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The D.Min. is the highest professional degree for pastoral ministry. We educate clergy in research and scholarship for direct support of their ministries.

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The program combines instruction by dedicated and proven pastoral theologians, serious research, and lively interchange with peers actively engaged in pastoral ministry. Each student becomes one of a cohort of experienced pastors who contribute a wealth of perspectives to the learning environment. Pastors participate in the the program within the context of their ministries. A pastor and his congregation/agency together analyze problems and opportunities and select a project for special attention whereby both the pastor and the congregation/agency may benefit from focused and sustained learning. The courses and activities of the seminary immerse the student in research methodology, study, and peer group exchange. The fruits of this work contribute to the pastor’s contextual research as he prepares his project dissertation in consultation with his adviser.

Just returned from the Association for Doctor of Ministry Education (ADME) annual meeting. The plenary speaker was the Executive Director of the Association of Theological Schools (our accrediting agency). He noted that commonly conceived D.Min. education is shifting in emphasis from the clinical, professional model to that of spiritual formation grounded in enduring pastoral habits. Such habits include biblical study, prayer and worship, and theological reflection in view of the needs of pastoral care. My thoughts are that CTSFW has consistently been focused on this kind of spiritual formation in both its M.Div. and D.Min. programs. What are some ways your M.Div./D.Min. education served your spiritual formation? How can the CTSFW D.Min. program continue to aim at this kind of formation?

Published on 2015-04-20 14:30:46 GMT

Congratulations to Heath Trampe, who successfully defended his project dissertation today!

Published on 2015-01-24 04:01:21 GMT

Beginning the process of course planning for the 2015-16 academic year. Mission and Culture will be the focus that year, although we'll offer courses in the other concentrations as well.

Published on 2014-10-28 17:56:05 GMT

Thanks be to God, and to all who contributed to the success of this past week's residential period. We had 27 students on campus for course work and thesis study. I was pleased to meet in person and get acquainted with the 16 new students who have joined the program in the last year.

Published on 2014-10-19 03:23:57 GMT

We hope everyone has had a wonderful summer. We're preparing for the new academic year, beginning Sunday. Courses being offered this quarter are: "Apologetics and Evangelism: Engaging World Religions from the Congregation," taught by Dr. Joe Gudel "Assimilation and Formation in Congregational Life" by Dr. Mart Thompson "Research and Methods in Pastoral Theology," by Dr. Gifford Grobien We're looking forward to seeing everyone in October for the residential week. Have a great start to the quarter!

Published on 2014-09-06 02:46:54 GMT

This quarter, the students are taking Congregational Leadership with Jamison Hardy, and Pastoral Care and Mercy with James Bushur. Then we'll be off during the Spring for Lent and Easter, and back in the Summer Session with Resolving Conflict in the Congregation with Kevin Kohnke, and Developing a Confessional Ethos with Georg Williams.

Published on 2014-02-14 21:09:13 GMT

We've had such a rich winter quarter so far, that I almost overlooked the great time we had in the fall quarter. See the pictures from last term just posted.

Published on 2014-02-14 20:03:54 GMT

Courses for the Fall Quarter: "A Lutheran Catechumenate for a Postmodern World" by Dr. Just and "Research and Method in Pastoral Theology" by Dr. Grobien.

Published on 2013-08-06 20:40:53 GMT

Eight pastors have been newly admitted to the program. They'll be starting in the Fall Quarter. We're excited to have them on board.

Published on 2013-08-06 20:36:27 GMT

Summer sessions are here, which means fewer people on campus, for now. Summer DMin courses begin NEXT summer, 2014. You can, however, still do something DMin related this summer, and that's fill out your application to the program. Some applications are already coming in, and the Graduate Committee will be meeting this summer to admit new applicants for the 2013-14 academic year.

Published on 2013-05-21 14:11:17 GMT

Three and half weeks till the Winter session begins. Still time to get in your registrations. Here are the course offerings: DMMC 816 Theology of Mission, Dr. Carl Rockrohr DMMC 818 Cross-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Ministry, Dr. Martin Teigen DMPL 811 Hymnody, Kantor Richard Resch DMTP 814 Liturgical Preaching and Teaching, Dr. Richard Stuckwisch (FULL)

Published on 2015-11-04 16:03:46 GMT

Just wrapped up the residential week for fall courses: Ministry and Evangelism as a Minority Church, taught by Dr. Charles Evanson; Cross-Cultural Church, taught by Dr. Peter Scaer; Research Methods by Dr. Gifford Grobien.

Published on 2015-10-20 14:22:35 GMT

Summer: a great time to think further about your project and begin to draft a proposal....also a great time to put together your application for the D.Min. program.

Published on 2015-07-03 14:20:27 GMT

Happy Memorial Day to all, and God be with those who have served in the military, and with their loved ones. Also, welcome to the beginning of the summer session. This term we have: Spiritual Care and Direction taught by Dr. John Reynolds, and Pedagogy for Congregational Teaching taught by Dr. Georg Williams.

Published on 2015-05-25 14:11:38 GMT

The course schedule for 2015-16 is published. Rolling enrollment allows you to apply year-round: FALL September 8 to November 13, 2015 DMRM 801 Research & Methods in Pastoral Theology, Dr. Gifford Grobien DMMC 830 Topics: Ministry & Evangelism as a Minority Church, Dr. Charles Evanson DMMC 812 Counter-Cultural Church: Lessons from the New Testament, Dr. Peter Scaer Residential dates: October 12 to 16, 2015 WINTER Ten-week term: November 30, 2015 to February 26, 2016 DMTP 814 Liturgical Preaching and Teaching, Dr. D. Richard Stuckwisch DMMC 818 Cross-Cultural and Multi-Ethnic Ministry, Rev. Martin Teigen DMMC 816 Theology of Mission, Dr. Carl Rockrohr Residential dates: January 25 to 29, 2016 SUMMER Ten-week term: May 23 to July 29, 2016 DMMC 813 Church, the Public Square, and Challenges of American Culture, Dr. Gifford Grobien DMMC 817 Revitalizing Congregations, Dr. Geoff Robinson DMPL 813 Dynamics of Family Interaction, Dr. John Reynolds Residential dates: June 13 to June 17, 2016

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