Waterloo categories of Food/beverages

Firefighters in Chef Hats of Canada-the Cookbook Food/Beverages
at 216 Weber St N.
MIllstream Foods Food & Beverage Service & Distribution
at 401 j Weber st North N2J 3J2
Noon Moment 鲜饮时刻 Food/Beverages
at 220 King street North N2J2Y7
Swirl Place to Eat/Drink
at 300 Hazel Street
The Love of Food Food & Restaurant
at N2T 2J6
The Waterloo Brewing Co. Food/Beverages
at 181 King St. South N2J 1P7
Watson's Eatery & Mug Cafeteria
at 190 Westmount Rd. N N2L 3G5