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Today was a day. Wow. Gary thought he got a piece of metal in his eye Saturday morning while grinding on a trailer he is making in our garage. He works daily around steel, so he knows what he is doing and had safety glasses on but at the angle he was grinding a piece so small the naked eye couldn't see it flew into his eye and embedded itself behind the eye. We had no real way of knowing this and we did what needed to happen. Saline eye flushes and extra lubricated, ointment designed to keep the eye from more damage, but by 8:30 this morning it was bad. I mean bad. We had already planned on him seeking a medical professional today about the eye but two doctors later, one an eye specialist, eight hours later, and MOST of the metal is out... it was a pretty long day. I didn't even know they drilled eyes... yup. They have a drill for your eye. Put that in your worst nightmare category. Yikes! Gary is incredibly sore. Has a follow-up appointment on Thursday (sooner if he is still this sore Wednesday a.m.). The kids were incredible troopers really. It has hard. I mean keeping a 3.5-year-old that you pull out of bed right into the car and then expect him to behave in two Dr offices for hours on end (deep breath)... is pretty tricky. Thankfully the eye professional had this nice little wooded area next to his building and the kids got a little bit of play time outside in the warm sunshine (November 16th without a coat!!!!). I listened on my bible app to sermons on how to thrive through trials. Need all the encouragement I can get! My mom also came up and helped me for about an hour before Gary was finished. That was a real, relief. Wade missed his Brain Training in Canton today, but there was no way we could have done it all. The poor animals didn't get attention until about 3 p.m. They forgave me. All you can do is yell, "Plot twist!" :)

Published on 2015-11-17 00:09:50 GMT

Last night it was dark and cold about 7 p.m. and Gary when out for an animal check. The kids were play and I was trying to listen to a training video. Next thing I know, Wade tells me that Ethan went outside. What?!? I get to the back door and it is raining these kinda frozen rain drops and the wind is blowing madly and I can't see Ethan. So I start yelling for him. Don't worry. I knew he was in the yard behind the high tunnel but I also knew he didn't have a coat or pants on for that matter. Yup. My kid ran in the freezing cold to "help daddy" with rubber boots and a long sleeve t-shirt on. Legs bare naked. Now that is some great parenting for the win. He ran all the way back and I got him properly dressed in 3 layers, pants, and a winter coat to go back outside and help daddy. What is wrong with my kids?!? lol

Published on 2015-11-14 14:30:00 GMT

Very often I am rushing to fit animal chores in while balancing the kids and crazy schedules. Yesterday, I was watering and feeding mid-day and I went to pull the chain that lifts the latch on the outside of the gate in the rabbit/duck area, only to pull the chain completely off locking me behind a six-foot fence. I didn't have my phone or anyone to call, but good thing we changed our locking system on the duck shed/old chicken coop. I just calmly went through the buildings and went on with my day. It wouldn't have been possible in the past because the duck shed was locked from the inside at one point. Fast forward to today. I completely forgot to tell Gary that the chain broke. He finally comes in out of breath from chores and seemingly rather annoyed. He finally says, "the chain broke on the gate." "Oh, yes." - oops! Forgot to tell him. He said, "How did you get out"? I just looked at him because this seems obvious... "I walked through the buildings and let myself out." He pauses, "Oh, that would have been smart. I could have saved myself the trouble of trying to jump the six-foot fence and almost break my neck." OH! lol. Never a dull moment.

Published on 2015-11-13 23:39:09 GMT

I just can't get past the gift we have been given with this weather in Ohio, in November! High of 76 right now is glorious. I am so thankful.

Published on 2015-11-04 18:26:05 GMT

It is a miracle if rabbits breed at all...

Published on 2015-10-22 18:36:06 GMT

Walked in on people who let themselves into my house a half hour early today for a showing. After the awkward first impression, maybe I sold our house today. 😳😜 They were very nice, but definitely a half hour early. Lol 🏡 In other news, invited a friend over yesterday to collect seeds with me. Lots of fun and definitely something I haven't been faithful in doing. Our life spun out of control and I have no fall/winter garden. I am learning to let go daily. Also, our Rocky beagle isn't feeling well. We are praying for his recovery. How is life by you? So many affected by drought, fires, floods. Know I am thinking about you.