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Dawn Elizabeth Garcia is a graduate from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, New York and holds a BA in both Psychology and Women's Studies. She has worked as a Domestic Violence Advocate in Long Island, New York representing victims in Family Court and Criminal Court in obtaining court orders and advising on resources. Ms. Garcia volunteered at a state-funded group home for high-risk female adolescents where it allowed her the opportunity to mentor and empower young girls. Today, her professional career is more in the corporate sector but her passion has always been to advise and assist those to make healthy personal and lifestyle changes. She has set time aside from her busy professional schedule to life coach individuals whether it has been providing words of wisdom, encouragement, inspiration to assist in making productive life-changing choices. Ms. Garcia brings in spiritual consciousness into her coaching and is very knowledgeable of the many religious/spiritual faiths that make up the world we live in. Her areas of specialty are: recovery from a broken relationship, coping and next steps into finding a lifelong partner, lifestyle and career choices, healthy living after abuse. Presently, Ms. Garcia resides in Las Vegas, Nevada along with her two sons. She enjoys music, art, photography and reading. You can catch her often posting on Facebook dropping little nuggets of encouragement and positivity to get your day and/or week started right. Her mission in life is to spread peace, love and happiness in the universe. She believes in walking alongside you, while on your journey listening attentively, sharing and encouraging you to reach your goals and claim your healthy living.

Dawn E. Garcia Las Vegas Life Coach

Las Vegas , NV 89120
United States
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What we wish, think, speak and take action to a brother for that is what we will receive into our own spirit -- deg

Published on 2015-03-03 06:15:55 GMT

Lo que deseamos, pensar, hablar y actuar para un hermano eso es lo que vamos a recibir en nuestro propio espíritu -- deg

Published on 2015-03-03 06:15:04 GMT

DEG's Message of Peace: Discrimination leads no where. God does not allow something or a group into this universe for no reason. We each makeup the greater whole of the world. The day we leave our egos at the door and meet people where they are in life allowing them to speak and be heard is the day we will experience balanced peace in our universe. Until then, be mindful of your thoughts and actions because at the end of the day God see and hears all things and merit is given based on reactions or in some cases peaceful silence. -- deg

Published on 2015-03-02 04:44:31 GMT

Mensaje de DEG de la Paz: La discriminación conduce a ninguna parte. Dios no permite algo o un grupo en este universo sin razón. Cada uno de nosotros formas el mayor parte del mundo. El día que dejamos a nuestros egos en la puerta y nos encontramos a la gente donde están en la vida lo que les permite hablar y ser escuchados es el día vamos a tener la paz equilibrada en nuestro universo. Hasta entonces, ser conscientes de sus pensamientos y acciones, porque al final del día Dios ve y oye todas las cosas y el mérito se da sobre la base de las reacciones o en algunos casos el silencio de paz. -- deg

Published on 2015-03-02 04:44:13 GMT

Alimentos de DEG para el pensamiento: El problema grande en la humanidad es que vivimos de aparencias y le ponemos demasiado enfasis en lo que dicen la gente de uno. Nos confundimos con la belleza de un ser humano y pensamos que belleza esta todo en lo fisico y dinero cuando enrealidad la parte mas bella de una persona es su alma. Tambien le ponemos una estrella a personas que tienen mucho dinero. Aun se necesita dinero para pagar sus cuentas pero nunca se debe mezclar el dinero con el verdadero valor de una persona. Porque una persona se haga rico o quizas tenga dinero no quiere decir que tiene mas valor que la persona que se levanta todo los dias para limpiar pisos o recoger basura de un edificio. Cuando le ponemos demasiado coco a estas cosas veamos como nuestra felicidad no esta construido por uno y es hay adonde estan los problemas. La felicidad empeza con uno primero en la vida no se define por tener algo o mirarse como -- deg

Published on 2015-03-02 03:14:48 GMT

DEG Food for thought: The big problem with humanity is that we live by appearances and we put too much emphasis on what people say of us. We get confused with the beauty of a human being and we think beauty is all in the physical and money, when in reality the most beautiful part of a person is their soul. Also, we put a star to people who have a lot of money. Money is needed to pay your bills but you should never mix money with the true value of a person. Because a person becomes rich or perhaps has money does not mean they have more value than the person who stands all day to clean floors or picks up and throws out garbage from a building. When we put these things too our coco we see how our happiness is not built by ourselves and it is there where the problems are. Happiness begins first with you and one's life is not defined by having something or what you look like -- deg

Published on 2015-03-02 03:14:25 GMT

DEG's Food for Thought: Sometimes the very person or thing you may hate were placed to teach you a lesson about something that needs to change and often it is not in another but within yourself -- deg

Published on 2015-03-02 03:14:10 GMT

Alimentos de DEG para el pensamiento: A veces la misma persona o cosa que usted puede odiar se colocaron para enseñarle una lección acerca de algo que tiene que cambiar y a menudo, no en ellos, sino dentro de ti mismo -- deg

Published on 2015-03-02 03:13:59 GMT

I will be back late next week ... hope everyone is doing well ... here are some messages to keep you thinking ... Blessings to all xoxo -- Dawn

Published on 2015-03-02 03:13:35 GMT

Dear Readers, I wanted to sneak in to say hello and let everyone know I will be back in a few weeks with writings. Many Blessings to all, Dawn

Published on 2015-02-08 03:28:55 GMT

deg's message is coming up .. stay tuned

Published on 2015-01-23 14:18:42 GMT

Mensaje de DEG: El Amor <3 es lo que somos y lo que nos merecemos ... No deje de vivir su vida a causa de temor. Nos encontramos con que algunas personas no viven la vida en todo su potencial porque hay algo o alguien que les impide hacerlo .. Hoy quiero hablar de "Miedo" y lo que significa en su vida. Usted no tiene que vivir en un 4x4 pies. Celda para estar en la cárcel. A veces se presentan situaciones que verdaderamente crean ansiedad, preocupación y permitir que el miedo se meten en nuestras vidas que nos detenga por completo. Usted no va a vivir la plenitud de su vida hasta que se ponga de pie para el miedo. Cuando se pone de pie para el miedo, el miedo tiene que bajarse y irse. Sí, muchas cosas pueden pasar, pero luego otra vez dónde está Dios y su poder? ¿No tiene Dios ningún poder sobre cualquier circunstancia? Es su fe, el tamaño del grano de mostaza, que puede mover montañas y que la confianza en Dios, que a pesar de lo que se presenta, ya sabes, que usted sabe, que de hecho es posible de superar. habrá cicatrices, heridas, etc., pero usted tiene el derecho a ser feliz en este mundo, a pesar de lo que has hecho en el pasado o lo que la gente piensen. Sea Bendecido y no te olvides de sonreír :) -- deg

Published on 2015-01-22 15:20:55 GMT

DEG's Message: Love <3 is who we are and what we deserve ... Don't stop living your life because of Fear. We find that some people do not live life to its full potential because there is something or someone holding them back .. Today, I want to talk about "Fear" and what it means in your life. You don't have to live in a 4x4 ft. cell to be in prison. Sometimes situations are presented that truly create anxiety, concern and allow Fear to creep into our lives stopping us completely. You will not live the fullness of your life until you stand up to the Fear. When you stand up to the Fear, it will "Back Down and "Back Off." Yes, many things can happen but then again where is God and his power? Does he not have any power over any circumstance. It is your faith, the size of the mustard seed, that can move mountains and that trust in God, that despite what is presented, you know, that you know, that indeed you will overcome. There will be scars, hurts, etc., but you have the right to be happy in this world, despite what you have done in the past or what people may think. Be blessed and Don't forget to smile :) -- deg

Published on 2015-01-22 15:15:11 GMT

deg's message is coming up ... stay tuned ...

Published on 2015-01-22 15:08:24 GMT

Mensaje de DEG: El mayor defecto de un ser humano es no perdonar a los demás, pero más aún para no perdona a sí mismo ... Cada día nos encontramos con personas que sacrifican su felicidad personal en nombre de lo que ellos consideran que es lo que hay que hacer, sino en el espíritu trae ellos miseria dejándolos vacíos y en un estado de desesperanza ... todos somos imperfectos y todos vamos a cometer un error o una serie de ellos, sin embargo, un error no significa que usted paga un precio de infelicidad para siempre ... Nos levantamos de errores de perdonar a los demás y de nosotros mismos y aprender a no repetir lo que nos trajo problemas ... Es un NUEVO DIA -- deg