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We offer custom painting on all hard surfaced headgear including but not limited to: Racing and automotive, motorcycle, safety, sporting, and more.

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We thank you for taking the time to look at us and hope you'll consider HelmetWorks for your next custom-painted helmet, mask, hardhat, or whatever. By the way…we don't paint cars, motorcycles, trucks, or any other big vehicles. We DO paint formula cars because they break down into small pieces that fit into my booth ( I drive one so if I can paint my own, well, friends have to be next…lol..), and we also paint guitars, skateboards, and well….anything else that catches my eye when you approach me about it. Our stock-in-trade, though is protective headgear. Contact us today for custom helmet painting.

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Well, getting ready for a huge car show this weekend at bay Life Church in Valrico. Shine those rims, wipe off that dust...lol....Indy 500 on Sunday, haven't missed one of them since junior high. Off Monday like everybody else, then off the following Friday to go to Sebring for a race there. I get to drive in that one, though....short course, green paddock. First time back in the car since November!

Published on 2013-05-21 10:15:11 GMT

Just re-decked the trailer with Jack...what a job, my back was killing me for a few days. Also working on two helmets-one is a hockey goalie mask for a talented young man and another is for a gent down in Miami. It's a retro job based on his helmet from the 60's. Doing race prep this week or next on the car, next up is Sebring short course...

Published on 2013-05-09 20:20:04 GMT

For the most part, folks take pretty good care of their helmets but every now and then one drags in here that I just barely want to touch, let alone work on for a coupe of weeks. Let's take a look at what I see with a wink at Jeff Foxworthy..... If mice have made a home in the padding or styro liner of your helmet and you're still using it, you might be a redneck! If there are gouges in the outer surface that go all the way to the matrix (the cloth and resin shell) and you're still using it, you might be a redneck! If your visor is so scarred and foggy...in the dry...that you can't see the flagstand through it and you're still using it, you might be a redneck. If your helmet smells like a three-week-old junior high gym locker room and you're still using it, you might be a redneck! If your chinstrap is more frayed than a pair of 1960's blue jeans and you're still wearing it, you might be a redneck. If the rubber edging is all gone but a little bit around the back and you're still trying to sneak it past tech, you might just be a redneck! All, it isn't that hard to take good care of a helmet. Clean the inside with a mild soap and damp cloth, wipe dry, and put it on a dryer or at the very least, in front of a fan. Replace the visor when you can't see through it anymore and use tear-offs. If the padding is ripped, worn through, or just smells so bad it gags a cockroach it might be time to replace because some of those smells just don't come out. Speaking of which, I just did a full-face helmet for someone and it reeked of cigarette smell. How does that happen? Mine are all full-face and I can barely get a piece of gum in my mouth from the outside while wearing my lid, let alone something as long as a cigarette and how does one not set the inside of a helmet on fire that way-you have a stick in your mouth burning at the other end right next to the liner!! Picture that in your mind for a sec.. Beats me but I gagged every time I got near it. CLEAN IT UP once in a while, for cryin' out loud!

Published on 2015-09-01 14:58:53 GMT

Finally, a chance to work on my OWN helmet!! My current lid is a 2005 so once the new Snells come out it will be a goner. Need to replace it and of course, I can't wear a plain, unpainted helmet! Tried it once, took WAY too much ribbing from people.

Published on 2015-09-01 14:46:38 GMT

We had our SCCA district meting tonight and of course the Justin Wilson death was a big topic of discussion. What a tragedy! Lots of people think they have the answers but nobody really does yet. We don't know if there IS an answer to that kind of incident. Godspeed, Jutin.

Published on 2015-08-27 01:10:06 GMT

Wow...I now LOVE football season around here! I've never seen so many helmets that need painting and the kids they belong to are great. It's nice to talk with them and find out where they play, what they play, and so on. YESSIR, love that football.

Published on 2015-08-27 01:08:35 GMT

Well, this is easily the most popular HelmetWorks has ever been. A whole league of youth football helmets, some singles from another league, some Star Wars stuff, repair work for a manufacturer, and some other stuff keeping it hopping! Now I don't have time to finish my own! Next year will likely be pretty busy what with the current SNELL stickers expiring and new helmets being purchased. That's fine, we can handle it...

Published on 2015-08-05 21:32:41 GMT

Doing a lot of paint work lately, shop is VDERY busy and about to get MUCH busier.....football season is here, hockey season is here, and the 2015 SNELL stickers will be out in October so all those 2005 stickered helmets will be gone...new ones to be painted, though!

Published on 2015-07-23 16:53:36 GMT

Lots of paint work in the shop along with prepping the car for a race weekend after this. I used to avoid gearbox work, but now that I've done it a couple of times it isn't nearly as intimidating. I remember wanting to be like Ed Herron back in high school-guy worked on trannies like anyone else did engines....built whole cars when everybody else was not that far along.

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