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Let us calm your stress levels, lower your tension and bring back that smile we all love. At Dental Attraction we specialize in making your experience as easy and tranquil as possible. There are many non-medicated relaxation techniques we employ that can put your mind and body at ease. We want you to feel comfortable. We;We'll soothe away tension and get rid of stress and anxiety. Now that's comprehensive dental care!

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Although getting in to see us as soon as you begin to notice tooth pain is preferable, it isn't always possible. Swishing wheat juice like mouthwash can help fight an infection and soothe your tooth pain.

Published on 2013-11-28 14:08:13 GMT

Did you know that poor dental hygiene can cause severe gum disease that can result in tooth loss? Visiting a cosmetic dentist can offer you tips regarding how to take better care of your teeth. A cosmetic dentist can also perform certain procedures to enhance your smile.

Published on 2013-12-03 14:06:51 GMT

One way to protect your child's smile is to maintain the spacing in baby teeth to prevent problems later on. If baby teeth must be removed early due to decay or an accident, have a space maintainer put in to keep the teeth from drifting.

Published on 2013-12-19 14:07:22 GMT

If you're trying to instill the value of regular tooth brushing in your children, consider making it a requirement before fun activities. For instance, no bedtime story if the teeth aren't brushed.

Published on 2013-12-17 14:05:55 GMT

Not only do veneers provide a fully restored look to your smile, they also serve as a protective shield to the front surface of teeth. Since porcelain is stain resistant, your smile will stay brighter and whiter longer.

Published on 2013-12-12 14:05:38 GMT

Revamping your smile does to your appearance what a new wall color can do to your worn-out living room - freshen it up! With a smile makeover, you can achieve an amazing smile with straight, white teeth you won't want to stop flashing.

Published on 2013-12-10 14:05:41 GMT

Although always important, it's especially vital for those with braces to brush and floss after every meal, as food particles can easily get caught in the hardware. Use a floss threader to get between the braces and a proxy brush to clear out any particles.

Published on 2013-12-05 14:04:27 GMT

Inlays and onlays are customized fillings made of composite resin or porcelain to repair and restore decayed or broken teeth. Using an impression of your tooth, dentists can create the inlays and onlays in a dental laboratory and then adhesively bond them into place. The end result is a restored tooth that blends in naturally with your surrounding natural teeth.

Published on 2013-11-26 14:07:30 GMT

Technicolor teeth can occur when teeth with composites, crowns or restorations are whitened because these materials cannot be whitened. To avoid technicolor teeth talk with your dentist about what can be done to create a uniformly white smile.

Published on 2013-11-21 14:06:33 GMT

Did you know that the average person in the U.S. spends about 39 days brushing their teeth in a lifetime? The American Dental Association recommends brushing twice a day for at least two minutes each time.

Published on 2013-11-19 14:07:08 GMT

Did you know that your body has few natural defenses to plaque, which is a biofilm that develops on the teeth? The plaque formed by bacteria can often adhere to the teeth for a considerable period of time without proper brushing and flossing.

Published on 2013-11-14 14:07:41 GMT

If a bracket pops or breaks off, be sure to contact your orthodontist immediately. If you leave the bracket off for a day or two, other parts of your braces may get damaged, and your treatment may be set back considerably.

Published on 2013-11-12 14:09:29 GMT

Although some commercials state that it's only necessary to brush teeth twice daily, this isn't quite true. Ideally, brushing teeth after each meal will get rid of bacteria before it has time to settle in.

Published on 2013-11-07 14:06:30 GMT

Cosmetic dentistry not only focuses on keeping your teeth healthy, but it also involves giving you the best smile possible. Ask a cosmetic dentist about how he or she can help your teeth look their best.

Published on 2013-11-05 14:06:18 GMT

Do you feel like it's a silly waste of money to buy toothbrushes with cartoon characters on them? Remember, it may cost more, but anything that will engage your children in brushing their teeth regularly could pay off later.

Published on 2013-10-31 13:07:49 GMT

Did you know that researchers are working with a relatively unknown plant in Mexico that's much sweeter than table sugar but doesn't contribute to tooth decay and may soon be developed as a sweetener substitute?

Published on 2013-10-29 13:06:56 GMT

Studies show people whose diet includes drinks sweetened with sugar are 63 percent more likely to have tooth decay, cavities, tooth loss and other dental issues.

Published on 2013-10-24 13:07:34 GMT

If you want to change the appearance of your front teeth without spending a few years wearing braces, you should ask about accelerated orthodontics. These can give you results similar to those you would receive with braces in a shorter amount of time-usually three to eight months.

Published on 2013-10-22 13:07:46 GMT

Do you want to improve your smile? Ask a cosmetic dentist about a smile makeover, which can involve one or more procedures that enhance the appearance of your teeth to give you the look you want.

Published on 2013-10-17 13:05:31 GMT

Do you have a tooth that's decayed to the point of being unstable? When this happens, a regular filling may no longer be an option. Instead, a crown may be a more permanent solution.

Published on 2013-10-15 13:05:48 GMT

Once your kids reach a certain age, it becomes their responsibility to brush their teeth properly each day. While your constant reminders may annoy them, your efforts will later be rewarded when they don't have cavities at their check-ups.

Published on 2013-10-10 13:05:31 GMT

It's important to brush your retainer every time your brush your teeth. Retainers accumulate food particles and plaque just like your teeth do and need to be thoroughly cleaned. It's also a good idea to regularly soak your appliance in a denture cleaning solution.

Published on 2013-10-08 13:05:33 GMT

Did you know that cosmetic dentistry can change the style of your smile? During a consultation, your dentist will discuss the style you want to achieve. A cosmetic dentist trained in sculpting, shaping, and color correcting will be able to create teeth that are custom designed for each individual.

Published on 2013-10-03 13:05:32 GMT

Bad breath and the amount of saliva in your mouth are often connected. If you aren't properly hydrated, your body will automatically reduce the production of saliva. The result is dry mouth that often leads to bad breath.

Published on 2013-10-01 13:06:04 GMT

Dentures can be a great option for people with several missing teeth. These replacements for teeth can be either full or partial depending on your specific needs and preferences and are custom-fit to make them feel as natural as possible.

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