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Regular classes teaching Serge Augier's "Ba Men Da Xuan" tradition of taoist meditation, internal alchemy, health exercises and fighting arts

Daxuan School Melbourne

Melbourne , VIC
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I am teaching Serge Augier's "Ba Men Da Xuan" tradition of taoist meditation (shengong), neidan (internal alchemy), health exercises (waigong and neigong) and the fighting arts of: Xingyi Quan Bagua Zhang Tai Chi Quan Serge Augier is the heir of the Taoist tradition of "Da Xuan", which came from China to France with the Master WTX, his teacher. This tradition has a precise lineage since the year 510 in Kunlun. He teaches and practices the five arts of his Taoist school: - The cultivation of the Human Qualities (body-mind-breath) - The knowledge of the Changes of the World (Yi Jing) - The Science of Destiny (Bazi, Ziwei Du Shou) - Taoist Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine - The Art of the Forms (Feng Shui and Morphopsychology) He received the title of "Tianshi" since 1998 in three schools: - Huashan Lingbao Pai: Founded in 989, - Quanzhen Longmen: Founded in 1148, - Guikang Pai: Esoteric Movement founded in 888. "A Traditional Practice for Today's World"

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Doing without trying! “With the habit of observing one’s practice and one’s life, we will have to distinguish between reality and imagination, this will allow us to actually enter the Way.” The urban daoist

Published on 2015-06-09 00:21:26 GMT

Hello, Just a quick note to let you know I will start teaching classes again in the Kings domain at the rotunda between the Sydney Myer music Bowl and Government House Saturday Mornings at 11am. Starting next Saturday 29 November. Please contact me if interested.

Published on 2014-11-24 09:33:31 GMT

Hello past, present and prospective students. Due to my recent departure for a study tour I am now currently offering live online courses. We have been trialing this mode of delivery for a couple of months now and it has proven to be very efficiant. It is a great way to keep up your practice and continue your learning. Two forms are available, group connection online "webinar" or connecting one to one for a private class. Those interested please contact me by fb message or via email : daoetde@gmail.com

Published on 2014-09-01 15:00:59 GMT

From the Bitter to the Sweet We know that it takes bitter training to form the practice. It is necessary to do this to know the sweet. After this everything else becomes easy. But let’s go back to the beginning and see how we can affect change. How...

Published on 2014-06-05 03:53:45 GMT

Ba Men Da Xuan Health exercises and fighting arts. Term 2 classes starting this week. Wednesday night 6-730 Carnegie. Thursday night 6-730 South Melbourne. Beginners welcome.

Published on 2014-04-27 11:04:28 GMT

Tao of Warhol - "They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." Andy Warhol

Published on 2014-07-10 00:18:09 GMT


Published on 2014-05-13 10:50:05 GMT

New Classes to start this month: Ivanhoe: Tuesday 18th, 5:30pm - 7:00pm Carnegie: Wednesdays 19th, 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Published on 2014-03-05 05:56:32 GMT

Starting tomorrow night at the Breslin Gallery, Carnegie 6pm!

Published on 2014-03-18 03:05:20 GMT

Time to change!... Start simply with Basic hands tomorrow night at Bliss Retreat Yoga Studio, Ivanhoe 530pm.

Published on 2014-03-17 05:39:50 GMT

Better bring your rain coats!...... with a possibility to move to a shelter close by... :)

Published on 2015-10-30 23:19:06 GMT

In the daoist medicine we know that spring energy is strong and full of new qi which makes us able to start a lot of new things but at the same time, because this qi is strong, it needs to be contained to not explode. Our daoist school is really based on an energetic work, that s why we choose, from next saturday until summer, to keep the classes running in the "Howe Cresent Park" where we experienced such a good circulation of qi last Saturday. We invite you to join us in this intimate spot where we can contain spring energy and push it to circulate better for the evolution of our own health.

Published on 2015-10-08 23:15:58 GMT

Join us for foundation studies in internal martial arts and Taoist practice Saturdays 11am

Published on 2015-09-23 08:38:52 GMT

We must remember... I am always amazed how this practice develops and just loves to kick you in the backside. Today again I am reminded how fortunate I am to be in this practice. After recovering from an accident and now returning to form the...

Published on 2015-06-20 07:17:05 GMT

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For More than 1500 years the Toaist Tradition of the Urban Daoist Serge Augier, Ba Men Da Xuan, has preserved and transmitted it's ancient practices for the development of the human being.
Our practices focus on the 3 core areas of body, mind and breath, combining methods to develop ourselves physically, mentally and energetically.
Taoism (or daoism) originates in China.
With it's roots in indegiounous shaminic practices of the culture, and is commonly held to be formalised in the 6th century BC culminating in Lao Zi's classic work the "Dao De Jing"
A practical philosophy, Taoism teaches us about the way or "Dao", through the concept of duality, Yin and Yang, and the principles of non-resistence and going with the changes of the world.
Daxuan is a uniquely complete system in the modern world.
Handed down orally through a clan stracture.
The school contains the classic internal arts for health and self defense (Tai Chi, Xingyi, Bagua), Neidan (internal alchemy) for energetic development, Shengong (mind training), Xin Yi Dao Yin Fa (emotional work) and Nei Gong (internal exercises).
It also contains a wide range of practical academic studies, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taoist Medicine, I Ching, Feng shui, Bazi, Taoist sexual practices and more.