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Gray and Juvia share a close relationship, although Juvia is the one in love. At this point in the series, Gray's side can be debated. He can be uncaring to the Water Mage's advances, but on the other hand, deeply cares for her as a comrade. Usually Juvia will look for ways to catch Gray's attention, although her attempts usually end up in disaster or comically ignored by him. In the beginning, Juvia also had a tendency to stalk Gray, whether she did it hiding in the dark watching Gray at the guild, or even following him during missions. She will also give her 'love rivals' her signature glare whenever she thinks they get too close to Gray, although this is used for comedy. Despite all these possibilities, Juvia is still persistent and has been persistent since her dream of Gray. Despite this, she is shown to have strong feelings for Gray, as shown when Meredy was able to use Maguilty Sense on her and Gray, a spell that can only work which depends on the strong bond between two people. Erza mentions that this is Juvia's true power (her strong feelings for her love). Gray's side of things is unclear. He gets weirded out and annoyed by some things that Juvia does,and can be oddly cold to her. However, he is also kind to her at times, and even dies for her. Gray sacrifices his life for Juvia during the dragon invasion, and is only alive due to Ultear's time arc. He does have a strong reactionGrayju Holding on. DarkhopeAdded by Darkhope when Lyon Vastia declares his love for Juvia. When Lyon attempts to take Juvia out, Gray strongly reacts against it, stating that Lyon shouldn't take his fellow guild member. Lyon then proposes that if Lamia Scale wins they will have Juvia, and if Fairy Tail wins, they'll return her back. Gray incredulously points out to Lyon that she is Fairy Tail's and Juvia reacts by saying that Gray may pick either her or Lyon. Gray then states that Juvia had no idea what is going on, indicating that Gray really knows what he and Lyon are fighting for. Gray and Juvia have done a Unison Raid, holding hands, to attack Lyon and Chelia Blendy at the fifth day of Grand Magic Games. This action makes Lyon jealous, and Chelia unconciously said that they are wonderful/romantic, leaving them full of openings. Gray and Juvia win due to their teamwork, in which Gray constantly stresses throughout the fight that they (Gray and Juvia) can "work together better than them (Lyon and Chelia). Once they win, they never take their eyes off of each other, and give genuine smiles. Even after meeting up with the rest of their team, Juvia is helping Gray walk with his arm over her shoulder. They remain close. In the chapter that Gray and Juvia do their unison raid againFairy Tail - 322 - Gloria - 008 Gray and Juvia Holding Hands DarkhopeAdded by Darkhope st Lyon and Chelia, the text describes it as quote "Gray and Juvia's synchronized love attack". There have been hints of Gray starting to develop feelings for Juvia, but he acts tsundere. Examples include him blushing when Erza mentions Juvia's feelings to Gray to make things clear with her, blushing and saying he wouldn't go on the love slide with Juvia but is at the top of the slide in the end anyway, and holding her hand for much longer than needed. Gray asks Juvia when she would let go of his hand while blushing, instead of him actually doing it. They are drawn frequently together, almost always by each other in group shots and major events. Another note on Gray's part is when they were battling Lyon and Chelia, Gray is the one who initiates comforting Juvia by putting his hand on her shoulder, which leads them to hold hands. Juvia is extremely dedicated. Even when Gray rejects her advances, she never gives up.

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