in the rear so he bought the best ones available and I installed them, this could very well be the reason the brakes feel weird when he's backing up since he parks on a hill that he needs to back down from to get out of his driveway. Next I get another alignment from a different used car dealer but when I go to park the truck on the rack I notice it has no steering to the right, it only goes just barely past straight... Anyway, the customer returns asking if it's ready and I show him the problem it has and his reply was "it's for sale" "just get it to drive straight and get the steering wheel centered" I had to show him that the steering was maxed out to the right but the wheels were pointed nearly straight and his response to that was "just do something so it'll drive straight or is there any way you can just make it a little better" I finally told him it needs a new steering box and showed him that the shaft was bent but he was wanting to see if I could straighten this shaft. I tell him No and that it needs to be replaced because the shaft is internal and it's most likely binding and not letting it go full travel. He finally agrees with me and asks what I would charge to replace it if he brought me another steering box, I told him I need to look up the hours but he wants me to just make a deal with him on the price. At this point I have to tell him I can't do it for next to nothing and lose out on paying jobs so he decides to take the truck back to his shop and replace it there, but he wants me to finish the alignment after it's replaced. I really don't like dealing with cheap skates like this, especially when safety is involved or they could care less about the problem because it's for sale on their lot, he told me he would bring me more work if I can get this one to drive straight, but I don't think I want his work if the guy don't care about what he's selling, and I got plenty enough customers who will do everything they can to make their cars right for their new owners anyway. I also got the job to do the struts on that Mercedes, and the same guy brought me a Honda with bad bearings he wants me to fix, he even went to the dealer to get new genuine oem parts so now that I got possesion of those parts that's what I'll be doing tomorrow morning.

Published on 2014-09-13 02:28:11 GMT

Well today was interesting... I got the truck on the lift and began to take the wheels off and about that time a customer from yesterday calls me asking if I had his spindle ready... He came by yesterday to have a bearing pressed out but when I was pressing it the spindle it's self cracks, rendering it useless, I called him and told him I's replace it at my expense so he was cool with that but I needed to find one and have it at the shop for him to pick up... Anyway, I tell him I hadn't picked it up yet because I'm at the shop by myself but he tells me his customer is getting impatient with him and he needs it as soon as possible so now I have to shut down and go pick it up. No problem, it's right up the street... Nope... I get to the salvage yard that has it and they didn't pull the part off the car yet so now I gotta sit there and wait... while My shop is closed and losing money, then about 45 minutes later they come up with the part and an hour and $100 later I'm headed back to the shop to catch up on the truck that the customer was texting me asking what time it would be done etc while I'm sitting there waiting. Luckily I get back to the shop and everything goes without a hitch so I get the truck out on time, get the spindle back to the other guy, and off to diagnosing the blazer that had no problems yesterday but today it's refusing to start... I confirmed it has spark, and it has fuel pressure but nothing at the injectors, no check engine light, no codes so I gotta dig deeper but another customer drops off a Honda that he said had the hub bearings replaced but it hums and shakes at anything above 40 mph... and makes a grinding noise... Found the grinding noise quickly and fixed that, but on the test drive it sounds just like it has a bad bearing. I went by his shop after I closed to tell him what I found out on that car but he wasn't there so I just told one of his guys to have him call me later about the Honda and for the estimate on the Mercedes now that he does want the struts replaced on it too. I have a feeling I got my work cut out for me tomorrow if everyone I gave estimates to shows up at the same time...

Published on 2014-09-12 01:42:34 GMT

Off to a good start this morning, one of my "preferred customers" brought me one of his trucks to turn the rotors on , check the alignment, and clean and adjust the rear drum brakes, Still got the Mercedes in the shop and waiting to contact the customer about replacing the shocks, this thing takes special air ride electronically controlled shocks tho and they're really expensive so I'm not sure if he wants them for a car that's sitting on his lot for sale, but this guy does take pride in what he sells... Then I got the blazer with gremlins that I need to drain about 10 quarts of oil out of and keep trying to get it to mess up for me so I can find and fix the problem...

Published on 2014-09-11 14:39:49 GMT

Today was almost as slow as yesterday, I got work, but I had to pay an $85 towing bill to get the work to me, and the car isn't doing any of the stuff the customer was complaining about, he said it wouldn't start or it would start sometimes then refuse to start, but every time I tried to get it to act up it started up just fine. I checked the transmission fluid because it has a strong odor of trans fluid and it wasn't even showing on the dip stick, and after a quick look under the car I noticed the pan was wet with fluid, most likely leaking at the gasket... I decided to check the oil as well while I was chacking things and especially because I need to rev the engine some to warm it up quicker and also need to drive it so I don't want the engine to lock up because it's out of oil when I drive the car or run the engine... Anyway, it looked like I didn't wipe the dipstick so I check it again and sure enough... there's at least twice as much if not 3 times as much oil as it should have in it.... no wonder it reved up so sluggish... The other car I had today was a Mercedes CL 500 that was repaired after a wreck and the guy just wanted me to look it over really good, I found a few minor issues and the struts are worn out but otherwise it's a really good car, couldn't get a hold of the owner before I left for the day so I kept it in the shop overnight and hopefully he's gonna want me to put the new struts in it in the morning. I also pulled codes on a friend's jeep and it threw out a code for idle speed, he was telling me about a hissing noise under the hood and we found a vacuum leak at his pcv line so I cleared the code and he will replace the line, but may need to bring it back so I can clear the code and shut off the check engine light if it comes on again before he replaces the line...

Published on 2014-09-11 03:54:05 GMT

Slow day today... I did just one alignment and had to turn away about 3 or 4 customers wanting inspections since I ran out of stickers yesterday, then I get another customer wanting an oil change but he decided to come back in the morning to get it done. Afterwards the parts guy delivers the oil and asks me how my day was and I told him it was slow all day, he replied that it was slow everywhere else today too for some reason... Anyway I got a lot of cleaning up done that I normally don't have time to do like clearing stuff off the work benches in the back and cleaning out the alignment pit and clearing all the stuff that was against the wall next to the pit... Then I FINALLY got the tail light on the Sportster fixed so it won't destroy bulbs 5 minutes after a new one is installed...

Published on 2014-09-10 03:03:53 GMT

Not too bad today other than everyone showing up at the shop at the same time when I'm trying to get something taken care of... We did our last inspection and ran out of stickers just after noon or so, then the inspection auditor came by to visit the shop and do an audit on us... then the landlord stopped by, and my mom stopped by as well so I gotta be out in the shop with everyone else while she was waiting in the office for about an hour but we did get a little time to visit while I was waiting on parts to come in for another customer's car, then she tells me her check engine light was on so I had Houston do the scan, pull the codes and tell me what's wrong with it... I basically handed him one of my new scanners and told him to download an obd2 app for his phone and bluetooth his phone to the scanner so he was like a little kid again with a new toy.. he even asked to borrow the scanner overnight so he could try it out on his car when he got home... lol. I like these new scanners too and I was playing with it while we were driving around this weekend while Karen was driving so I'm sitting there checking out everything with the car from my phone in the passenger seat and telling her everything the car is doing.... then I explained to her that THIS is why we don't want those snapshot things the insurance companies are trying to get people to put in their cars.... because it sees EVERYTHING you are doing in the driver's seat and sends the report on how you are driving back to the company so they can raise the rates any time you speed, hit the brakes too hard, accelerate faster than they think you should, etc, etc, etc...

Published on 2014-09-09 03:22:09 GMT

Spent another Sunday at the shop, but this time it was easy, there was only one customer I had to take care of... The one ton work truck that needed new tie rods and an alignment. Went in at about 9:30 and got started on it, the tie rods came off and went on without any problems but the alignment afterwards was rather tough since the truck had a nasty tendency to pull to the right no matter how I set the toe in. I decided to check the caster and camber and the camber was perfect but I could see where somebody before me maxxed out the caster adjustment in the wrong direction. I loosen up the nut to the caster adjustment and it pretty much jumpped right into position where I needed it to go, locked it down in that position and took it for another test drive... Much better this time but it threw out the toe in adjustment and the steering wheel went off center so a little more back and forth on the adjustments and it was ready to give back to the customer. Now I'm waiting for the customer to show up and hadn't heard from him all day so I call him but no answer, left a message telling him I'd be headed home in a little while but here's my cell number... then he calls me right back and tells me he's about an hour and a half away from the shop but headed my way so I wait for him to show up, he pays me then asks me to keep the truck in the shop overnight and drop it off at another shop in the morning where they're going to do the tune up work and paid me an extra $50 to deliver the truck to the shop where he gets his tune up work done. That was cool because I made a little extra all to drive his truck a few miles to the other shop, and made it worthwhile for me to keep it in my shop one more night.

Published on 2014-09-08 03:11:41 GMT

Yesterday was so crazy busy that everytime I tried to work on installing the lift kit on a friend's truck another customer would come up,, and I think all we got done between 9am and 3 pm was get the front tire off on the passenger side and get the suspension partially disassembled on just the right front. I did get the 55 Chevy in to work on and did an alignment on it as well as adjusting the brake pedal hight... this was a really Awesome looking car with a wicked engine under the hood, 19" wide Mickeys in the back and 5" wide tires up front. It was really cool when we had to test drive it to make sure it drove the way the customer wanted because everywhere we went somebody would honk and wave or give a thumbs up... Anyway, once I finished this car we stoped to eat and things let up enough for me to get sat down at the front of my friend's truck and make a little more progress on his right front suspension, but it was still after 3 pm before things let up enough for me to work it uninterrupted for any length of time more than about 10 minutes. I finally got the right front suspension done and moved over to the left side which went much quicker since we had less customers and I knew how to get it apart quickly after doing the other side, and we finished the lift kit install at about 8:30 pm. The truck looked really good lifted up but when I checked the alignment it was WAY off and I spent about another hour getting it right. We test drove the truck and closed up shoip at 9:30 or so.... Today will also be pretty busy since I got that work truck to fix and then I got a Mustang needing a brake job as well as whatever customers come in needing alignmnets, inspections, etc...

Published on 2014-09-07 14:03:50 GMT

Crazy at the shop again... Got a car towed in with a no start problem, then got another truck in for a steering box replacement along with an upper control arm and an alignment... Couldn't touch either of them because we got slammed with inspections and another one of those nightmare alignments... This time the customer tells me the car pulls to the right but didn't tell me until later that it hit a curb really hard, and that the problem was getting worse as she drove it... Normally the problem is as bad as it gets at the time of impact.. more on that later... Anyway, after the second try and the car was still diving to the right as soon as I took my hands off the wheel I put it on the lift to see if something else is going on, and sure enough... her tire had a huge bulge in it almost half way around it which was throwing off all my readings and causing any adjustments to make things worse... it was the hard impact on the tire that was why the problem was getting worse as she drove the car, so I showed her the tire and told her she needs to replace it so I can do the alignment accurately... not to mention it probably didn't need an alignment if the tire wasn't so bad... it needs one now for sure so she's gonna bring it back in the morning with a new tire... Meanwhile, the truck I was supposed to start on, the parts never came in so it's waiting for me in the morning too, and the other car, I was able to get it to start and drove it into the shop for further inspection... So, what did I get done today? ... Absolutely Nothing I intended to get done, but at least we got a bunch of inspections done...

Published on 2014-08-29 00:59:14 GMT

Very Busy day today... and both days this weekend are booked as well... Got a lift kit to install in the morning and a '55 Chevy to do an alignment on in the afternoon, then Sunday I need to install those tie rods on the work truck that's coming in from out of town. I never got the right panhard bar for that mustang yesterday or today so I had to fix the bent one by cutting out the bent section and welding in some fresh steel tubing, This way it's stronger than it was before and it looks and drives nice and straight again. we had some excitement today after doing an alignment on a Grand Cherokee that was freshly repaired after an accident... First of all, this one was all over the road on the first test drive, then after I got it to drive good it still had an issue where the wheel wouldn't "self center" when ya take your hands off the wheel and there's no way to adjust the caster on these unless you buy and install an aftermarket caster/camber kit, but the customer, another dealership in the area didn't want to get the kit... Anyway, after getting it to drive straight and centering the wheel I put it on the lift to check for any loose parts that could be causing the other problems so I raise it up and hit the switch to stop the lift and it keeps going up... I hit the switch a few more times but the lift still doesn't stop so I run for the fuse box and pull the fuses to stop the lift with less than an inch to spare before the top of the jeep hit the ceiling. Once I was done inspecting the suspension on the lift, I brought it down and Houston was already climbing up the lift arm to look and see if it hit, luckily it didn't hit the ceiling but it was damn close... Then after getting it off the lift, I try the switch and everything works just fine but I'll be putting a new switch on the lift tomorrow before I pick up another customer's car on it.

Published on 2014-09-06 03:03:08 GMT

A little slow at the shop today... probably because I had to open up an hour late, but I got my work cut out for me tomorrow since I got a mustang from R&R Motors in there that came in for an alignment but I found it had a bent panhard bar so it's waiting for a new panhard bar that was supposed to come in today but didn't, and a big one ton Chevy work truck needing suspension parts, an alignment, and some brake work done... I found it had a worn out tie rod assembly on one side and had to call the parts place for pricing and availability, this tie rod assembly costs almost $600, then it's gonna cost the customer another $160 to overnight ship the part since he needs the truck back before it would come in with regular shipping. I explained the prices to the customer and he just said "do it" but neither of us were expecting the parts or the shipping to be that high. I also have a 2011 Challenger coming in for an alignment in the morning and most likely a few more trucks from R&R Motors for alignment work.... Looks like I'll also be pretty busy this weekend too... Hopefully.

Published on 2014-09-05 02:26:47 GMT

Ready to start the day but I'll be an hour or so late this morning due to a doctor's appointment... Hopefully I can get there before 10:00

Published on 2014-09-04 11:53:40 GMT

Crazy day yesterday, other than the usual inspections, alignments, and other stuff I usually do some guy tried to scam me by handing me some money for a brake job then after I put thte money in the office he tells me it's too expensive and he wants his money back, I go into the office and grab the money still folded up off the counter next to the money box and give it back to the guy then he quickly starts complaining that he gave me 2 $100 bills as he's unfolding the bills and shows me that there's a $100 and a $10 so he's demanding the other $100 and at this point I showed him that we didn't even have a $100 bill in the money box or anywhere else so he keeps getting louder and making more of a fool of himself demanding the other $90 but I stood my ground and kept telling him that I can only give back what he gave me but on the inside i was just begging him to try something with me. Houston was also in the office playing with his phone and the guy started on him asking if he was calling the police in which I repied that we don't dial 911 over here then he said a few more things and left. Afterwards Houston did call the cops and we had to do a report with his description, what kind of car he was driving and he also got his plate number as he left so we gave that info to them as well. Then today I got slammed with work as soon as I opened up shop in the morning and with Houston in college taking morning classes he didn't get there until about 10:30 and I already changed out a crank sensor, started on one alignment and was trying to knock out about 8 inspections, He gets there and tells me he has a lot of homework and wants to take the day off so I tell him to cover the inspections for me while I do the 2 alignments I had to do, then buy me lunch and he was free to go for the day. So we get caught up and I finished both alignments, we're eating lunch and we get a few more inspections in so I help him knock them out and send him on his way, then I get 2 more alignments, a guy brings a car to me on a tow truck with a bad ignition switch, and another guy needs me to turn his brake rotors... I finally get all the work done about an hour after I normally close, call the guy with the bad ignition switch to tell him his car is ready to pick up and he tells me to store it overnight... Grrrr... I could have done that job in the morning but oh well... it's done now.

Published on 2014-09-04 01:55:43 GMT

Very Busy today... but it wasn't inspections like I anticipated, we only did 3 all day... But i did an alignment on a hot rod 47 Ford truck with a 388 stroker engine with dual carbs and a tunnel ram intake that makes 650 horsepower and the owner got on it for me when we went out for a test drive to be sure it drove straight and the customer was happy with it. That was fun to work on and more fun on the test drive.... Then I had a brake job to do so I was getting the truck on the lift and another guy comes in with a really cool '65 Chevy2 that was also tubbed and set up for drag racing also wanting an alignment. His camber was way off and it drove like crap and he said it was eating tires badly. I took the job anticipating it would take about half an hour or so but it turned into a 2 hour job since the alignment was off the scale on my machine and once I got the camber corrected it threw off the toe in and the steering wheel also went crooked... I had to get the wheel straight then correct the alignment all over again before it would drive nice and straight, but after I went thru all that trouble to get it right I now have another customer who will come back for more work to be done on that car too. I really like doing hot rods because they give me a good challenge and most shops will turn these customers away because they won't spend the time to get it right. Then after all this, the customer with the truck I'm supposed to be doing the brakes on calls and asks how everything was going... I told him I had a setback and that I was starting on his, then I had to call him back to tell him he needed 3 new rotors, but he gave me the green light to get them and then he showed up at the shop about the same time his parts got there. Luckily he was cool about it taking a bit longer than I originally told him and I told him about the alignment I tried to slip in before doing his truck and that it took way longer than planned. He was cool about it and happy with the brakes when I finished so he's going to bring me another car to do the brakes on sometime next week so all in all it was a really good day after I counted how much I made for the day. It's getting closer and closer to the point where I'm going to need to hire some help.

Published on 2014-08-31 02:02:50 GMT

Crazy busy day today... Did 3 alignments, changed out a rack and pinion unit and an upper control arm along with several more inspections... Tomorrow is going to be really crazy with inspections too since it's the end of the month and everyone wants their cars done at the end of the month, but all 3 of us will be there to make sure everything goes smooth. I'll have to teach Karen how to do these quickly and easily since she passed the class but hadn't done any inspections yet, but she should do just fine.

Published on 2014-08-30 01:55:22 GMT

Another good day at the shop.. Got slammed with about 5 inspections right after I opened up, then got a job checking a charging system so I ended up doing an alternator remove and replace on a one ton van, for a van, this one was surprisingly easy to replace, most vans have absolutely no room for a mechanic and this one was no exception, but the alternator was right at the top of the engine so access was easy. Did more inspections then a guy came in for an alignment.. Another nightmare alignment because the guy tried to align it himself at home and it was WAY off, got it to drive right, but now the wheel was way off so I had to get the wheel straight again then correct the alignment again, take it for a test drive and it's pulling to the right but a few tweaks to the right side got it running straight while still within specs and the steering wheel was still pointing straight... Now it's ready to give back to the customer. I've also ordered more inspection stickers to cover the "end of month" rush and that book of 50 stickers will most likely be gone by Monday or tuesday.

Published on 2014-08-28 01:15:44 GMT

Slow morning but things got busy really fast this afternoon when a customer came in for an alignment... another nightmare alignment that just wasn't cooperating or responding to my adjustments so I put it on the lift outside to find a very loose idler arm. New idler arm installed and back to the alignment rack for more adjustments, this one was also in an accident and had the frame straightened so aligning it to specs only produced a truck that would pull hard to the right, but with lots of trail and error I was finally able to get it to drive straight... and of course, while messing with this one we had several inspections come in

Published on 2014-08-27 01:55:01 GMT

Back to the grind today... At least things were at a decent pace today with no rush, did 3 alignments and about 5 or 6 inspections so it was rather easy today. Got a brake job lined up for tomorrow morning and hopefully the guys at R&R Motors will bring me a few more alignments. These guys take a lot of pride in the cars they sell and most of them are between 1 and 3 years old with less than 10k miles on them. They repair and detail all the cars they sell and the ones that were previously in accidents or had suspension parts replaced come to me for alignment work where I align them, road test them, then do any final adjustments to make them drive straight and true as well as making sure the steering wheels are perfectly centered after all repairs and alignments are done. If anyone needs a good late model pre owned car that looks, runs, and drives like new, these guys have some really nice ones on their lot.

Published on 2014-08-26 03:05:39 GMT

Yay!! i got a day off after working about 13 days straight... Gonna go and enjoy it while I can...

Published on 2014-08-24 17:23:43 GMT

Not as crazy today but I did get that car fixed and was able to quick fix the bumper so it won't look so bad until he can get the bumper cover replaced. I would have been home a lot sooner but my suppliers sent me the wrong ball joint for this car twice.. Anyway, I'm glad that car is done but the guy says he has more work for me on his daughter's car... which is a good thing

Published on 2014-08-24 01:02:13 GMT

Cadillac is done!! I was able to lift the intake manifold out of the way enough so I could replace the starter without disconnecting the fuel lines and wiring... It was still around 3:00 when I finished since I did 3 alignments and an alignment check while working the Caddy as well as a number of inspections somewhere in between

Published on 2014-08-22 01:07:10 GMT

Still very busy over here but I need it to stay this way so I'm definitely not complaining... Finally after about 6 hours or so worth of spark chasing I got this Cadillac figured out and I'm getting ready to do the repairs so I can give it back to the customer today... Since the starter is located under the intake manifold on the Northstar engines it's near impossible to acces it for testing, but I was able to sneak a brass drift in there to hit the starter while my son held the key in the start position and it fired right up telling me the starter is bad... Now I'll be busy for the next 3 hours or so taking off the intake manifold and all the fuel lines and wiring so I can access the starter to replace it... Good way to start the day...

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