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We are aerial specialists capturing photography and video for both the corporate and advertising markets

Drone Boys
suite 6, 33 vulture st, west end
Brisbane , QLD 4101
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As a business owner, and not just any business owner…but a business owner that is in the business of Drones. The Federal Aviation Administration issued yet another blow to small business owners in the drone industry. Now let’s be honest, these aren’t really “Drones” they are small multi rotor aircraft controlled by typical remote controls that can be purchased at any hobby shop in the country. These are not menacing machines flying around our nations skies taking pictures of people sitting on their couches while they sip beer while watching the World Cup and trying to figure out what all this new found hype about soccer is and why the hell the rest of the world calls it “Football”. The fact of the matter is that the small systems that we build and fly on a daily basis are used for good….yes good! We are filming the TV shows that you watch, the TV commercials you hate to watch, movies like Wolf of Wall Street, Superman, Transformers 4 and more. These copters cost anywhere from $3000 to $30,000 dollars and are carrying expensive camera gear. In some cases these copters are flying $50k to $100k worth of equipment and guess what…. They barely fly for 10 minutes….that’s right 10 minutes IF you are lucky! We are paying for office space, insurance and American workers, the last thing we or others have to do is waste time, money or risk the copters that make us money to feed our families and pay our employees. We are not risking hitting full size aircraft…why you ask? Because we simply don’t fly that high…again you ask why don’t we fly that high…. for the simple fact that these things cost a ton of money and there is no good reason for us to fly more than 100-200 feet in the air and IF we are even going that high it’s rare. The average height we are flying as about 50 feet at any given time. The FAA would have you believe that we are all cowboys with some monster drones in the back of our cars, taking them out and trying to play chicken with airliners. Privacy groups want you to think that “drone” operators are spying on you…well guess what? Every store, bank, hotel, street light, amusement park, airport, city bus, train and more ALL have video cameras tracking your every move and they have millions and millions of dollars invested into their video systems. Drone operators are simply trying to make a living by taking cool pictures and videos that are not able to be taken any other way. Wild Fires, Construction Sites, Farmers, Movie Makers, , Disaster Recovery, Public Safety, Search and Rescue are all things that drones are used for on a daily basis but almost never do you hear about the good uses of finding missing children, helping farms to better hydrate crops or construction sites check the structures that they are building for safety. These are not things that anyone ever talks about outside of our industry, media tries to spin “Drones” as really bad menacing and awful machines but the straight up facts are that they are being built and used by people who want to live in a better world and want to create and offer amazing images for YOUR enjoyment. So FAA, instead of simply throwing rules and regulations at a wall and seeing what sticks why not take some time to learn more about what us small businesses are doing with the technology as opposed to trying to shut us down from behind a desk without any knowledge of what is really being done to improve technology in the United States. You are single handedly breaking down a technology that has been built for the good of the people and making the USA a joke in the eyes of the rest of the world when it comes to drones and this extremely popular technology.

Published on 2014-08-30 00:19:03 GMT

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