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The Fire on the sword is the Fire of God, the Holy Ghost anointing the word of God.

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I am in my early 60’s and have been married to my wife Vicki for 43 years. We have been blessed with 3 children, [a daughter and 2 sons] and 2 grandsons, and 2 grand-daughter`s I worked as a builder and joiner all my life and have always had a hunger for the knowledge and understanding of God`s word. At the age of 16 I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Saviour even though I had believed in God all my life. It was as I remember at the age of 5 years that I started to search for God and wanting to know how to have a relationship with him. At the age of 21 years of age I started ministering in our local church, and served as a Youth Worker, Home Group Leader, Church Leadership Team Member, Outreach Leader and Church Planter, as well as travelled around to various other churches. I have ministered in a number of local churches and outreaches, as well as Internationaly, in Fiji as a missionary, also in New Zealand a number of times and up and down the east coast of Australia. After being at the church where I got saved for 30 years the Lord moved me out of there to a relative new church that did not have a lot of people where I ended up on the ministry team as well as the Church oversight and home group leader where I had a hand in planting a new church in a small town half an hour from Bendigo where I have been all my life. Over 5 years ago the Lord called me out of the Church where I had been for 11 years, after being released by my Pastor to travel and be an Itinerate Ministry where I have gone to New Zealand a lot as well as to Churches in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. I believe in the awesome power of the word of God to save, release, deliver and set people free. I love to encourage and empower God`s people through my gifting, to build and to edify the house of God. I am a strong prayer warrior, believing in the power of prayer to transform lives by “standing in the gap” for Gods people, and seeing his Supernatural power manifest in the believers lives through that prayer. 5 years ago I was asked to help a ministry in a community called Wandong just 13 ks. from Kilmore in Victoria and was originally going to go there every 2 weeks but after 2 weeks I have been going there of an evening every week since then if I am not travelling somewhere else. 2 ½ years ago a ministry that I have known through a group that we are both involved with, Leaders Network International, which is an International Ministry Group headed up by John Cairns asked me to come and help him run his Church in Craigieburn. This Church is a Philipino Church and I have been going there of a Sunday morning every week and then up to Wandong of an evening which is only about 20 mins. away. Again if I am not traveling somewhere else. • My passion is to see all believers raised up to fulfil their call in God and to develop their personal relationship with God. • I speak the Word of God with boldness and without compromise. • I am a man of faith, and very much a Kingdom of God Person. • God has given me a great understanding of his word, and I am very much a scripture based Ministry. • I am an- empower and encourager of the brethren, a prayer warrior and Intercessor. • I am confident of who I am in Christ and walk accordingly with the boldness in him. • I believe that no matter what the problem or the sin in some one`s life is, Jesus Christ is able to deliver and release and set free anybody and equip them to step into the ministry that they have been called to do through his mighty and powerful word. Over the past 2 years the Lord has been speaking to me to step into the pastoral role and plant a church. This is nothing new in that it was impressed over 30 years ago that I was going to have not just one church but multiple churches, so this is just the fulfillment of a word received many years ago. I have had numerous prophetic words about this over the last two years and believe that now is the time.

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New Church Plant The reason why I am planting this new Church! I will have to go back over thirty years to when the Lord spoke to me one night and told me that I was not only going to have one church but a multiple number of Churches that I would oversee. This was a surprise to me as I already knew what the gifting and call was that the Lord had placed upon my life and I must admit that the two calls were totally opposite to one another. I had been a Christian long enough to know that even though the Lord may speak to you or place an impression or thought in your heart and mind, that does not mean that it is going to happen tomorrow but usually years down the track by the time that God uses his word and the Holy spirit to change, adjust and mould us, to get us ready and equipped to step into the position that we have been called to do. I did what we all need to do when something like this happens. I put it on the shelf and wait for the right time in God for things to start to happen. In May of 2012 I was talking to a friend about some God stuff when he mentioned something that I returned an answer to him and his response was “do you mean that.” My response was, that I must have because the word says that out of the Abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. At that very moment my mind flashed back to 30 odd years when I heard from the Lord and I wondered, just wondered, “What if.” You need to realise that at this time in 2012 I had been ministering the word of God for 37 years and had been an Itinerate Ministry for the later part of those years travelling up and down the east Coast of Australia and the North Island of New Zealand. On the return of a ministry trip to New Zealand in November of 2012 I was asked by a friend if I would consider starting up a mid-week Bible study as he had been talking with a number of mutual friends over lunch of that week and my name was mentioned and he was asked to ask me If I would consider doing that. By the 3rd week of November 2012 we started the Bible Study with 3 people, not the 12 that originally said that they would come if I started one. We now have in the high teens. My friend and I started praying about the Bible Study as well as planting a new Church for the city of Bendigo. I must say that when people have asked me over the last 18 months why am I starting a new Church in the city, my reply has been this. Do I think that the City needs a new Church, the answer is no. Do I want to be a Pastor of this new Church. The answer is No. Must I obey what I feel that the Lord is speaking to me about, despite how I personally feel. The answer is yes. The Lord knows what is needed in this city more than I do. In June of 2012 I was at a Conference just out of Melbourne where the question was asked at the end of the conference did anyone need prayer for anything and I put up my hand and went out to the front where 5 ministry from Victoria, New South Wales and New Zealand all prophecied a similar word over me about what God was going to do concerning myself and a Church in the city where I come from and that I had to wait for God to speak to me in the days ahead before I stepped out. Over the next 18 months there was a number of Ministry from Australia, New Zealand and America telling me that the Lord was going to speak to me about a new Church and that it was going to be in my city of Bendigo. In October of 2013 I was at a conference in Young New South Wales where I received 3 words spoken to me by Ministry. One of those words was that when I get back to my city I need to step into the Pastoral role straight away and not wait as there have been men and women calling out to the Lord to send someone into the city and when I step up to the Pastoral role God was going to release these men and woman to me. There were other things said as well but I do not think that they need mentioning. This certainly Challenged me as I was not expecting this direct word to come in this area so when I returned home after the 4 day conference I sat down and told my wife Vicki and got an amazing amount of support from her as I told her what the word for the people at the conference was and what the 3 words that I received were and who that were from. Since October of 2013 there certainly has been a lot of pray in regards to when shall I start it and where, what hall will I use? The things that I needed from the Lord was a Hall, Public address systems, musicians and a worship leader. At the point of writing this, [ Mid February ] there has been a number of things gifted to me for the new Church as well as things purchased. There are still a number of things that we need but we are trusting the Lord for his provision. I have a key board but no one to play it, we have an electric guitar and amp but no one to play it, as well as we still need a worship leader and a hall. I have had to put back the start date for the Church because or previous traveling ministry engagements but it looks like it will be about the third week in April. Those that feel to pray for us please do for the provisions that we still have and lets all agree as men and woman of God to see his amazing provision. In November of 2013 I invited Anthony McMillian down from the Gold Coast for a week of ministry and while he was here he came out to see me on my decking on the Thursday morning and began to share with me what the Lord had been speaking to him about during the night and that was a union between myself and him concerning ministry and joining together for Church growth and planting. We have known each other for around 10 years and ministered together both in New Zealand and in Australia many times and when we get together as ministry many times sparks fly in God in the meetings and we see some amazing stuff happening in the meetings as well as feel an incredible presence of the Holy Spirit. Anthony has a number of Churches around the world under his Living Faith banner and has asked me to be a part of that functioning as an autominus Church but linked together with him and Living Faith. This I have been seeking the Lord about since November of 2013 and will be talking to him more about a couple of things before the final decision is made about things but it is looking good. This decision to plant a new Church in Bendigo has not been a rash or spir of the moment thing, it has been an orchestrated plan of God I believe that just happens to include me and my wife. I believe that my traveling ministry is not finished but just on hold for a while, while I establish a foundation in the new church and have ministry here in the Church that will allow me to step out and travel again. I believe that the Lord has already got that ministry picked out and we will see in time who that will be. I am not interested in sheep stealing as some would call it or taking people from other churches that they already attend and are founded in but I share the passion of Jesus where he said that I have come but for the lost sheep of the house of Israel. These are some of the people that I want to find and gather back into the kingdom and nurture back to powerful men and women of God, seeing them established with their authority in their walk with Christ. I believe that this city has a lot of hurt and bruised Christians that have been impacted either by situations that have happened in Churches like Church splits etc, or situations that have happened in Church life that have in some way impacted and affected some people that has caused their walk with the Lord to be altered. I have had a lot of experience working with different cultures and people. I have had many years experience working and ministering to New Zealanders, Somoan`s and Philipeno`s and would welcome people from other cultures to be a part of our Church. My heart is to see everybody fulfil their call and ministry in God, and I would be honoured to be able to be the one to serve them as their ministry and help them to achieve what I believe the Lord wants them to excel in.