George Oliveri Hair Design

at 3019 N Los Coyotes Diagonal, Long Beach, 90808 United States

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George Oliveri Hair Design
3019 N Los Coyotes Diagonal
Long Beach , CA 90808
United States
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P: (888) 970-4346


George Oliveri Salon is a full service salon - waxing, facials, makeup application, manicure and pedicure services are also available. Over five decades of outstanding success, our newly remodeled 3,600 sq Et Salon provides our clients with an elegant and relaxing atmosphere. It is our commitment to quality, staff education, client services, and integrity that has created for us the outstanding reputation we enjoy today.

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  • Mondays: 09:00- 17:00
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  • Wednesdays: 10:00- 19:30
  • Thursdays: 10:00- 19:30
  • Fridays: 09:00- 18:00
  • Saturdays: 09:00- 16:00
  • Sundays: 10:00- 15:00


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Planning an outdoor wedding? Make sure you consider the practicalities of your hairstyle. It's a good idea to keep loose pieces of hair away from the face so wind won't blow them around. Specific products may be used to prevent flyaways or frizz. Make sure to discuss the wedding location with your stylist so they can help you plan.

Published on 2015-01-20 15:31:25 GMT

Many people will sometimes avoid putting sunscreen on their face because it makes them look too pale. Avoiding sunscreen can be very harmful for your skin. If you are looking for a way to boost color, try mixing in a small amount of liquid bronzer before applying the sunscreen.

Published on 2015-01-15 15:31:35 GMT

To keep your hair healthy and moisturized, you should condition it often. In fact, you should do it every time you shampoo. Choose nutrient-rich formulas with ingredients such as avocado oil, olive oil, or Shea butter, which moisturizes and fills in tiny cracks in the hair.

Published on 2015-01-13 15:31:17 GMT

Why are there so many different types of facials available – isn’t one as good as the other? Even with the use of facial products crafted with the very best ingredients, it is still important to match the ingredients to the type of skin you have and to address your specific skin issues.

Published on 2015-01-08 15:31:09 GMT

During a waxing treatment, warmed wax is applied in the same direction as the hair growth and removed in the opposing direction once the wax has cooled. This process ensures that the entire hair follicle is removed by the root. A professional waxer knows the best way to apply and remove the wax for the most optimum and longest-lasting results.

Published on 2015-01-06 15:31:08 GMT

Hair color isn’t just for covering gray. A new shade can be a great way to enhance your look, whether it’s a subtle boost from highlights, a twist on your natural shade, or something that’s completely new and different.

Published on 2015-01-01 15:30:55 GMT

Micron rings or loops are an alternative method to applying hair extensions. These use a small metal clip to attach extensions to a small section of natural hair. Since no adhesives or heat are used, the damage is minimized to your natural hair.

Published on 2014-12-30 15:31:08 GMT

Prenatal massage is very effective in relieving the stress of pregnancy and alleviating the aches and pains of muscles and joints in pregnant women. Pregnancy massage uses pillows, padding, and proper positioning to gently, delicately ensure the highest degree of comfort for the mother and her baby.

Published on 2014-12-25 15:31:00 GMT

Retinoids are skin care ingredients which have been shown to effectively reverse the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Using skin care products which contain retinoids, combined with regular facials, can result in younger looking skin in a short amount of time.

Published on 2014-12-23 15:31:07 GMT

Did you know that one in four people bites his or her nails regularly? Nails that have been bitten to the quick take a long time to grow out, too. It may take as long as a month to correct the damage so your nails look natural and well-groomed again.

Published on 2014-12-18 15:31:10 GMT

Massaging your baby to sleep is a lovely way to nurture and bond with him or her. It also means that they usually don’t wake up the minute you put them down or stop rocking them!

Published on 2014-12-16 15:31:27 GMT

Do you have hair that reacts badly to the weather? If you do, a stylist can help you come up with the products and styling aids that can help make your hair behave on your special day- and then help you design a style that will hold up for the whole day.

Published on 2014-12-11 15:31:11 GMT

To maintain gorgeous nails, it's a good idea to schedule manicures and pedicures at your favorite beauty salon regularly. Manicures usually last two or three weeks, while pedicures can last as long as month. For convenience, make your next appointment at the end of each service.

Published on 2014-12-09 15:31:31 GMT

Did you know that some form of waxing has been around for thousands of years? Ancient Egyptians revered being hairless because it reflected their purity. In fact, they thought having hair was animal-like. They used sugaring to remove hair from all over their bodies, including their heads.

Published on 2014-12-04 15:31:25 GMT

When hair extensions are 100 percent human hair, you can treat it just like your own. You can cut it, color it, curl it, flat-iron it, and blow-dry it just as you normally would. You can even use your favorite styling products on it.

Published on 2014-09-02 13:31:21 GMT

Hangnails can be painful, and many of them can be avoided by keeping your hands and fingers moisturized with a quality hand cream. If you do get a hangnail, avoid pulling it out. Instead, cut it away with a pair of cuticle scissors.

Published on 2014-08-28 13:31:19 GMT

For those with round faces, anything that adds volume to the top of the head will help reduce the appearance of roundness. Long hair also makes the face look slimmer, whereas a short haircut or straight bangs can add roundness to the face.

Published on 2014-08-26 13:31:42 GMT

Do you have fine, thin hair? This type of hair can dry out easily, so be sure to use moisturizing conditioner two to three times a week. Many people think that conditioners will flatten thin hair, but actually, using a moisturizing conditioner will help your hair block out humidity.

Published on 2014-08-21 13:32:02 GMT

Your nails can reveal important clues about your health. Although not always medically trained, nail technicians can sometimes spot problems in your nails that could be the sign of a serious health condition or disease in your body.

Published on 2014-08-19 13:31:29 GMT

How does massage therapy help relieve pain in your muscles? A massage encourages blood flow to your muscles, which can increase oxygen and nutrients in your muscles. It can also release endorphins and boosts your levels of serotonin and dopamine; hormones that help you feel good, promote healing, and calm your nerves.

Published on 2014-08-14 13:31:57 GMT

Waxing is the best method of hair removal on large areas, like the chest. Results last as long as six weeks because the hair is removed from the root, not just the surface like other forms of hair removal.

Published on 2014-08-12 13:31:50 GMT

Did you know that pedicures have been around for more than 4,000 years? Ancient Babylonian noblemen used solid gold tools to give themselves pedicures. Ancient Egyptians were known for tending to their feet and legs, and have been manicuring their nails since 2300 BC.

Published on 2014-08-07 13:31:25 GMT

In addition to feeling wonderful, massage therapy is an excellent way to begin detoxifying your body. Not only can your muscles finally loosen up, but you may find that mood issues and immune problems will also clear up as a result of the massage’s detoxifying properties.

Published on 2014-08-05 13:31:38 GMT

You should gently exfoliate your skin in between waxing appointments to minimize ingrown hairs. Be sure to check with your waxer as to when you may begin exfoliating following your waxing treatment, as your skin will be a little sensitive just after it has undergone a treatment.

Published on 2014-07-31 13:31:32 GMT

According the the Touch Research Institute, a massage can greatly relieve the pain levels of a migraine. By relieving stress and anxiety, relaxing muscles, and creating time to deeply relax, massage can eliminate headaches from your life all together.

Published on 2014-07-29 13:31:22 GMT

Need a quick pick-me-up? Get a mani-pedi. Regular manicures and pedicures are a simple and inexpensive way to keep your body looking and feeling its best. Think of it not so much as an indulgence as an important part of maintaining your mental health.

Published on 2014-07-24 13:31:29 GMT

Acne is a very common skin problem, especially for teens. The next time you get a big pimple, try doing a few cycles of hot compresses on the affected area, and apply 1 percent hydro-cortisone cream to the area and let it sit for a couple hours. This will help to “deflate” the bump.

Published on 2014-07-22 13:31:25 GMT

Everyone's nails grow differently. Some people's nails are more square-like, and others may have perfectly oval nails even without shaping. People who have healthy nails will notice a uniform shape throughout, in whatever shape their nails grow.

Published on 2014-07-17 13:31:25 GMT

What is an aromatherapy massage? An aromatherapy massage has a more holistic approach that not only uses relaxing strokes, but also it uses a selection of essential oils during the massage for therapeutic effects. The essential oils are derived from plants to help affect your mood and alleviate pain.

Published on 2014-07-15 13:31:31 GMT

Many people think they don’t need to begin worrying about the signs of aging until their mid-30s, but did you know that that facial aging usually begins in your 20s? This is when the firmness of your skin begins to decrease. Wrinkles, blemishes, and sunspots may also start to appear.

Published on 2014-07-10 13:31:24 GMT

Before waxing, it is a good idea to avoid exfoliating products for several days because they may cause further irritation to your skin. In addition, avoid the sun immediately after waxing, because pores are open and are more prone to hyper pigmentation.

Published on 2014-07-08 13:31:36 GMT

On average, shoulder-length hair is about two years old. So, this means the longer your hair is, the more care you should take with it. Avoid unnecessary brushing, combing, or handling. Use soft bristles that flex in the brush.