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Gibson Auto Body & Paint offers full auto collision & frame service in Fort Wayne IN. We are dedicated to quality so when you have accidents call us. We will make sure your car if fixed right in our state of the art facility. We can also restore your classic car to give it the look you always wanted. Content Disclaimer:

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Care to guess the cost of automobile crash related injuries for calendar year 2010? According to data compiled by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), that would be around $99 billion.

Published on 2015-05-14 14:45:46 GMT

Have you ever wondered why white, black and silver are the most popular car colors in the United States? One big reason is these are the colors dealers often stock their cars, leaving those who want to drive off the lot today few choices in color.

Published on 2015-05-12 14:45:45 GMT

The purpose of an auto primer sealer is to provide a smooth, non-porous foundation that the paint color can then be applied over. These primers are lower in viscosity to ensure a smooth application without the need for sanding.

Published on 2015-05-07 14:45:54 GMT

It’s vital to have the transmission linkage checked if your car has been in any type of collision no matter how minor. The transmission linkage controls shifting and if it’s out of alignment, you may have difficulty shifting into the correct gear.

Published on 2015-05-05 14:45:55 GMT

While it may not be necessary to bring in your car for bodywork every time you get a minor door ding at the grocery store, it’s smart to bring it in to deal with major dents as soon as you notice the issue. This can help ensure rust doesn’t have the opportunity to set in.

Published on 2015-04-30 18:45:47 GMT

We employ skilled collision repair technicians who can straighten bent car frames, smoothen dents, and replace collapsed parts that cannot be mended.

Published on 2015-04-30 13:03:16 GMT

Most damage from everyday auto collisions can be repaired, and vehicles can be made to look and drive like new at an auto paint and body shop. The damage may be relatively minor like a dented panel or scratched paint, or major like the replacement of parts.

Published on 2015-04-28 13:03:25 GMT

Painting a vehicle adds value to it. This is the case in situations where the car is an older model and you wish to sell it or trade it in. A car with a fresh paint job has better appeal.

Published on 2015-04-23 13:03:29 GMT

Depending on your insurance company, they may have a drive-in claims center, and ask you to take your vehicle there first. This is your choice, and you can accept or decline the invitation. If you wish, you can leave your vehicle with us and request that your insurance company send the adjuster to our location.

Published on 2015-04-21 13:03:31 GMT

You are not legally obligated to take your vehicle to the repair shop that your insurance provider tells you or suggests you to go to. It is entirely your choice on where your vehicle gets its repair work completed.

Published on 2015-04-16 13:03:38 GMT

A vehicle safety inspection is recommended following any type of collision repair. This will help ensure that all damage was identified and fixed, and that all of your vehicle’s key safety features are working properly.

Published on 2015-04-14 13:04:27 GMT

Your car says a lot about what kind of person you are. Give everyone the right impression with a custom paint job for your car.

Published on 2015-04-09 13:03:30 GMT

Did you know that “totaled” and “irreparable” aren’t the same thing? Totaled means that the cost of collision repair is more than the fair market value of the car. However, there are plenty of times when the car is completely repairable for less then buying a new car.

Published on 2015-04-07 13:02:06 GMT

In 2007, Ford became the first US automotive manufacturer to use green paint as part of the manufacturing process. The decision reduced by 10% paint-related volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and cut by 15% the CO2 produced during the painting process.

Published on 2015-11-05 15:46:23 GMT

If you ever accidentally spill gasoline, antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid or any other types of solvents on your car, immediately wash these liquids off with water. Wiping liquids with a cloth will only spread them over the car’s paint finish.

Published on 2015-11-03 15:46:35 GMT

It’s important to remember that the biggest delay in having your car fixed is often waiting on parts to arrive. While we can’t do anything about part availability, we can ensure a high-quality repair on your car.

Published on 2015-10-29 14:46:16 GMT

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a lion's share of the cost of vehicle crashes every year is paid by people and entities not directly involved in the crash. How? Through state and federal taxes, insurance premiums and other charges.

Published on 2015-10-27 14:46:28 GMT

We are equipped to repair vehicles with metal frames and parts. We can also repair or replace plastic or fiberglass body parts that are increasingly used on newer vehicles.

Published on 2015-10-22 14:46:28 GMT

If you have a white car that you’re wanting to change, you’re in luck. White cars are actually the easiest car to respray. But don’t worry, we can tackle on any color for a respraying job with ease.

Published on 2015-10-20 14:46:44 GMT

Do you want to add extra charm to your car? Have the elements taken their toll on the paint job? Consider bringing your car in for a complete makeover. Our body paint specialists will make your car look like new.

Published on 2015-10-15 14:46:23 GMT

When your car is damaged, you'll have to get your car fixed, and also deal with insurance companies. Fortunately, auto body experts can help with both counts. They're used to dealing with insurance companies, and can help you through the experience.

Published on 2015-10-13 14:46:26 GMT

If you have a few spots on your car that have lost their shine or have become off color, we have the solutions for you. Our spot painting blends the colors perfectly and saves you from investing in a full body paint job.

Published on 2015-10-08 14:46:35 GMT

Each country has its own approach to auto repair. In Great Britain, for example, up to 95% of collision repair referrals come directly from insurance agents, while in the US customers turn to a mix of family, friends and agents for referrals.

Published on 2015-10-06 14:46:13 GMT

One of the most common types of auto collisions is the classic "fender-bender," where two cars are involved in a relatively minor accident. Fender-bender repair most often involves straightening out or replacing bent fenders and replacing or repairing cracked or damaged headlights and turn signals.

Published on 2015-10-01 14:46:14 GMT

OEM body parts, or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, are made by the same company that made your car. These are either pulled from cars that have the same model as yours or made in the same factory, so you can be sure they'll be a good fit.

Published on 2015-09-29 14:46:21 GMT

When you’ve been in a traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, it may bother you to see the damage to your vehicle every time you walk out into your garage. No matter how dented or scraped up your vehicle is, we’re always here to repair the damage.

Published on 2015-09-24 14:46:22 GMT

Are you considering selling your old car? Does it have rust spots or mineral deposits that are compromising the look of your car? You should invest in a paint job to add value to your car and give it new life.

Published on 2015-09-22 14:46:16 GMT

The process that maintains the paint job on your car, whether it’s new or used, is proper waxing. Waxing a car not only maintains the clear coat topper, but it prevents rusts and reduces the appearance of scratches.

Published on 2015-09-17 14:46:33 GMT

The good news? True self-healing auto paint may soon be a practical reality. The bad news? The individual molecules that create the self-healing reaction only work once. The bottom line? Until the formula is perfected, quality traditional coatings are a better solution.

Published on 2015-09-15 14:46:30 GMT

The two most prominent types of car paint are water-based and solvent-based paints. Each of these uses a liquid suspension system so that the pigment can be sprayed. The pigments then adhere to the car and the liquid evaporates.

Published on 2015-09-10 14:46:14 GMT

Even if you have insurance, you will be responsible for paying your deductible to the body shop if the auto accident was your fault. Your insurance company will be responsible for the entirety of the rest of the charges.

Published on 2015-09-08 14:46:47 GMT

In the early 1980s, the car industry began experiments with paint using water-based systems. Unfortunately, these products were not very successful and were ultimately produced and tested to help California with its smog problem.

Published on 2015-09-03 14:46:36 GMT

We recognize that it can be frustrating whenever you get your vehicle out of the shop after repairs only to discover that you now have two different shades of paint on it. When you need to ensure that your vehicle is only one color, we’re always here for you.

Published on 2015-09-01 14:46:16 GMT

If you need to clean your car in the first 30 days following a new paint finish, just wash the car off in water. Avoid wiping the car with a cloth as the cloth can pick up miniscule pieces of sand and debris that can scratch the finish.

Published on 2015-08-27 14:46:25 GMT

It’s important to remember that your insurance company cannot usually dictate where you can take your car to have it repaired after an accident. If you need a reliable body shop, we’re waiting for you.

Published on 2015-08-25 14:46:19 GMT

Car paints are very toxic substances that are dangerous to work with. Spraying your old car out on the driveway is not recommended. Not only will you be dealing with run off issues, but you will also have to consider which way the wind is blowing on that particular day. Calling a pro is the easiest solution.

Published on 2015-08-13 14:46:11 GMT

Many people grow attached to their vehicle, so it’s common to be worried about getting it back to its original condition after an accident. The good news is that modern auto body equipment and know-how can often get vehicles looking virtually the same as they did before.

Published on 2015-08-11 14:46:03 GMT

If you just invested in a new paint job for your car, you should consider waxing your car. Waxing is an excellent way to add a protective layer to your car's paint job. The wax also helps keep the car cleaner for longer.