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Dub Ross Company, Inc
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Since 1971, our team has been the region's most reliable source for great construction products. We have the right coatings for any application or environment, and we produce tough steel pipe that will last. Ask about our corrugated steel pipes! Highway and oil field contractors know that we provide the most reliable products. Work closely with us to develop solutions that are tailored to your specific situation and needs! Let's get started right now. The story behind our product goes back even further than our own. It all started in 1896, when City Engineer Stanley Simpson and sheet metal fabricator James H. Watson filed a patent for corrugated pipes. Riveted pipe came along in the 1920s, and helical pipe showed up in the 1960s. They were followed by spiral rib pipe in the 1980s, which eliminated the roughness coefficient of corrugated pipe. Use of corrugated pipe has exploded since then. Usage is growing alongside technical advances, particularly in the highway and storm drain industries. We believe that informed professionals are our best clients! We're dedicated to transparency and simplicity, so we've included all of the technical information you'll need about our products right here on our webpage. Take a moment to look them over, and feel free to print anything that you'd like for further inspection or your own personal files. Choose the team that specializes in riveted, helical lock-seam and spiral rib pipes. We offer effective solutions in a variety of sizes! We'll connect you with the right coating for your environment and conditions. Ask us about zinc, which lasts more than 50 years in most environments. Our pipes hold up where concrete and plastic options fail! If your environment includes nasty acids, salts, and other corrosive materials, consider polymer-coated corrugated steel pipe. Developed by DOW chemical, this product can deliver 100 years of service life even under the harshest conditions. A tough film is bonded on both in the inside and outside of the zinc.

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<p><b>John Marshall High School</b> is a <a href="/pages/w/135517916480737">public high school</a> in <a href="/pages/w/108505829170906">Oklahoma City</a>, <a href="/pages/w/105818976117390">Oklahoma</a>. The original location of John Marshall High School opened in 1950 at 9017 N University Ave., <a href="/pages/w/108505829170906">Oklahoma City</a>, <a href="/pages/w/105818976117390">Oklahoma</a>.</p><p>The school is named in honor of the 4th Chief Justice of the United States (1755–1835), <a href="/pages/w/108758722481420">John Marshall</a>. John Marshall was the longest working Chief Justice in Supreme Court history. Marshall ruled the Court for thirty years and was an important part of making the American legal system. His most important addition was judicial review; the power to stop laws that violate the Constitution. Marshall has been called the one that made the judicial branch special and powerful. Marshall also balanced the power between the federal and state government. He made sure the federal law was more powerful than state law and that it agreed with an expansive reading of the enumerated powers.</p><p>The high school won the 1995 Class 5A State Championship, beating MacArthur (Lawton) High School 21-7.</p><p>The new location of the school opened in 2005 at 12201 North Portland Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.</p><p>John Marshall High School has gone through several phases in its history. Originally opening in far North Oklahoma City 1950, it served as a high school for The Village, Britton, Quail Creek, The Greens, Val Verde and Nichols Hills. The boundaries changed several times over the years. In 2005 the students were split between the original campus and the new campus. For one semester the Oklahoma Public Schools changed the name of the original location to Centennial High School in an attempt to use the original location as an alternative to the closed Gateway Academy. This did not work out and the remaining students were transferred to the new location. The original location was finally fully closed in 2006.</p>