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We are a job recruitment firm, similar to Career Builder, however we are exclusive to the HVAC/R Industry.

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Hi all, We have an employer called Area Wide Services Inc in Corsicana, TX that is looking for EPA certified full-time technicians and installers. So if you are a qualified technician or installer and are in the Corsicana area or are willing to relocate there, please check out their listing by signing up for a free jobseeker profile and uploading your resume on our website HVACRJobs.com. Once you sign up as a jobseeker you can search for their job listing and apply! Spread the word!

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Tips For Commuting To Work If you live in a big city and drive to work, you know how “fun” it is to commute to work. If you leave at the wrong time you can be stuck in traffic longer then you hoped causing you to be late for work. Being late for work probably means bad news for you. Filling up your gas tank to get to and from work is always joy with these current high gas prices. So what can you do to avoid getting stuck in traffic, and taking the sting off those high gas prices. Find Out When You Need To Leave – Everyone needs to leave for work at a different time. It all depends on how far away you live from work, and how bad traffic gets (Check out what cities have the worst traffic here). It may take some trial and error to find out what time you need to leave. We recommend leaving earlier then you think you should at first; then cut down your time if you are too early. This way you are never late. Get Enough Sleep – To be able to get up in the morning means you are going to need to get a good night sleep! Go to bed early so you can get up. We all know the less sleep we get, the harder it is to get up in the morning. You should know how much sleep you need, if you don’t know this will help! Drive With Others – If you have coworker that you live by, consider driving to work with them. Car-pooling helps you in more ways then one! First, it will save you gas money. The more people who drive with you the less you will pay for gas. Second, most cities offer a car pool lane. This means cars with 2 or more passengers are only able to travel in them. Usually cities with 500K plus people with have a car pool lane. This will make your commute time go by much quicker. A downfall of car-pooling is that you are going to be with driving with this person every day to and from work. So make sure it is someone you get along with. If not you may be in for some awkward commutes. Taking Public Transportation – If you have always driven a car to work, and you do not like paying for gas or fighting traffic, consider taking public transportation. Most cities offer trains, or rails, which go right through the downtown area. This can be very convenient! What are some pros and cons to public transportation? PROS – Someone drives for you! All you have to do is kick back and relax until you arrive to your destination. Public transportation can be much faster depending on your city and where you live to work. Usually the cost is less of using public transportation is lower then driving a car to work. CONS – Usually you have purchase some kind of a public transportation pass. They can last anywhere from a day, week, month or year depending on what kind of pass you get. You may have to fight the crowds while using public transportation. Many people use public transportation so you may be crowed busses and trains. Next, there are frequent stops. Depending on your city your public transportation may have frequent stops. Stops take up time, if there are too many stops it may take longer to get to work then you hoped for. Last, you may have to walk to work depending on where you get dropped off at. It will probably be a short walk, but a walk takes up time. The only way to find out is to give it a shot. Hopefully these tips help you get to and from work in a timely fashion. The less time you spend commuting for work the better off you will be!

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Accomplish More! We have all lost motivation while at work. You get less done, your less happy, and your creativity decreases. Motivation often feels like a rollercoaster, one day you are motivated, the next day you not. Finding and keeping motivation can be much easier then what we make it out to be. No More Negative Thoughts – Negative thoughts only drag your motivation down. Do your best to think positively. Surround yourself with positive people. Negativity is contagious you don’t want to catch it. Target One Thing At a Time – If you have too much to do and don’t even know where to start. Focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. If you think about all you have to do, you will loose all your motivation before you even begin working. Make Goals – Goals allow us to work towards something. Goals are known to help motivate us. When you accomplish a goal, celebrate! Reward yourself to something you have earned. Dinner to one of your favorite restaurants, or the buy something you have been wanting. Write your goals down somewhere you can see them. If you see your goal everyday you are more likely to accomplish them. Think about your short and long term goals everyday. Love What You Do- If you love your work, you are going to be more motivated to accomplish it. Hopefully your job is something you love doing. If not, there are always small things you can find in your job that you can love. Plan Out Your Day – When you day is planed out you can get more done. Set time aside for each day for things you have too. If you do not have daily plans, you loose time much more quickly. Have You Checked Out Our Facebook page? Like our page and let us know what you think!

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Common Interview Questions Have you ever wondered what questions are going to be in your job interview? If we knew the job interview questions it would reduce some of the stress. It is like taking a test knowing the questions before taking it. Every job is different when it comes to interview questions. However, some questions are asked more frequently. Here is a list of a few of common interview questions you can anticipate. Tell me about your self – This question allows the interview to get a better understanding about you. Tell him or her about general things about your self, such as where you are from, where you went to school, and how you fit the job description. Give a general background before you start talking about specifics. Why Did You Apply For This Job? – Your employer wants to know your main purpose. Don’t give no brainer answers. We recommend not saying, “Because I need the money”. Of course you need the money, or you wouldn’t be looking for a job. Tell why you applied for this job versus another job. Tell Me About Your Last Job- Tell only the good things. You do not want to talk bad about your past company. No matter how bad your experiences, coworkers and bosses were, say only the good things. Tell what you did and what your job requirements were. Why Did You Leave Your Last Job? - No matter the reason you left the last job, be honest! If you happen to get fired from your last job, admit it. State the reason why you got fired then tell how you fixed or are fixing the problem. Your employer will admire your honesty. Your employer much rather hire an honest person with faults then a dishonest person pretending to be perfect. What Are Your Strengths? - Share what you are good at doing. Make yourself look good, without being dishonest. The strengths you share are all reasons why your future employer is going to hire you. What Are Your Weaknesses? - These can be hard to think of. No ones likes to think about their weaknesses. Give it some thought before you go into the interview. This question can take some thought. Share only things that apply to the workplace. What Would You Consider To Be Your Biggest Professional achievement? – This can be a hard question to answer. We all have big achievements in the work place. It is hard to think of the biggest or best. Think of the thing that made the most difference. What Are Your Long and Short Term Goals? – Think about where you are trying to get to in your lifetime. Are you going to be working at this company for the next 2 years, 10 years, or until you retire? Your employer wants to know how permanent you are going to be working at his or her company. Do You Have Any Questions For Me? – If you have any questions about your future job this is the time to ask. Don’t forget to check out and like our Facbook page!

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Tips For Getting A Job! Finding a job in today’s economy can be difficult. hvacrjobs.com wants to help! Many overqualified individuals are fighting for the same job as you. The more people competing for a job the more difficult it becomes to get. Here are some things you can do to drastically improve your chances. Make Your Resume Stand Out-Your resume is key for getting a first interview. Yours needs to STAND OUT! Whoever is looking through resumes spends only seconds looking at each one. Do not allow him to trash yours. Make your resume short and sweet! Give only the important details. Whoever is reading does not want to know all of the details of your life. Make a Great First Impression- You need to make a great first impression in your first interview. Dress the part! Be positive and enthusiastic when discussing your potential future job. First impressions are all your employer has to go off of. Be Prepared- Anticipate what kind of questions are going to be asked during your interview. Arrive 5 minutes early to the interview. Do not arrive to early, this can be a announce. If you are late you will send the wrong impression. Learn all you can about the company. The more you know the better prepared you will be! Show Interest– Do things to show interest about your potential future job. Ask questions and be actively engaged in the interview. Nothing can kill an interview faster then you just sitting there and listening. Follow Up – After the interview make sure you follow up. When you follow up it tells the company you are serious about the job. If you follow these tips it will improve your chances. You may not get the first job you get an interview for, but don’t give up! Good luck landing those jobs! Like us on Facebook!