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FDA is a "Full" service auto repair shop serving SE Portland for 30 years! We will repair and service your vehicle in less time and for alot less money. who doesn't love that? ask about our "Free Oil Change" referral program?!?!

Foreign & Domestic Affairs Automotive Service
1040 SE Clinton St
Portland , OR 97202
United States
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P: (503) 236-2871

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Boris G.

Maybe we're biased as we live across the street, but this place is great. I've been there several times where things were making weird noises, and they just... Read more

Sean E.

I can walk home from here while my car is serviced, love the location. Strange store front, but Jim is an upstanding individual who loves what he does. He's... Read more

Bonnie C.

The service was timely and Jim not only explained exactly what the issue was, but only charged me for the part itself (it didn't require much time). Very... Read more
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Published on 2013-12-18 00:34:35 GMT's cold outside (as if you didn't know😉 ) please drive with caution,allow yourself lots of time to get to you destination. Check your anti freeze level!! Or stop my FDA and we will handle it for you!

Published on 2013-12-09 16:22:43 GMT

You may be thinking "my home may be small but it's not a cabin". What I'm talking about is the cabin filter in your vehicle. At FDA a Automotive we are seeing quite a few wet and moldy cabin filters. Almost all vehicles built since 2002 have these and during this damp time of year, especially those parked outdoors, we are finding lots of tree debris and mold in them primarily because many people don't realize their vehicle has this feature. Cabin filters keep dust and pollen out of your vehicle but can accumulate lots of nasty stuff if not replaced regularly. This causes allergic reactions especially this time of year so next time you have your late model vehicle serviced, be sure to have yours checked. We always check the condition of these when we service vehicles and most owners are surprised how dirty and moldy theirs has gotten. Opt for a charcoal impregnated replacement. Call FDA Automotive @503-236-2871 or email for more information.

Published on 2015-02-06 17:15:58 GMT

While road salting helps people travel safely, it has drawbacks. It can cause major body and undercarriage damage to your vehicles unless you take extra care and precaution. If you're one of the many who had to travel the saline streets of Portland during our Snowcopolish, we have some great tips to help protect your vehicle from the ravages of road salt. Plan Ahead The best time to prevent salt damage to your vehicle is before the first snowflake falls; a little car maintenance will help keep the rust away. In late autumn, thoroughly wash every inch of your vehicle, including the underside. Apply a meticulous coat of wax, followed by a wax sealant to help keep the wax adhered to the vehicle's paint. Seal the undercarriage, paying closest attention to the brake and fuel lines, as these are the most susceptible items for rust and corrosion and make your vehicle unsafe if they fail. You can buy a product to do this, or you can have it done professionally. Keep a Clean Machine Keeping your vehicle as clean as possible during the winter will go a long way to cut down the damage done by salt and sand. Take your vehicle to the car wash as often as possible. Many car washes in the Portland area offer steam cleaning and undercarriage cleaning as well as traditional car washing. Have your car re-waxed and sealed when you have it washed.

Published on 2014-02-12 17:44:39 GMT

EVEN YOUR CAR CAN CATCH A COLD! The title might seem a little silly but as many of you know I have owned an auto shop in SE Portland for 30 years. An interesting thing I see often (two cases this week alone) is a vehicle owner's complaint of momentary loss of engine power, a "bucking or jerking" or even stalling and a hard to start condition that usually works itself out after a while. Especially during the colder wetter months we see a lot of this. At the shop we refer to this condition as the car caught a cold. This is generally caused by water in the fuel of gasoline powered vehicles. (Diesels have fuel-water separators that help prevent this as water in diesel is more common). To prevent this and a possible expensive trip to the repair shop we recommend trying a filling station other than the last one you used that May have caused this condition as some attendants may not be as careful about keeping the fuel-water separators clean that are in the pumps at the station. Underground fuel storage tanks can accumulate water that can reach your vehicle if this occurs causing the problem. There are "fuel dryers", a chemical additive that may help but generally just switching refueling stations helps more than anything. I always ask clients with this complaint where they have been getting their fuel. The answer is almost always the same. I won't name the brand but it is a major brand that usually advertises the lowest price. I will however name the places I personally buy fuel. One is the Shell station on SE 10th across from Jack in the Box. And I have never had a problem with Chevron. If your car has a very sever case the fuel filter may need replacing or even the tank and injection system may need to be flushed, for which you should see the service facility the trust but anything more than a fuel filter replacement is very uncommon. Drive Safely, Jim