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Tenacity only takes one so close to his or her ambition. ..as a result of obligatory personal financial issues, accumulating immense pressure on the shoulders of an individual choreographer, HeadQuarters will be facing a hiatus of an unspecified duration. ..thanks a million times over to all believers and beneficiaries who became a huge part of any success had...by definition of the mission, we shall overcome....or perceive benefit from opportunities created in the absence of expected results....much much love......

Published on 2015-03-08 03:10:35 GMT

March events postponed until further notice. ..St Patty's Day show...the 17th. ..in the works...Underground Gamers League Grand Opening Event happening the 21st. ..doors at 3...5$ entry and free play...will provide food and beverages with donations...

Published on 2015-03-01 19:51:48 GMT

Anybody that was at Saturday night show please post any pictures or videos you took Thanks - L. C.

Published on 2015-02-23 06:05:28 GMT

Next projected date for event....7th of March. ..black and white show. ..DJs playing psychedelic transient electronic music. ..flyers coming soon...

Published on 2015-02-14 18:10:47 GMT

Yooo...check out MF Arts Ybor...the Tampa sista to HQ....worth the road trip...

Published on 2015-02-04 22:26:44 GMT

Next show is 21st February...Oath to Ethics n Glorious Dawn playing live n loud.....Featured artist: Ricky Goodall

Published on 2015-02-03 00:32:14 GMT

What is HeadQuarters? I suppose one would have to define something's function in order to understand what the thing itself is... So, what are the functions of HQ? Our goal at HQ is to collect and sort of 'pool' together creative and inspirational minds; to stir the pot, to stimulate 'idea sex', to propogate positivity within a haven that nurses individualism and freedom of thought and expression, to allow for growth a community that focuses on portraiting fragments of truth. This encompasses an array of possible articulations including but not limited to painting, sculpting, playing music, writing, acting, and the list goes on... We also strive to encourage small independent enterprise. We utilize our space to cross promote such endeavors as skate shops and parks, unique apparel projects, and design and decor initiatives, among other neighborhood entertainments such as barroom events. These complementary parallel sponsorships inevitably call attention to local nonpartisan ventures which accordingly benefits the immediate community. We have a sense of obligation to help imagine and engineer our akin commonwealth. We advocate the beautification and improvements of our surroundings. We view society as a canvas to which, although already elaborate with the strokes of history, we wish to contribute our own thumbprint. To be environmentally aware and to place efforts in the adornment of the mundane will sustain our aspirations. The infection of our intentions is our drug. Any progress is precious and opportune by definition. It is what nourishes and validates us in our bliss. Essentially what HQ exemplifies is the mission; to catalyze the metamorphosis from prosaic to creative, to herald the innovative commutal industries of our peers, to refine our reciprocal atmosphere and to distribute allure and wonder into the world.

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