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Welcome to Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School, one of Townsville's finest primary schools. Ours is a school offering an education in the Catholic tradition.

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Find all the latest HSS news...............Newsletter 17 June 2015 http://hsstsv.schoolzinenewsletters.com/2015/20150617/

Published on 2015-06-16 23:16:56 GMT

Please be advised in the newsletter today it advised of staff changes. The teachers being replaced are Elyse Walsh (Prep B) on maternity leave and Ursula Ferguson (Prep D) on long service leave. We welcome Leanne Gilman to Prep B and Sonia Bale to Prep D.

Published on 2015-06-17 01:21:21 GMT

RELAY FOR LIFE FLASH MOB Looking for interested people to take part in a Relay for Life Flash Mob which will take place at the Cowboys game on the 27th June. The numbers are low at this stage so I am seeking interested people who want to send the message of HOPE in the fight against cancer. There will be a practice for the flash mob on Monday night in Bibi Goo Yumba at 6pm. Cancer Council has some tickets to allow access for participants or maybe you are already going and want to help out a great cause. HSS Year 6 students who have expressed interested in being part of Mini Relay for Life have already taken notes home. But this is open to all families who would like to get involved, wear purple on the night and be part of the adventure. (Ticket wise - I'll know Monday how many I will have to hand out) So..... any students, mums, dads or Grandparents who would like to get involved message this page or e-mail jorford@hsstsv.catholic.edu.au Justen (Mr Orford) Chair - Townsville Relay for Life

Published on 2015-06-19 07:12:21 GMT

MINI RELAY FOR LIFE Congratulations to the students who ran the snow cone fundraiser today. The event raised $161.70 for Relay for Life. Further update - including funds raised at Big Play the total was $201.70 A big thank you to those who supported this worthy cause today. Just remember if anyone is attending the Cowboys Game tomorrow night - "GO PURPLE FOR RELAY FOR LIFE!!!"

Published on 2015-06-26 05:10:06 GMT

FIREWORKS DISPLAY I am writing to advise that a fireworks display will occur Friday night the 10th July at the Holy Spirit School grounds, Hatchett street Cranbrook at approx 7:00pm and have a duration of approximately 10 minutes. This display has been and will be conducted by "5 Star Fireworks" and has followed the appropriate procedures /requirements to be conducted in the school grounds for a Parish function. We wish to make the nearby residents and school community aware of the fireworks display so that they may take advantage of the opportunity to view the fireworks from a nearby vantage point. We also know that some pets, particularly dogs and horses, may be slightly stressed by components of the display and we would like to ensure that pets are comfortable and secure during the display.

Published on 2015-07-06 05:51:22 GMT

Just a reminder that the school term resumes tomorrow Monday 13th July.

Published on 2015-07-12 08:38:10 GMT

Thank you to all who assisted at today's Athletics Carnival. The day was a great success and we appreciate the support of parents and staff in being able to conduct the day so smoothly. Well done to the Year 6 Staff who had the responsibility to coordinate and plan the event. A special thank you to our friends from Calanna Pharmacy who walked around for a few hours this morning ensuring students, parents and staff had access to sunscreen. (So important to remember, even with the great weather we had today) HSS admin team

Published on 2015-07-14 09:19:42 GMT

See the latest news.....................Newsletter 15 July 2015 http://hsstsv.schoolzinenewsletters.com/2015/20150715/

Published on 2015-07-15 00:08:09 GMT

MULKADEE 2015 - CAN YOU HELP? We are seeking families who may have children close to the ages of the students below and would be willing to host these students for the week of Mulkadee (Next week) within their home. We are looking for families to host one of the three pairs listed below after previous hosts have been unable to assist. Two Year 9 Girls from St Catherine's Two Year 9 Girls from St Catherine's Two Year 5 Boys from St Catherine's Mulkadee is a week long Arts Festival run by The Catholic Education Office and involves all Catholic schools across our diocese. If you could assist by hosting one of the pairs above please contact the school office, message this page or e-mail Mr Orford on jorford@hsstsv.catholic.edu.au Be great to give all students an opportunity to attend.

Published on 2015-07-15 10:05:05 GMT

HSS Musical "Olivia" Congratulations to all the students who took part in the school musical "Olivia" held last week. From the choir groups back stage team and members of the principal cast, all worked hard and ensured the night was a success. Across both nights it was great to see the excitement of the students as they performed on stage. Both nights had the hall to maximum capacity with extra seats having to be pulled in on Thursday night to cater for numbers in attendance. A big thank you to all the staff members who assisted on the night and for Sue Laing for directing the music and joining me in the adventure of doing the choreography for all the songs. Each year we try and improve the setup and how the musical is structured. This year for the first time we hired in tiered seating to improve visibility, we also abandoned the projected backdrops used in the last musical for the more traditional painted sets. We went for a longer musical to increase the time students are on stage. I am seeking feedback on this musical - what worked? What didn't? Did your child enjoy the experience? Etc. All feedback appreciated Regards School admin team

Published on 2014-09-06 09:11:42 GMT

HSS Musical 2014 Well done to all the students involved in tonight's opening night of "Olivia". From the choirs to principal cast the students performed with lots of energy and coped with a few technical issues without hesitation. In the choirs the singing and related movement were great and the students appeared to be really enjoying themselves on stage. Bringing to life the different characters. Being the first senior musical performed by the school it clearly contained some complex songs and was greater in length. The production staff complemented the students on how professional they were in following cues and the stage presence they displayed throughout the evening. Great feedback for the students. On a personal note I would like to congratulate all members of the principal cast on the way they followed cues and ensured they were prepared for each scene with little direction. They were very independent and responsible in the way they organised themselves and also showed compassion for each other when the "nerves" hit or if they just didn't get the lines right. Proud of you all. One night to go.... Mr Orford

Published on 2014-09-03 15:24:22 GMT

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Published on 2014-09-03 00:00:26 GMT

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Published on 2014-08-26 23:27:56 GMT

TOWNSVILLE REALY FOR LIFE 2014 Congratulations and well done to the staff and students who participated in this year's Relay for Life. At this year's event we had two staff teams hitting the track to raise funds and awareness of cancer. We also had 15 students take part in the Townsville Mini Relay for Life and 10 students sing as part of the events ceremonies. Well done Holy Spirit for being part of and supporting such a worthwhile event. Regards Mr Orford (Chair - Townsville Relay for life 2014)

Published on 2014-08-24 11:12:36 GMT

Please find the latest news at HSS............Newsletter 20 August http://hsstsv.schoolzinenewsletters.com/CampaignProcess.aspx?A=Link&VID=38921069&KID=180131&LID=904292

Published on 2014-08-20 23:49:24 GMT

Book Week Parade Children are encourages to come dressed as characters from books to mark Book Week 2014. We will be having a book week parade in the hall tomorrow - 8.40 P-3 followed by 4-7 at 9.30. We will also be handing out the class weekly awards and birthdays. Children can stay in their costumes all day providing it is practical and Sunsmart. This is for the fun of the students, it is not a competition. Regards Mr Orford

Published on 2014-08-19 11:21:36 GMT

Find all the latest HSS information............Newsletter 13 August 2014. http://hsstsv.schoolzinenewsletters.com/2014/20140813/

Published on 2014-08-13 04:00:27 GMT

Mazon Cup Hockey - team withdrawn HSS will not be fielding a team in the 2014 season due to lack of interested participants. Regards HSS Admin

Published on 2014-08-07 13:54:40 GMT

Catch up with the latest................Newsletter 6 August 2014. http://hsstsv.schoolzinenewsletters.com/2014/20140806/

Published on 2014-08-06 02:32:48 GMT

Find the latest HSS news........................Newsletter 30/7/14 http://hsstsv.schoolzinenewsletters.com/2014/20140730/

Published on 2014-07-31 00:25:12 GMT

Congratulations to all involved in Mulkadee 2014!!! With students involved with drama, dance, band, strings, choir and guitar, HSS was well represented. The performance was amazing and a credit to the hard work commitment given by students in 5 days of workshops. Well done to all the students who participated you did yourselves and the school proud. It was also great to see so many of our past students taking key solo roles in tonight's performance. (Tom Chapman, Sam Morris and Kelly Morris to mention a few) Well done to one and all. HSS Admin Team (very proud HSS admin team...)

Published on 2014-07-25 13:43:39 GMT

MULKADEE 2014 Great start to the show. First half was amazing. Great to see our students up on the stage and doing so well. Proud of you all, well done to all the students involved. Mr Orford

Published on 2014-07-25 11:01:45 GMT

Catch up with all latest news.................Newsletter 4 February 2015 http://hsstsv.schoolzinenewsletters.com/2015/20150204/

Published on 2015-02-04 00:06:17 GMT

Student Election Results Congratulations to the following students and to all who stood for the various leadership positions. School Captains – Imogen Connor, Hollee Martin, Anjeli Feliciano & Shani Heyer Atticus D’Mello, Kyle Heenan, Daniel McMahon & Brodie Powell School Reps Yr 6 - Ellah Bates, Briana McDonald, Rory Hawke & Ryan McCarron Yr 5 – Riley Innes, Ryanne Girgenti, Emma Ruedin & Anai Tillick Sports Captains Red – Josh Marquez & Teneale Ruggieri Blue – Ben McLean & Chelsea Olsen White - Lucia DiBartolo & Jackson Murray

Published on 2015-01-31 06:37:15 GMT

HSS GARDENS ARE LOOKING GOOD What a top effort from the 18 people who joined the fun in weeding and spreading 25 cubic metres of mulch this morning. All the gardens received a make over with weeding, removal of some plants and mulching. 4 hours of hard work and the job was completed. A big thank you to the staff, parents and students who assisted in our garden project today. Top effort in making our school inviting for all.... HSS admin team

Published on 2015-01-16 07:55:47 GMT

Dear HSS families and friends, In preparation for the 2015 school year we have been busy over the holidays working on the grounds and continuing to improve the school playgrounds. In order to ensure our school is looking the best it possibly can and is welcoming to all on the first day of term, we are seeking help in the beautification of our school gardens. The Jobs being undertaken - - mulching of all school gardens - weeding of school gardens - add extra soil to garden outside hall When - FRIDAY 16th JANUARY 6am to 10am What to bring - gloves / rakes / wheelbarrow (if you have them) If you can assist please let me know. (Message this page) We will be finishing with a morning tea and supplying cold drinks. There will be a brief WPHS induction before we begin or when any families arrive. Thanks for your support Justen

Published on 2014-12-31 20:04:01 GMT

SECURITY AT HSS Dear families and friends of Holy Spirit School, Sadly in the past 24 hours our school has been a target for vandals who have placed graffiti across various walls of the school and gained entry into some classrooms causing minor damage. With a great response from Qld Police, Ruswins Security and our own staff, the school has been secured, extra security measures taken and clean up completed. How can you help?? If you see anything suspicious please - RING SECURITY ON 1300 787 946 Or SMS 0408848003 Your assistance is appreciated Regards Justen - Assistant Principal

Published on 2014-12-28 04:41:14 GMT

Christmas Masses - 6pm Christmas Eve An open invitation to any students attending the 6pm mass Christmas Eve at Iggy Park Hall to be part of the HSS a choir. A small group students will be singing from 5.20pm and we would love any students from HSS present, to represent the school by joining in the singing. I wish you all a safe and joyful Christmas Justen (HSS admin team)

Published on 2014-12-20 14:19:18 GMT

Christmas singers A BIG thank you to the 8 students who attended the practice today in preparation for the Christmas Eve Mass. Still seeking any interested students to be part of the choir. If you are attending the 6pm Christmas Mass why not get involved? All students welcome to be part of the choir. The group will be singing from 5.30 with the aim being some carols including - the drummer Boy Rudolph, silent night. Next practice will be Friday 9am to 10.30 in the school hall. If you are interested drop Mr Orford and e-mail, message this page or SMS 0408848003. Thanks for your support Justen

Published on 2014-12-16 23:47:23 GMT

CHOIR FOR CHRISTMAS MASS We will have a practice tomorrow (Wed) for all who are interested in being part of a choir to sing some carols at 5.30pm Christmas Eve before mass starts at 6pm. Practice Time - 2.30-4pm in the Hall (Wed) Thanks for your support Mr Orford

Published on 2014-12-15 21:16:21 GMT

Building Maintenance Audit - asbestos As part of the Catholic Education Office's routines in maintaining school infrastructures. The Catholic Education office will be carrying out asbestos audits of all Catholic Schools over the Christmas period. Holy Spirit School's audit will take place on Wednesday and Friday of this week. The audit involves an inspection of all buildings and the taking of samples if required. The person conducting this audit will be dressed in protective clothing. There is no risk to students or staff who will be onsite on these days. There are strict procedures in taking samples to ensure there is no risk to any members of the school community. As part of these procedures we will be having a member of admin onsite while the audit is taking place. Regards Justen Assistant Principal

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